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Armands Bēcis

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Season Div. Team FC-rank UCI-rank Race days * Wins * Km *
2017 CONT Rietumu Banka-Riga 1335(43 p) - 48 0 6653.7
2016 CONT Rietumu - Delfin 1239(49 p) - 37 0 4912.2
2015 CONT Rietumu - Delfin 995(70 p) - 46 1 6635.1
2014 CONT Rietumu - Delfin 3510(1 p) - 19 0 2831.6
2013 CONT Rietumu - Delfin 1129(56 p) - 55 0 7525.8
2012 CONT Rietumu - Delfin 1575(31 p) - 18 0 2334.0
* from UCI races (1.2 & 2.2 and higher classifications)

2016 Results

# What Date Pos GC Km Race Winner
2016-11-202.1Stage race16.11-20.11DNF Tour of Fuzhou R.Emami
2016-11-122.1Stage race05.11-12.11111 Tour of Taihu Lake L.Duque
2016-11-021.2Stage race02.1166 150.0 km Tour of Yancheng J.Mareczko
2016-09-252.1Stage race18.09-25.09102 Tour of China II M.Benfatto
2016-09-162.1Stage race09.09-16.0989 Tour of China I R.Bonusi
2016-09-162.1Points09.09-16.0930 Tour of China I M.Benfatto
2016-08-282.2Stage race26.08-28.0858 Baltic Chain Tour M.Bogdanovičs
2016-08-201.2One-day race20.0852 165.0 km Puchar Mon A.Kankovsky
2016-08-141.2One-day race14.08DNF 150.3 km Puchar Uzdrowisk A.Parrinello
2016-08-131.2One-day race13.08114 167.7 km Mem.Henryka Lasaka P.Franczak
2016-07-311.1One-day race31.07DNF 140.0 km Rad am Ring P.Voss
2016-07-091.2One-day race09.0791 120.0 km Grand Prix Minsk S.Papok
2016-07-081.2One-day race08.0770 176.0 km Minsk Cup A.Kulikovskiy
2016-06-26CN Rauna26.06DNF181.0 km CN Latvia RR G.Smukulis
2016-05-282.1Stage race27.05-28.057 Tour of Estonia G.Stepniak
2016-05-282.1Points27.05-28.058 Tour of Estonia G.Stepniak
2016-05-282.1Mountains27.05-28.055 Tour of Estonia I.Lundgren
2016-05-221.1One-day race22.05DNF 174.0 km Velothon Wales T.Stewart
2016-05-141.2One-day race14.057 194.0 km Scandinavian Race S.Wærsted
2016-05-021.2One-day race02.0514 164.7 km Memorial R. Sieminskiego M.Kononenko
2016-05-011.2One-day race01.0551 168.0 km Mem. A.Trochnowskiego A.Kankovsky
2016-04-241.2One-day race24.0423 179.0 km Rutland - Melton Classic C.Dunne
2016-04-171.2One-day race17.0430 202.6 km Ronde v.Noord-Holland M.Westergaard
2016-04-031.1One-day race03.0421 157.4 km Vuelta a La Rioja M.Matthews
2016-04-021.1One-day race02.04DNF 191.1 km GP Miguel Indurain I.Izagirre
2016-03-132.2Stage race12.03-13.03DNF GP Liberty Seguros A.Jensen
2016-11-162.101.stage16.11DNF 113.2 km Tour of Fuzhou R.Emami
2016-11-122.107.stage12.11112111 130.6 km Tour of Taihu Lake L.Duque
2016-11-112.106.stage11.11112106 117.1 km Tour of Taihu Lake J.Mareczko
2016-11-102.105.stage10.11118105 148 km Tour of Taihu Lake E.Grosu
2016-11-092.104.stage09.1111195 117.4 km Tour of Taihu Lake N.Marini
2016-11-082.103.stage08.1111395 106.3 km Tour of Taihu Lake C.Bayly
2016-11-072.102.stage07.1110131 139 km Tour of Taihu Lake J.Mareczko
2016-11-062.101.stage06.112233 111.3 km Tour of Taihu Lake J.Mareczko
2016-11-052.1Prologue05.113434 5.9 km Tour of Taihu Lake O.Golovash
2016-09-252.105.stage25.09101102 82.9 km Tour of China II M.Benfatto
2016-09-242.104.stage24.09113109 131.2 km Tour of China II M.Benfatto
2016-09-222.103.stage22.0910186 116 km Tour of China II L.Mudgway
2016-09-212.102.stage21.0911543 127.8 km Tour of China II T.Thömel
2016-09-192.101.stage19.095941 121.6 km Tour of China II M.Benfatto
2016-09-182.1Prologue18.094242 3.3 km Tour of China II T.Rabou
2016-09-162.106.stage16.098189 99.6 km Tour of China I M.Benfatto
2016-09-142.105.stage14.098882 138.6 km Tour of China I N.Marini
2016-09-132.104.stage13.099582 157.5 km Tour of China I M.De Marchi
2016-09-122.103.stage12.096961 114.7 km Tour of China I R.Bonusi
2016-09-102.102.stage10.0910210 157.8 km Tour of China I M.Benfatto
2016-09-092.101.stage09.09555 109.2 km Tour of China I M.Benfatto
2016-08-282.202.stage28.086758 174.9 km Baltic Chain Tour M.Bogdanovičs
2016-08-272.201.stage27.084939 179.9 km Baltic Chain Tour A.Kulikovskiy
2016-08-262.2Prologue26.081313 1.9 km Baltic Chain Tour S.Maoma
2016-05-282.102.stage28.0577 144 km Tour of Estonia R.Maikin
2016-05-272.101.stage27.05604 190 km Tour of Estonia G.Stepniak
2016-03-132.202.stage13.03DNF 186.6 km GP Liberty Seguros W.Routley
2016-03-122.201.stage12.03111111 141.3 km GP Liberty Seguros A.Jensen


Nation Latvia

Born27 year, Jan 16th 1991

Stage victories

1x Tour of China I

Sprint jerseys

Baltic Chain Tour (2015)