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Season Div. Team FC-rank UCI-rank Race days * Wins * Km *
2018 CONT Minsk Cycling Club 642(98 p) - 47 1 6354.6
2017 CONT Minsk Cycling Club 278(311 p) - 69 4 9331.5
2016 CONT Minsk Cycling Club 519(172 p) - 66 1 8486.9
2015 CONT Minsk Cycling Club 731(113 p) - 50 0 6089.6
* from UCI races (1.2 & 2.2 and higher classifications)

2016 Results

# What Date Pos GC Km Race Winner
2016-11-202.1Stage race16.11-20.1111 Tour of Fuzhou R.Emami
2016-11-202.1Points16.11-20.118 Tour of Fuzhou J.Zhao
2016-11-202.1Mountains16.11-20.112 Tour of Fuzhou R.Emami
2016-11-122.1Stage race05.11-12.11DNF Tour of Taihu Lake L.Duque
2016-11-021.2Stage race02.1133 150.0 km Tour of Yancheng J.Mareczko
2016-10-291.1One-day race29.1018 97.2 km UAE Cup S.Papok
2016-10-282.1Stage race25.10-28.103 Sharjah Cycling Tour A.Jelloul
2016-10-282.1Points25.10-28.101 Sharjah Cycling Tour-
2016-10-282.1Mountains25.10-28.102 Sharjah Cycling Tour T.Okubamariam
2016-10-232.HCStage race20.10-23.1079 Abu Dhabi Tour T.Kangert
2016-10-232.HCYouth20.10-23.1028 Abu Dhabi Tour J.Bernard
2016-09-252.1Stage race18.09-25.0945 Tour of China II M.Benfatto
2016-09-252.1Points18.09-25.0925 Tour of China II M.Benfatto
2016-09-252.1Mountains18.09-25.091 Tour of China II-
2016-09-162.1Stage race09.09-16.095 Tour of China I R.Bonusi
2016-09-162.1Points09.09-16.0915 Tour of China I M.Benfatto
2016-09-162.1Mountains09.09-16.095 Tour of China I M.Batmunkh
2016-09-022.2Stage race28.08-02.098 Tour of Bulgaria - South M.Tecchio
2016-09-022.2Mountains28.08-02.091 Tour of Bulgaria - South-
2016-08-132.2Stage race11.08-13.088 Tour of Szeklerland K.Pozdnyakov
2016-08-132.2Points11.08-13.088 Tour of Szeklerland M.Mugerli
2016-08-132.2Mountains11.08-13.082 Tour of Szeklerland L.Schlemmer
2016-08-071.2One-day race07.08DNF 141.7 km Odessa Grand Prix 1 O.Prevar
2016-08-061.2One-day race06.0816 154.1 km Tour de Ribas A.Vasylyuk
2016-07-302.2Stage race27.07-30.0777 Dookola Mazowska M.Manninen
2016-07-091.2One-day race09.0755 120.0 km Grand Prix Minsk S.Papok
2016-07-081.2One-day race08.0755 176.0 km Minsk Cup A.Kulikovskiy
2016-06-192.2Stage race14.06-19.06DNF Tour de Serbia M.Mugerli
2016-06-122.2Stage race10.06-12.0613 Tour of Malopolska M.Taciak
2016-06-122.2Mountains10.06-12.067 Tour of Malopolska M.Rutkiewicz
2016-06-051.2One-day race05.0648 153.0 km Grand Prix of ISD N.Kulimbetov
2016-06-041.2One-day race04.0624 148.0 km Grand Prix of Vinnytsia S.Papok
2016-06-022.2Stage race31.05-02.067 Tour of Ukraine S.Lagkuti
2016-05-282.1Stage race27.05-28.0514 Tour of Estonia G.Stepniak
2016-05-282.1Points27.05-28.0520 Tour of Estonia G.Stepniak
2016-05-282.1Mountains27.05-28.058 Tour of Estonia I.Lundgren
2016-05-082.2Stage race06.05-08.05DNF CCC Tour O.Polivoda
2016-04-172.2Stage race14.04-17.0437 Tour of Mersin N.Bakirci
2016-02-141.2One-day race14.0246 163.0 km GP Laguna Porec F.Ganna
2016-02-071.1One-day race07.02DNF 190.6 km GP della Costa Etruschi G.Bole
2016-11-202.105.stage20.113611 127.4 km Tour of Fuzhou L.Franck
2016-11-192.104.stage19.11511 130.8 km Tour of Fuzhou R.Emami
2016-11-182.103.stage18.11216 133.3 km Tour of Fuzhou J.Zhao
2016-11-172.102.stage17.116818 126.3 km Tour of Fuzhou O.Kim
2016-11-162.101.stage16.111818 113.2 km Tour of Fuzhou R.Emami
2016-11-072.102.stage07.11DNF 139 km Tour of Taihu Lake J.Mareczko
2016-11-062.101.stage06.1112161 111.3 km Tour of Taihu Lake J.Mareczko
2016-11-052.1Prologue05.116161 5.9 km Tour of Taihu Lake O.Golovash
2016-10-282.104.stage28.1043 134 km Sharjah Cycling Tour S.Papok
