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Gökhan Hasta

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Season Div. Team FC-rank UCI-rank Race days * Wins * Km *
2015 Brisaspor 1098(59 p) - 30 0 3729.9
* from UCI races (1.2 & 2.2 and higher classifications)

2015 Results

# What Date Pos GC Km Race Winner
2015-10-252.2Stage race22.10-25.1016 Tour of Aegean A.Orken
2015-10-252.2Points22.10-25.1010 Tour of Aegean C.Kastrantas
2015-10-252.2Mountains22.10-25.106 Tour of Aegean C.Kastrantas
2015-10-102.2Stage race07.10-10.103 Tour of Torku Mevlana A.Orken
2015-10-102.2Points07.10-10.104 Tour of Torku Mevlana A.Orken
2015-10-102.2Mountains07.10-10.104 Tour of Torku Mevlana O.Balkan
2015-08-082.2Stage race06.08-08.0820 Tour of Szeklerland C.Fankhauser
2015-08-082.2Points06.08-08.0817 Tour of Szeklerland A.Kuschynski
2015-06-26CN Karaman26.0618130.0 km CN Turkey RR A.Akdylek
2015-06-24CN Karaman24.064 25.0 km CN Turkey ITT A.Orken
2015-06-132.2Stage race10.06-13.0624 Tour of Ankara N.Bakirci
2015-06-132.2Points10.06-13.0624 Tour of Ankara O.Balkan
2015-05-192.2Stage race16.05-19.0517 Tour of Black Sea T.Marczynski
2015-05-192.2Points16.05-19.0518 Tour of Black Sea O.Balkan
2015-04-191.2One-day race19.0445 169.0 km Banja Luka Belgrade II A.Bajc
2015-04-181.2One-day race18.0418 170.0 km Banja Luka Belgrade I M.Kump
2015-04-122.2Stage race09.04-12.0429 Tour of Mersin O.Polivoda
2015-04-122.2Points09.04-12.0426 Tour of Mersin V.Buts
2015-03-272.2Stage race24.03-27.0310 Tour of Canakkale A.Akdylek
2015-03-272.2Points24.03-27.033 Tour of Canakkale O.Balkan
2015-03-272.2Mountains24.03-27.038 Tour of Canakkale M.Kal
2015-10-252.203.stage25.102316 110 km Tour of Aegean R.Reis
2015-10-242.202.stage24.10288 129 km Tour of Aegean O.Balkan
2015-10-232.201.stage23.1067 123.2 km Tour of Aegean A.Orken
2015-10-222.2Prologue22.1077 8 km Tour of Aegean A.Orken
2015-10-102.203.stage10.1093 116.4 km Tour of Torku Mevlana A.Orken
2015-10-092.202.stage09.1023 122 km Tour of Torku Mevlana A.Orken
2015-10-082.201.stage08.1083 125 km Tour of Torku Mevlana I.Stevic
2015-10-072.2Prologue07.1033 8 km Tour of Torku Mevlana A.Orken
2015-08-082.204.stage08.081420 123 km Tour of Szeklerland O.Golovash
2015-08-082.203.stage08.083221 7 km Tour of Szeklerland S.Tvetcov
2015-08-072.202.stage07.082319 191 km Tour of Szeklerland C.Fankhauser
2015-08-062.201.stage06.081313 185 km Tour of Szeklerland A.Kuschynski
2015-06-132.204.stage13.062524 153.5 km Tour of Ankara F.Samli
2015-06-122.203.stage12.062923 116 km Tour of Ankara O.Balkan
2015-06-112.202.stage11.061923 115 km Tour of Ankara O.Balkan
2015-06-102.201.stage10.062727 173.7 km Tour of Ankara N.Bakirci
2015-05-192.204.stage19.052617 105.6 km Tour of Black Sea N.Ioannidis
2015-05-182.203.stage18.053413 164.5 km Tour of Black Sea A.Orken
2015-05-172.202.stage17.05713 173 km Tour of Black Sea O.Balkan
2015-05-162.201.stage16.051313 162.5 km Tour of Black Sea T.Marczynski
2015-04-122.204.stage12.042929 144 km Tour of Mersin V.Buts
2015-04-112.203.stage11.043329 155.5 km Tour of Mersin M.Kononenko
2015-04-102.202.stage10.042126 142 km Tour of Mersin O.Balkan
2015-04-092.201.stage09.042727 121 km Tour of Mersin O.Polivoda
2015-03-272.203.stage27.03710 142 km Tour of Canakkale I.Aksoy
2015-03-262.202.stage26.031812 161 km Tour of Canakkale R.Unalan
2015-03-252.201.stage25.03213 107 km Tour of Canakkale O.Balkan
2015-03-242.2Prologue24.031515 7 km Tour of Canakkale A.Akdylek


Nation Turkey

Born27 year, Oct 20th 1990