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Geraint Thomas

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Season Div. Team FC-rank UCI-rank Race days * Wins * Km *
2018 PRT Team Sky 56(472 p) 57(348 p) 19 1 2709.9
2017 PRT Team Sky 48(1165 p) 67(608 p) 58 4 9229.7
2016 PRT Team Sky 39(1209 p) 41(115 p) 73 2 11188.9
2015 PRT Team Sky 25(1400 p) 14(277 p) 85 3 13285.1
2014 PRT Team Sky 41(1165 p) 31(168 p) 69 3 11394.0
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* from UCI races (1.2 & 2.2 and higher classifications)

2007 Results

# What Date Pos GC Km Race Winner
2007-09-152.1Stage race09.09-15.0959 Tour of Britain R.Feillu
2007-08-301.1One-day race30.0858 180.4 km GP Artigianato Carn A.Passeron
2007-08-182.HCStage race14.08-18.0883 Vuelta a Burgos M.Soler
2007-08-111.HCOne-day race11.08DNF 196.0 km Giro del Lazio G.Bosisio
2007-08-091.1One-day race09.08DNF 193.7 km GP Camaiore F.Baliani
2007-07-29GT1Grand Tour07.07-29.07139 Tour de France A.Contador
2007-06-232.1Stage race19.06-23.0638 Ster ZLM Toer S.Langeveld
2007-06-091.1One-day race09.06DNF 139.2 km GP Triberg-Schwarzwald R.Rogina
2007-05-202.1Stage race18.05-20.0523 Tour de Picardie R.Hunter
2007-05-051.1One-day race05.0537 200.0 km GP Industria & Artigianato V.Nibali
2007-05-011.HCOne-day race01.0555 190.2 km Eschborn-Frankfurt P.Sinkewitz
2007-04-272.1Stage race24.04-27.04110 Tour of the Alps D.Cunego
2007-04-152.1Stage race11.04-15.04107 Volta ao Alentejo M.Vazquez
2007-02-101.1One-day race10.0285 193.0 km GP della Costa Etruschi A.Petacchi
2007-01-212.HCStage race16.01-21.0147 Tour Down Under M.Elmiger
2007-01-212.HCYouth16.01-21.015 Tour Down Under S.Clarke
2007-01-161.CRTCriteritum16.01107 51.0 km People's Choice Classic M.Renshaw
2007-12-09TrackWorld Cup09.12DNFMadison Laoshan Velodrome J.Neuville
2007-12-08TrackWorld Cup08.121Team Pursuit Laoshan Velodrome E.Clancy
2007-09-152.106.stage15.0915 156 km Tour of Britain P.Manning
2007-09-142.105.stage14.0965 170 km Tour of Britain A.Serov
2007-09-132.104.stage13.0954 163 km Tour of Britain A.Palomares
2007-09-122.103.stage12.0938 152 km Tour of Britain M.Goss
2007-09-112.102.stage11.0992 169 km Tour of Britain N.Trusov
2007-09-102.101.stage10.095 139 km Tour of Britain M.Cavendish
2007-09-092.1Prologue09.097 3 km Tour of Britain M.Cavendish
2007-08-182.HC05.stage18.0826 158 km Vuelta a Burgos V.Kiryienka
2007-08-172.HC04.stage17.0840 15 km Vuelta a Burgos A.Valverde
2007-08-162.HC03.stage16.0864 158 km Vuelta a Burgos A.Passeron
2007-08-152.HC02.stage15.08106 149 km Vuelta a Burgos M.Soler
2007-08-142.HC01.stage14.0871 150 km Vuelta a Burgos M.Ignatiev
2007-07-29GT120.stage29.07133 146 km Tour de France D.Bennati
2007-07-28GT119.stage28.07107 55.5 km Tour de France L.Leipheimer
2007-07-27GT118.stage27.07100 211 km Tour de France S.Casar
2007-07-26GT117.stage26.0740 188.5 km Tour de France D.Bennati