2016-10-272.103.stage27.1013 156 km Sharjah Cycling Tour-
2016-10-262.102.stage26.1056 172.6 km Sharjah Cycling Tour S.Papok
2016-10-252.101.stage (TTT)25.1027 16.6 km Sharjah Cycling Tour A.Jelloul
2016-10-232.HC04.stage23.104679 143 km Abu Dhabi Tour M.Cavendish
2016-10-222.HC03.stage22.107783 150 km Abu Dhabi Tour T.Kangert
2016-10-212.HC02.stage21.1010695 115 km Abu Dhabi Tour M.Cavendish
2016-10-202.HC01.stage20.103739 147 km Abu Dhabi Tour G.Nizzolo
2016-09-252.105.stage25.095545 82.9 km Tour of China II M.Benfatto
2016-09-242.104.stage24.091453 131.2 km Tour of China II M.Benfatto
2016-09-222.103.stage22.099956 116 km Tour of China II L.Mudgway
2016-09-212.102.stage21.098055 127.8 km Tour of China II T.Thömel
2016-09-192.101.stage19.098255 121.6 km Tour of China II M.Benfatto
2016-09-182.1Prologue18.096464 3.3 km Tour of China II T.Rabou
2016-09-162.106.stage16.0935 99.6 km Tour of China I M.Benfatto
2016-09-142.105.stage14.09428 138.6 km Tour of China I N.Marini
2016-09-132.104.stage13.0977 157.5 km Tour of China I M.De Marchi
2016-09-122.103.stage12.0967 114.7 km Tour of China I R.Bonusi
2016-09-102.102.stage10.095911 157.8 km Tour of China I M.Benfatto
2016-09-092.101.stage09.09376 109.2 km Tour of China I M.Benfatto
2016-09-022.206.stage02.09268 132 km Tour of Bulgaria - South V.Buts
2016-09-012.205.stage01.0958 79 km Tour of Bulgaria - South A.Aleksiev
2016-08-312.204.stage31.0848 231.3 km Tour of Bulgaria - South O.Polivoda
2016-08-302.203.stage30.081610 157.6 km Tour of Bulgaria - South M.Tecchio
2016-08-292.202.stage29.08105 95.1 km Tour of Bulgaria - South F.Fiorelli
2016-08-282.201.stage28.081313 205.5 km Tour of Bulgaria - South Y.Gidich
2016-08-132.204.stage13.0898 123 km Tour of Szeklerland M.Mugerli
2016-08-132.203.stage13.0859 6.1 km Tour of Szeklerland K.Pozdnyakov
2016-08-122.202.stage12.081314 163 km Tour of Szeklerland K.Pozdnyakov
2016-08-112.201.stage11.081112 184 km Tour of Szeklerland M.Manninen
2016-07-302.203.stage30.078877 187 km Dookola Mazowska T.Kiendys
2016-07-292.202.stage29.07113114 168 km Dookola Mazowska M.Manninen
2016-07-282.201.stage28.0712260 165 km Dookola Mazowska M.Beyer
2016-07-272.2Prologue27.076060 2.5 km Dookola Mazowska A.Banaszek
2016-06-182.205.stage18.06DNF 117.5 km Tour de Serbia F.Fortin
2016-06-172.204.stage17.064824 191.4 km Tour de Serbia K.Klimiankou
2016-06-162.203.stage16.065124 123.6 km Tour de Serbia M.Mugerli
2016-06-152.202.stage15.061218 106.4 km Tour de Serbia G.Georgiev Petrov
2016-06-142.201.stage14.063232 144 km Tour de Serbia F.Fortin
2016-06-122.203.stage12.062513 146 km Tour of Malopolska M.Rutkiewicz
2016-06-112.202.stage11.062110 144 km Tour of Malopolska M.Komar
2016-06-102.201.stage10.061010 131 km Tour of Malopolska D.Batek
2016-06-022.204.stage02.06287 156.8 km Tour of Ukraine S.Papok
2016-06-012.203.stage01.06237 86.9 km Tour of Ukraine S.Papok
2016-06-012.202.stage (TTT)01.0627 16.2 km Tour of Ukraine A.Vasylyuk
2016-05-312.201.stage31.0577 161.6 km Tour of Ukraine S.Lagkuti
2016-05-282.102.stage28.054214 144 km Tour of Estonia R.Maikin
2016-05-272.101.stage27.05737 190 km Tour of Estonia G.Stepniak
2016-05-18TrackGrand Prix Minsk18.052Team Pursuit Minsk-Arena Y.Karaliok
2016-05-062.201.stage06.05DNS 185.6 km CCC Tour O.Polivoda
2016-04-172.204.stage17.043037 138 km Tour of Mersin E.Abelouache
2016-04-162.203.stage16.044943 136 km Tour of Mersin I.Groen
2016-04-152.202.stage15.043943 146 km Tour of Mersin D.Dzervus
2016-04-142.201.stage14.044646 122 km Tour of Mersin J.Van Schip