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Jake Stewart

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Season Div. Team FC-rank UCI-rank Race days * Wins * Km *
2018 100% ME 985(52 p) - 20 0 3000.3
* from UCI races (1.2 & 2.2 and higher classifications)

2018 Results

# What Date Pos GC Km Race Winner
2018-08-052.2Stage race01.08-05.0874 Tour Alsace G.Bouchard
2018-07-25NEOne-day race25.0719 Fort Vale Colne Grand Prix J.Walker
2018-07-13NEOne-day race13.0710 HSBC UK | National Circuit Championships M.Gibson
2018-07-08NEOne-day race08.0718 Bristol GP M.Gibson
2018-07-06NEOne-day race06.078 Wales Open Crit C.Swift
2018-07-04NEOne-day race04.0710 The Property Development Otley GP M.Walls
2018-07-01CN Stamfordham01.07DNF185.6 km CN Great Britain RR C.Swift
2018-06-28CN Stamfordham28.0617 28.6 km CN Great Britain ITT-U23 C.Tanfield
2018-06-102.2Stage race07.06-10.0662 Ronde de l'Oise H.Evensen
2018-06-102.2Youth07.06-10.0616 Ronde de l'Oise F.Wright
2018-06-032.NCStage race31.05-03.0637 Course de la Paix (U23) T.Pogacar
2018-06-032.NCYouth31.05-03.0619 Course de la Paix (U23) T.Pogacar
2018-06-032.NCPoints31.05-03.0614 Course de la Paix (U23) S.Battistella
2018-05-062.1Stage race03.05-06.05DNF Tour de Yorkshire G.Van Avermaet
2018-04-251.2UStage race25.04DNF 138.0 km GP Liberazione (U23) A.Fedeli
2018-04-221.2UOne-day race22.0449 171.8 km Tr. S. Vendemiano (U23) A.Dainese
2018-04-141.NCStage race14.0445 178.0 km ZLM Tour (U23) M.Moschetti
2018-04-121.12BOne-day race12.048117.0 km Evergem-Belzele S.Weemaes
2018-04-071.NCOne-day race07.04DNF 165.9 km RVV Beloften (U23) J.Whelan
2018-04-021.2UOne-day race02.0430 166.6 km Giro del Belvedere (U23) R.Stannard
2018-04-011.2UOne-day race01.043 175.0 km Trofeo PIVA (U23) P.Baccio
2018-03-251.NCOne-day race25.032 187.5 km Gent - Wevelgem (U23) Z.Jerman
2018-03-211.12BOne-day race21.031121.0 km Esplechin-
2018-03-181.IC1One-day race18.03103158.0 km Zuid-Kempense Pijl G.Thijssen
2018-03-161.IC1One-day race16.0372151.0 km Handzame Challenge S.Weemaes
2018-03-141.12BOne-day race14.0313115.5 km Templeuve M.Walls
2018-03-111.2One-day race11.0323 187.9 km Dorpenomloop Rucphen M.Bjerg
2018-08-052.205.stage05.082374 146.9 km Tour Alsace G.Mäder
2018-08-042.204.stage04.087185 165.3 km Tour Alsace M.Hirschi
2018-08-032.203.stage03.089087 143.1 km Tour Alsace G.Bouchard
2018-08-022.202.stage02.081215 145.5 km Tour Alsace D.Van der Poel
2018-08-012.201.stage (TTT)01.0825 4.7 km Tour Alsace I.Garrison
2018-06-102.204.stage10.068762 178.7 km Ronde de l'Oise H.Evensen
2018-06-092.203.stage09.064162 174.7 km Ronde de l'Oise F.Wright
2018-06-082.202.stage08.067468 217.5 km Ronde de l'Oise D.Touze
2018-06-072.201.stage07.063233 131.1 km Ronde de l'Oise H.Evensen
2018-06-032.NC03.stage03.062337 158 km Course de la Paix (U23) T.Pogacar
2018-06-022.NC02.stage02.065050 151 km Course de la Paix (U23) M.Hirschi
2018-06-012.NC01.stage01.06515 133 km Course de la Paix (U23) S.Battistella
2018-05-312.NCPrologue31.051313 2 km Course de la Paix (U23) R.Tiller
2018-05-042.102.stage04.05DNF 149 km Tour de Yorkshire M.Cort
2018-05-032.101.stage03.05131131 182 km Tour de Yorkshire H.Tanfield

Riding now..

Tour de l'Avenir (17.08-26.08) Extra


Nation Great Britain

Born18 year, Oct 2nd 1999


EMRRL Leicester Forest CC (2017)
Esplechin (2018)


Assassin, Gentner, LosBrolin