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Muhammad Fitri Saharil

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Season Div. Team FC-rank UCI-rank Race days * Wins * Km *
2018 CONT Team Sapura Cycling 2252(9 p) - 29 0 3890.5
2017 CONT Team Sapura Cycling 2795(6 p) - 25 0 3502.1
* from UCI races (1.2 & 2.2 and higher classifications)

2018 Results

# What Date Pos GC Km Race Winner
2018-07-222.2Stage race18.07-22.07102 GP Portugal N2 R.Alarcon
2018-07-222.2Youth18.07-22.0748 GP Portugal N2 C.Barthe
2018-05-232.2Stage race20.05-23.0539 Le Tour de Filipinas E.Carino
2018-05-232.2Youth20.05-23.058 Le Tour de Filipinas D.Carino
2018-05-032.2UStage race28.04-03.0550 Carpathian Race (U23) F.Maciejuk
2018-05-032.2UYouth28.04-03.0528 Carpathian Race (U23) F.Maciejuk
2018-04-222.2Stage race19.04-22.0444 Tour of Mersin E.Vorganov
2018-04-222.2Points19.04-22.0426 Tour of Mersin G.Tivani Perez
2018-04-071.2UOne-day race07.04DNF 149.1 km Trofeo Edil C (U23) A.Fedeli
2018-03-302.2Stage race29.03-30.0345 Fatih Sultan Mehmet G.Akhmetov
2018-03-252.2Stage race22.03-25.0348 Tour of Cartier C.Raileanu
2018-03-042.2Stage race02.03-04.0314 Tour of Mediterrennean O.Balkan
2018-03-042.2Points02.03-04.0326 Tour of Mediterrennean B.Ozgur
2018-02-181.2One-day race18.0259 175.0 km GP Alanya K.Pozdnyakov
2018-07-222.205.stage22.0788102 143.2 km GP Portugal N2 J.Matias
2018-07-212.204.stage21.079699 159.7 km GP Portugal N2 R.Stacchiotti
2018-07-202.203.stage20.0778103 144.1 km GP Portugal N2 O.Pelegrí Fernández
2018-07-192.202.stage19.07115111 177.2 km GP Portugal N2 J.Irizar Laskurain
2018-07-182.201.stage18.079698 140.7 km GP Portugal N2 R.Alarcon
2018-05-232.204.stage23.054039 154.7 km Le Tour de Filipinas M.Eyob
2018-05-222.203.stage22.054635 188.1 km Le Tour de Filipinas E.Carino
2018-05-212.202.stage21.052526 157.9 km Le Tour de Filipinas R.Oranza
2018-05-032.2U07.stage03.056950 170 km Carpathian Race (U23) M.Bais
2018-05-022.2U06.stage02.052344 119 km Carpathian Race (U23) T.De Jong
2018-05-012.2U05.stage01.057665 155 km Carpathian Race (U23) F.Kvasina
2018-04-302.2U04.stage30.044644 2.5 km Carpathian Race (U23) M.Orlandi
2018-04-292.2U03.stage29.043069 106 km Carpathian Race (U23) S.Burger
2018-04-292.2U02.stage29.049796 72 km Carpathian Race (U23) A.Galdoune
2018-04-282.2U01.stage28.04109108 150 km Carpathian Race (U23) J.Steinbusch
2018-04-222.204.stage22.04944 129 km Tour of Mersin Y.Karaliok
2018-04-212.203.stage21.044251 151.9 km Tour of Mersin E.Vorganov
2018-04-202.202.stage20.044866 164.4 km Tour of Mersin B.Samoilau
2018-04-192.201.stage19.047070 123 km Tour of Mersin K.Pozdnyakov
2018-03-302.202.stage30.034045 136 km Fatih Sultan Mehmet B.Ozgur
2018-03-292.201.stage29.035050 133 km Fatih Sultan Mehmet G.Akhmetov
2018-03-252.203.stage25.036848 112.8 km Tour of Cartier M.Piskunov
2018-03-242.202.stage24.034148 175 km Tour of Cartier N.Shumov
2018-03-232.201.stage23.036364 109.8 km Tour of Cartier C.Raileanu
2018-03-222.2Prologue22.036868 6.5 km Tour of Cartier M.Vogt
2018-03-042.203.stage04.031414 116 km Tour of Mediterrennean O.Balkan
2018-03-032.202.stage03.031915 122 km Tour of Mediterrennean O.Balkan
2018-03-022.201.stage02.031919 196 km Tour of Mediterrennean T.Maleiev


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