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Season Div. Team FC-rank UCI-rank Race days * Wins * Km *
2018 Zappi Racing Team 2185(12 p) - 18 0 2163.2
2017 365 4 Bikes Academy - - 1 0 185.6
2016 Catford CC Equipe / Banks racing te - - 0 0 0.0
* from UCI races (1.2 & 2.2 and higher classifications)

2018 Results

# What Date Pos GC Km Race Winner
2018-08-121.2UOne-day race12.08DNF 169.6 km GP Poggiana R.Stannard
2018-07-152.2UStage race11.07-15.07DNF Valle d'Aosta (U23) V.Pronskiy
2018-06-24NEStage race23.06-24.0620 Tour of Reservoir T.Moses
2018-06-162.2UStage race07.06-16.0688 Giro Ciclistico D'Italia A.Vlasov
2018-06-162.2UYouth07.06-16.0632 Giro Ciclistico D'Italia J.Almeida
2018-06-031.2One-day race03.0620 172.0 km Coppa della Pace M.Sobrero
2018-05-012.2UStage race28.04-01.0527 Toscane-Terre (U23) A.Bagioli
2018-05-012.2UYouth28.04-01.0510 Toscane-Terre (U23) A.Bagioli
2018-04-251.2UStage race25.04DNS 138.0 km GP Liberazione (U23) A.Fedeli
2018-04-221.2UOne-day race22.0413 171.8 km Tr. S. Vendemiano (U23) A.Dainese
2018-04-071.2UOne-day race07.0448 149.1 km Trofeo Edil C (U23) A.Fedeli
2018-03-11NEOne-day race11.037 Volta a la Marina Alta-Pedreguer P.Double
2018-02-11NEOne-day race11.025 Volta a la Marina Alta-Denia F.Robinson
2018-01-21NEOne-day race21.017 Volta a la Marina Alta-Xabia J.Valero Amat
2018-07-122.2U01.stage12.07DNF 158.8 km Valle d'Aosta (U23) K.Inkelaar
2018-07-112.2UPrologue11.077878 7.9 km Valle d'Aosta (U23) J.Vingegaard
2018-06-24NE02.stage24.0620 - Tour of Reservoir T.Moses
2018-06-162.2U10.stage16.0612288 22.4 km Giro Ciclistico D'Italia R.Stannard
2018-06-162.2U09.stage16.067390 72.8 km Giro Ciclistico D'Italia A.Dainese
2018-06-152.2U08.stage15.069996 157.4 km Giro Ciclistico D'Italia C.Munoz
2018-06-142.2U07.stage14.06151108 134.2 km Giro Ciclistico D'Italia S.Williams
2018-06-132.2U06.stage13.065383 120.7 km Giro Ciclistico D'Italia S.Bennett
2018-06-122.2U05.stage12.0611087 127.8 km Giro Ciclistico D'Italia E.Rubio Reyes
2018-06-112.2U04.stage11.065574 117.3 km Giro Ciclistico D'Italia A.Osorio
2018-06-102.2U03.stage10.06110101 164.3 km Giro Ciclistico D'Italia J.Philipsen
2018-06-092.2U02.stage09.0674103 138.2 km Giro Ciclistico D'Italia M.Wildauer
2018-06-082.2U01.stage08.06152158 137.7 km Giro Ciclistico D'Italia G.Lonardi
2018-06-072.2UPrologue07.06162162 4.4 km Giro Ciclistico D'Italia E.Affini
2018-05-012.2U03.stage01.053727 163 km Toscane-Terre (U23) A.Bagioli
2018-04-302.2U02.stage30.043727 156.2 km Toscane-Terre (U23) A.Vlasov
2018-04-282.2U01.stage28.043131 146 km Toscane-Terre (U23) A.Zahiri


Nation Great Britain

Born20 year, Feb 14th 1998