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Daryl Impey

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Year Date # What Km Race
2007-07-14200714.07CCRROne-day race150.0 km All-Africa Games RR
2014-09-07201402.09-07.092.1GC Tour of Alberta
2009-04-19200912.04-19.042.1GC Presidential Cycling Tour of Turkey
2015-02-05201505.02CNOne-day race 42.7 km CN South-Africa ITT
2016-02-11201611.02CNOne-day race 48.0 km CN South-Africa ITT
2014-02-06201406.02CNOne-day race 40.0 km CN South-Africa ITT
2013-02-28201328.02CNOne-day race 33.0 km CN South-Africa ITT
2011-02-03201103.02CNOne-day race 40.0 km CN South-Africa ITT
2017-01-29201729.01NEOne-day race97.0 km The Value Logistics Fast One-Meyerton
2017-02-09201709.02CNOne-day race 39.8 km CN South-Africa ITT
2018-02-07201807.02CNOne-day race 43.8 km CN South-Africa ITT
2018-02-10201810.02CNOne-day race154.8 km CN South-Africa RR
2018-01-21201816.01-21.012.WT1GC Santos Tour Down Under
2018-05-27201825.05-27.052.1GC Hammer Stavanger


Year Date # What Km Race
2015-01-25201520.01-25.012.WTPoints Santos Tour Down Under
2009-04-19200912.04-19.042.1Points Presidential Cycling Tour of Turkey
2007-03-11200706.03-11.032.2Sprint Giro del Capo
2018-06-10201803.06-10.062.WT1Points Critérium du Dauphiné

Stage victories

Year Date # What Km Race
2012-04-03201203.042.WT02.stage 166 km Vuelta Pais Vasco
2012-06-15201215.062.102.stage 177 km Tour de Slovénie
2013-04-02201302.042.WT02.stage 170 km Vuelta Pais Vasco
2013-05-23201323.052.HC02.stage 193 km Bayern Rundfahrt
2014-05-30201430.052.HC03.stage 232.7 km Bayern Rundfahrt
2013-07-02201302.07GT104.stage (TTT) 25 km Tour de France
2011-03-31201131.032.208.stage 164 km Tour du Maroc
2007-06-11200711.062.211.stage 130 km Tour du Maroc
2004-03-13200413.032.505.stage 115 km Giro del Capo
2007-03-06200706.032.2Prologue 6 km Giro del Capo
2007-03-08200708.032.202.stage 120.6 km Giro del Capo
2014-09-07201407.092.105.stage 124.1 km Tour of Alberta
2008-10-18200818.102.106.stage 66 km Herald Sun Tour
2009-04-15200915.042.104.stage 166.9 km Tour of Turkey
2017-03-25201725.032.WT206.stage 189.7 km Volta Catalunya
2018-05-25201825.052.101.stage 79.2 km Hammer Stavanger
2018-05-26201826.052.102.stage 92 km Hammer Stavanger
2018-05-27201827.052.103.stage 48.9 km Hammer Stavanger
2018-06-04201804.062.WT101.stage 179 km Critérium Dauphiné

Riding now..

Bretagne Classic (26.08) Extra


Nation South Africa

Born33 year, Dec 6th 1984


Height1.83 m


All-Africa Games RR (2007)
CN South-Africa ITT (2011, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018)
CN South-Africa RR (2018)
Hammer Stavanger (2018)
The Value Logistics Fast One-Meyerton (2017)
X Tour Down Under (2018)
Tour of Alberta (2014)
Tour of Turkey (2009)

Points jerseys

X Critérium Dauphiné (2018)
X Tour Down Under (2015)
Tour of Turkey (2009)

Sprint jerseys

Giro del Capo (2007)


Erythropoietin (season fantasy)