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Daeyeon Kim

Info Calendar Team mates 2017 2016


Season Div. Team FC-rank UCI-rank Race days * Wins * Km *
2017 CONT KSPO Bianchi Asia Procycling 1554(29 p) - 24 0 3611.6
2016 South Korea National Team - - 8 0 1229.0

2017 Results

# What Date Pos GC Km Race Winner
2017-07-251.CRTOne-day race25.0735100.0 km Criterium Roeselare C.Froome
2017-07-24KPOne-day race24.07DNF 164.0 km GP Raf Jonckheere D.Bouvry
2017-07-231.2One-day race23.07DNF 163.2 km GP de Perenchies R.Jans
2017-07-20KPOne-day race20.0743 166.0 km GP Beeckman J.Bokeloh
2017-07-17KPOne-day race17.0754 169.6 km GP Lanssens E.Wouters
2017-07-11KPOne-day race11.07105163.0 km Vilvoorde- Houtem M.Freiberg
2017-07-091.2One-day race09.07DNF 197.2 km Midden Brabant J.Kooijman
2017-06-30CN Yangyang30.0619 CN South-Korea RR G.Jang
2017-06-182.1Stage race14.06-18.0663 Tour de Korea K.Min
2017-04-062.1Stage race01.04-06.048 Tour of Thailand Y.Gidich
2017-04-062.1Points01.04-06.0417 Tour of Thailand J.Aberasturi Izaga
2017-03-302.1Stage race26.03-30.0348 Tour de Taiwan B.Prades
2017-03-302.1Points26.03-30.0344 Tour de Taiwan E.Avila
2017-03-012.HCStage race22.02-01.0353 Tour de Langkawi R.Gibbons
2017-03-012.HCPoints22.02-01.0346 Tour de Langkawi R.Gibbons
2017-06-182.105.stage18.062563 65 km Tour de Korea B.Jones
2017-06-172.104.stage17.066263 156 km Tour de Korea J.Aberasturi Izaga
2017-06-162.103.stage16.062257 167.8 km Tour de Korea S.Sunderland
2017-06-152.102.stage15.066060 156.8 km Tour de Korea K.Min
2017-06-142.101.stage14.066668 216.9 km Tour de Korea J.Aberasturi Izaga
2017-04-062.106.stage06.04408 135.6 km Tour of Thailand T.Yates
2017-04-052.105.stage05.04187 194 km Tour of Thailand J.Seo
2017-04-042.104.stage04.04228 120.7 km Tour of Thailand T.Nguyen
2017-04-032.103.stage03.04207 111 km Tour of Thailand J.Aberasturi Izaga
2017-04-022.102.stage02.04297 190 km Tour of Thailand T.Sanikwathi
2017-04-012.101.stage01.0447 193.4 km Tour of Thailand Y.Gidich
2017-03-302.105.stage30.032048 198.8 km Tour de Taiwan B.Jones
2017-03-292.104.stage29.036249 166.6 km Tour de Taiwan E.Avila
2017-03-282.103.stage28.033641 118.9 km Tour de Taiwan D.Summerhill
2017-03-272.102.stage27.036761 114.7 km Tour de Taiwan J.Gullen
2017-03-262.101.stage26.031418 83.2 km Tour de Taiwan E.Avila
2017-03-012.HC08.stage01.034953 121 km Tour de Langkawi T.McCabe
2017-02-282.HC07.stage28.022645 148.1 km Tour de Langkawi J.Mareczko
2017-02-272.HC06.stage27.022047 176.3 km Tour de Langkawi E.Barbin
2017-02-262.HC05.stage26.0210448 151.5 km Tour de Langkawi R.Gibbons
2017-02-252.HC04.stage25.025043 174.4 km Tour de Langkawi M.Debesay
2017-02-242.HC03.stage24.025644 118 km Tour de Langkawi J.Mareczko
2017-02-232.HC02.stage23.025448 208.1 km Tour de Langkawi T.McCabe
2017-02-222.HC01.stage22.026769 124.8 km Tour de Langkawi S.Sunderland


Nation South Korea

Born23 year, Mar 14th 1994