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Season Div. Team FC-rank UCI-rank Race days * Wins * Km *
2018 CONT Mitchelton Scott - BikeExchange - - 28 0 3737.1
2018 PRT Mitchelton - Scott (Trainee) - - 28 0 3737.1
2017 CONT EPM Tigo - UNE Area Metropolitana - - 0 0 0.0
* from UCI races (1.2 & 2.2 and higher classifications)

2018 Results

# What Date Pos GC Km Race Winner
2018-08-192.HCStage race16.08-19.0869 Colorado Classic G.Mannion
2018-08-192.HCYouth16.08-19.0824 Colorado Classic D.Martinez
2018-08-122.HCStage race06.08-12.0867 Tour of Utah S.Kuss
2018-08-122.HCYouth06.08-12.0818 Tour of Utah L.Villalobos Hernandez
2018-06-162.2UStage race07.06-16.06DNF Giro Ciclistico D'Italia A.Vlasov
2018-05-271.2UOne-day race27.05DNF 188.3 km Paris - Roubaix Espoirs S.Dewulf
2018-05-21KPOne-day race21.05DNF156.0 km Stan Ockers Classic P.Jacobs
2018-05-202.2Stage race18.05-20.0598 Paris - Arras Tour S.Rabitsch
2018-05-202.2Youth18.05-20.0555 Paris - Arras Tour J.Steimle
2018-05-16KPOne-day race16.05DNF172.9 km Puivelde Koerse D.Coenen
2018-05-061.2One-day race06.05DNF 179.7 km Fleche Ardennaise C.Bol
2018-05-012.2Stage race25.04-01.05DNF Tour de Bretagne F.Schmidt
2018-04-221.2UOne-day race22.04DNF 171.8 km Tr. S. Vendemiano (U23) A.Dainese
2018-04-021.2UOne-day race02.04DNF 166.6 km Giro del Belvedere (U23) R.Stannard
2018-04-011.2UOne-day race01.04DNF 175.0 km Trofeo PIVA (U23) P.Baccio
2018-08-192.HC04.stage19.085369 114.6 km Colorado Classic T.McCabe
2018-08-182.HC03.stage18.085371 161.9 km Colorado Classic P.Eenkhoorn
2018-08-172.HC02.stage17.086678 16.2 km Colorado Classic G.Mannion
2018-08-162.HC01.stage16.087676 108.9 km Colorado Classic G.Hecht
2018-08-122.HC06.stage12.087267 126 km Tour of Utah S.Kuss
2018-08-112.HC05.stage11.085964 154.8 km Tour of Utah S.Kuss
2018-08-102.HC04.stage10.085766 114.3 km Tour of Utah J.Philipsen
2018-08-092.HC03.stage09.0810485 188 km Tour of Utah T.McCabe
2018-08-082.HC02.stage08.0810287 139.4 km Tour of Utah S.Kuss
2018-08-072.HC01.stage07.088486 168.3 km Tour of Utah T.McCabe
2018-08-062.HCPrologue06.08116116 5.3 km Tour of Utah T.Van Garderen
2018-06-162.2U09.stage16.06DNS 72.8 km Giro Ciclistico D'Italia A.Dainese
2018-06-152.2U08.stage15.06140106 157.4 km Giro Ciclistico D'Italia C.Munoz
2018-06-142.2U07.stage14.067695 134.2 km Giro Ciclistico D'Italia S.Williams
2018-06-132.2U06.stage13.0659104 120.7 km Giro Ciclistico D'Italia S.Bennett
2018-06-122.2U05.stage12.0656106 127.8 km Giro Ciclistico D'Italia E.Rubio Reyes
2018-06-112.2U04.stage11.0694139 117.3 km Giro Ciclistico D'Italia A.Osorio
2018-06-102.2U03.stage10.0677152 164.3 km Giro Ciclistico D'Italia J.Philipsen
2018-06-092.2U02.stage09.06142152 138.2 km Giro Ciclistico D'Italia M.Wildauer
2018-06-082.2U01.stage08.06140149 137.7 km Giro Ciclistico D'Italia G.Lonardi
2018-06-072.2UPrologue07.06142142 4.4 km Giro Ciclistico D'Italia E.Affini
2018-05-202.203.stage20.055698 192.6 km Paris - Arras Tour M.Walls
2018-05-192.202.stage19.0596106 189.6 km Paris - Arras Tour S.Rabitsch
2018-05-182.201.stage18.05118118 116.4 km Paris - Arras Tour S.Weemaes
2018-04-302.206.stage30.04DNF 151.6 km Tour de Bretagne J.Van Den Berg
2018-04-292.205.stage29.04116115 155.2 km Tour de Bretagne C.Bol
2018-04-282.204.stage28.04107116 162.7 km Tour de Bretagne J.Antomarchi
2018-04-272.203.stage27.04115110 181.1 km Tour de Bretagne T.Hurel
2018-04-262.202.stage26.047578 180 km Tour de Bretagne M.Malucelli
2018-04-252.201.stage25.048083 159.8 km Tour de Bretagne H.Dahl


Nation Colombia

Born21 year, May 30th 1997