2007-07-25GT116.stage25.07137 218.5 km Tour de France M.Rasmussen
2007-07-23GT115.stage23.07151 196 km Tour de France K.Kirchen
2007-07-22GT114.stage22.07137 197 km Tour de France A.Contador
2007-07-21GT113.stage21.0752 54 km Tour de France C.Evans
2007-07-20GT112.stage20.0719 178.5 km Tour de France T.Boonen
2007-07-19GT111.stage19.07163 182.5 km Tour de France R.Hunter
2007-07-18GT110.stage18.07170 229.5 km Tour de France C.Vasseur
2007-07-17GT109.stage17.07163 159.5 km Tour de France M.Soler
2007-07-15GT108.stage15.07159 165 km Tour de France M.Rasmussen
2007-07-14GT107.stage14.07168 197.5 km Tour de France L.Gerdemann
2007-07-13GT106.stage13.0715 199.5 km Tour de France T.Boonen
2007-07-12GT105.stage12.07172 182.5 km Tour de France F.Pozzato
2007-07-11GT104.stage11.0780 193 km Tour de France T.Hushovd
2007-07-10GT103.stage10.0743 236.5 km Tour de France F.Cancellara
2007-07-09GT102.stage09.07185 168.5 km Tour de France G.Steegmans
2007-07-08GT101.stage08.0742 203 km Tour de France R.McEwen
2007-07-07GT1Prologue07.0745 7.9 km Tour de France F.Cancellara
2007-06-232.104.stage23.0628 149.3 km Ster ZLM Toer M.Cavendish
2007-06-222.103.stage22.0662 192.3 km Ster ZLM Toer V.Kiryienka
2007-06-212.102.stage21.0668 194 km Ster ZLM Toer P.Martens
2007-06-202.101.stage20.0658 166 km Ster ZLM Toer W.Weylandt
2007-06-192.1Prologue19.0621 7.6 km Ster ZLM Toer M.Ignatiev
2007-05-202.104.stage20.0530 91.5 km Tour de Picardie J.Tombak
2007-05-202.103.stage20.0563 93.5 km Tour de Picardie S.Chavanel
2007-05-192.102.stage19.0544 191 km Tour de Picardie M.Renshaw
2007-05-182.101.stage18.0526 176 km Tour de Picardie R.Hunter
2007-04-272.104.stage27.0478 165 km Tour of the Alps M.Richeze
2007-04-262.103.stage26.04126 176 km Tour of the Alps S.Garzelli
2007-04-252.102.stage25.04100 144 km Tour of the Alps D.Cunego
2007-04-242.101.stage24.0492 165 km Tour of the Alps D.Cunego
2007-04-152.106.stage15.04100 186.4 km Volta ao Alentejo J.Benitez Pomares
2007-04-142.105.stage14.04118 186.1 km Volta ao Alentejo B.Pires
2007-04-132.104.stage13.0456 25 km Volta ao Alentejo V.Karpets
2007-04-132.103.stage13.0432 73.5 km Volta ao Alentejo J.Benitez Pomares
2007-04-122.102.stage12.04125 153.5 km Volta ao Alentejo J.Benitez Pomares
2007-04-112.101.stage11.04101 150.8 km Volta ao Alentejo M.Vazquez
2007-03-30TrackWorld Champ30.031Team Pursuit Palma Arena E.Clancy
2007-02-25TrackWorld Cup25.022Madison Manchester Velodrome P.Schep
2007-02-23TrackWorld Cup23.0221Scratch Manchester Velodrome R.Ratajczyk
2007-01-212.HC05.stage21.0124 90 km Tour Down Under R.McEwen
2007-01-202.HC04.stage20.01102 147 km Tour Down Under P.Ghyllebert
2007-01-192.HC03.stage19.0114 128 km Tour Down Under B.Cooke
2007-01-182.HC02.stage18.01108 150 km Tour Down Under S.Caethoven
2007-01-172.HC01.stage17.0163 152 km Tour Down Under K.Menzies