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Mohammad Syamil Che Ku Romli

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Season Div. Team FC-rank UCI-rank Race days * Wins * Km *
2017 CONT Terengganu Cycling Team - - 3 0 401.0
* from UCI races (1.2 & 2.2 and higher classifications)

2017 Results

# What Date Pos GC Km Race Winner
2017-10-012.1Stage race30.09-01.10DNF Tour of Almaty A.Lutsenko
2017-09-242.1Stage race19.09-24.09DNF Tour of China II K.Rivera
2017-07-292.HCStage race16.07-29.07DNF Tour of Qinghai Lake Y.Monsalve
2017-05-21CN Seletar21.05577.4 km CN Singapore RR C.Goh
2017-09-302.101.stage30.09DNF 171.2 km Tour of Almaty A.Lutsenko
2017-09-192.101.stage19.09OOT 118.2 km Tour of China II K.Rivera
2017-07-192.HC04.stage19.07DNF 159 km Tour of Qinghai Lake A.Orken
2017-07-182.HC03.stage18.07113140 133 km Tour of Qinghai Lake S.Bazhkou
2017-07-172.HC02.stage17.0773143 115 km Tour of Qinghai Lake D.Rajovic
2017-07-162.HC01.stage16.07143143 153 km Tour of Qinghai Lake J.Aberasturi Izaga


Nation Malaysia

Born22 year, Dec 6th 1995