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Hossein Askari

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Season Div. Team FC-rank UCI-rank Race days * Wins * Km *
2016 CONT Pishgaman - Giant Team - - 0 0 0.0
2015 CONT Pishgaman - Giant Team 405(235 p) - 43 4 5617.3
2013 CONT Tabriz Petrochemical Team 959(73 p) - 34 1 5060.0
2012 CONT Tabriz Petrochemical CT 568(151 p) - 50 2 6741.4
2011 CONT Tabriz Petrochemical Cycling Team 447(201 p) - 74 0 8843.0
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* from UCI races (1.2 & 2.2 and higher classifications)

2015 Results

# What Date Pos GC Km Race Winner
2015-11-162.2Stage race14.11-16.115 Tour of Fuzhou R.Emami
2015-11-162.2Points14.11-16.1113 Tour of Fuzhou M.Gavazzi
2015-10-112.2Stage race03.10-11.103 Tour de Singkarak A.Moazemi
2015-10-112.2Mountains03.10-11.104 Tour de Singkarak A.Moazemi
2015-06-142.1Stage race07.06-14.0626 Tour de Korea C.Ewan
2015-06-142.1Points07.06-14.0636 Tour de Korea C.Ewan
2015-06-022.2Stage race28.05-02.066 Tour of Iran M.Pourseyedi
2015-06-022.2Points28.05-02.061 Tour of Iran-
2015-06-022.2Mountains28.05-02.0618 Tour of Iran S.Safarzadeh
2015-05-242.1Stage race17.05-24.053 Tour of Japan M.Pourseyedi
2015-05-242.1Points17.05-24.0531 Tour of Japan V.Conti
2015-05-242.1Mountains17.05-24.058 Tour of Japan R.Emami
2015-05-13CN Tehran13.0515130.0 km CN Iran RR B.Maleki
2015-05-12CN Tehran12.051 30.0 km CN Iran ITT-
2015-03-262.1Stage race22.03-26.032 Tour de Taiwan M.Pourseyedi
2015-03-262.1Points22.03-26.039 Tour de Taiwan P.Bevin
2015-03-262.1Mountains22.03-26.034 Tour de Taiwan M.Pourseyedi
2015-02-14CCTT Nakhon14.021 51.0 km CC Asia ITT-
2015-02-12CCRR Nakhon12.021130.0 km CC Asia RR-
2015-02-042.2Stage race01.02-04.026 Le Tour de Filipinas T.Lebas
2015-02-042.2Points01.02-04.026 Le Tour de Filipinas S.Ambrose
2015-02-042.2Mountains01.02-04.021 Le Tour de Filipinas-
2015-11-162.203.stage16.11475 130.3 km Tour of Fuzhou M.Gavazzi
2015-11-152.202.stage15.1155 133 km Tour of Fuzhou A.Kazemi Sarai
2015-11-142.201.stage14.116568 119.4 km Tour of Fuzhou M.Gavazzi
2015-10-112.209.stage11.10293 100 km Tour de Singkarak S.Hatsuyama
2015-10-102.208.stage10.1053 121 km Tour de Singkarak A.Kazemi Sarai
2015-10-092.207.stage09.10263 124 km Tour de Singkarak T.Rabou
2015-10-082.206.stage08.1014 135 km Tour de Singkarak-
2015-10-072.205.stage07.10237 116 km Tour de Singkarak B.Maleki
2015-10-062.204.stage06.10117 182 km Tour de Singkarak A.Kolahdozhagh
2015-10-052.203.stage05.10344 128 km Tour de Singkarak M.Sohrabi
2015-10-042.202.stage04.1054 120 km Tour de Singkarak A.Zargari
2015-06-142.108.stage14.064826 66.2 km Tour de Korea T.Thömel
2015-06-132.107.stage13.064026 147.3 km Tour de Korea C.Ewan
2015-06-122.106.stage12.063629 198.9 km Tour de Korea W.Wippert
2015-06-112.105.stage11.063031 176.1 km Tour de Korea C.Ewan
2015-06-102.104.stage10.064112 207 km Tour de Korea P.Bevin
2015-06-092.103.stage09.06512 99 km Tour de Korea C.Ewan
2015-06-082.102.stage08.062420 181.8 km Tour de Korea C.Ewan
2015-06-072.101.stage07.062225 189.1 km Tour de Korea W.Wippert
2015-06-022.206.stage02.06356 114 km Tour of Iran T.Yates
2015-06-012.205.stage01.06126 150 km Tour of Iran M.Pourseyedi
2015-05-312.204.stage31.0511 208.4 km Tour of Iran-
2015-05-302.203.stage30.05382 144.4 km Tour of Iran I.Aksoy
2015-05-292.202.stage29.0572 188.2 km Tour of Iran S.Safarzadeh
2015-05-282.201.stage28.0533 163.8 km Tour of Iran A.Shushemoin
2015-05-242.106.stage24.05203 112.7 km Tour of Japan N.Bonifazio
2015-05-232.105.stage23.0593 122 km Tour of Japan V.Conti
2015-05-222.104.stage22.0533 11.4 km Tour of Japan R.Emami
2015-05-212.103.stage21.053818 123.6 km Tour of Japan B.Prades
2015-05-202.102.stage20.052529 139.4 km Tour of Japan N.Marini
2015-05-192.101.stage19.052531 130.7 km Tour of Japan R.Chtioui
2015-05-172.1Prologue17.053838 2.6 km Tour of Japan B.Jones
2015-03-262.105.stage26.03372 180 km Tour de Taiwan T.Thömel
2015-03-252.104.stage25.0342 109 km Tour de Taiwan M.Pourseyedi
2015-03-242.103.stage24.03242 143 km Tour de Taiwan W.Wippert
2015-03-232.102.stage23.0322 137 km Tour de Taiwan P.Bevin
2015-03-222.101.stage22.034750 52 km Tour de Taiwan W.Wippert
2015-02-042.204.stage04.0226 101 km Le Tour de Filipinas M.Pourseyedi
2015-02-032.203.stage03.022324 150 km Le Tour de Filipinas M.Salleh
2015-02-022.202.stage02.022321 153 km Le Tour de Filipinas S.Ambrose
2015-02-012.201.stage01.0257 126 km Le Tour de Filipinas E.Sheppard


Nation Iran

Born43 year, Mar 23rd 1975

Banned results

2.Jun 2013-2.Jun 2014


CC Asia ITT (2001, 2003, 2015)
CC Asia RR (2015)
CN Iran ITT (2010, 2011, 2015)
Kerman Tour (2005)
Presidental Tour of Iran (2010)
Tour d'Indonesia (2005)
Tour de Brunei (2012)
Tour of Iran (2007, 2008)
Tour of Qinghai Lake (2010)
Umm Al Quwain Race (2008)

Points jerseys

Tour of Iran (2015)

Mountain jerseys

Le Tour de Filipinas (2015)
Tour of Turkey (2007)