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Season Div. Team FC-rank UCI-rank Race days * Wins * Km *
2016 VCUK PH-Mas Cycling Team - - 0 0 0.0

2017 Results

# What Date Pos GC Km Race Winner
2017-08-06J-2.1Stage race04.08-06.082 Aubel - Stavelot Juniors M.Donovan
2017-08-06J-2.1Points04.08-06.0810 Aubel - Stavelot Juniors R.Evenepoel
2017-07-28NEOne-day race28.071 The Barnsley Town Centre -
2017-07-19NEOne-day race19.071 HSBC UK | National Circuit Championships-
2017-06-28NEOne-day race28.068 The Property Development Otley GP C.Lawless
2017-05-27NEOne-day race27.051 Tour Series 9-Durham-
2017-05-23NEOne-day race23.056 Tour Series 7-Motherwell B.Jones
2017-05-21J-2.1Stage race19.05-21.054 Driedaagse Axel Juniors A.Molenaar
2017-05-21J-2.1Points19.05-21.0517 Driedaagse Axel Juniors A.Raugel
2017-05-21J-2.1Mountains19.05-21.056 Driedaagse Axel Juniors M.Donovan
2017-04-09J-1.NCOne-day race09.041 111.0 km Paris - Roubaix Juniors-
2017-03-26J-1.NCOne-day race26.0311 129.2 km Gent - Wevelgem Juniors L.Wacker
2017-03-19J-1.1One-day race19.035 128.7 km Guido Reybrouck Juniors J.Vaughan
2017-03-05NEOne-day race05.034 Eddie Soens Memorial E.Clancy
2017-08-06J-2.104.stage06.0842 98.1 km Aubel - Stavelot Juniors X.Verloesem
2017-08-05J-2.103.stage05.08492 106.2 km Aubel - Stavelot Juniors R.Evenepoel
2017-08-05J-2.102.stage (TTT)05.0812 9 km Aubel - Stavelot Juniors M.Donovan
2017-08-04J-2.101.stage04.081313 94.2 km Aubel - Stavelot Juniors C.Proserpio
2017-05-21J-2.104.stage21.05194 96 km Driedaagse Axel Juniors M.Zijlaard
2017-05-20J-2.103.stage20.05194 102.8 km Driedaagse Axel Juniors R.Britton
2017-05-20J-2.102.stage20.0547 11.1 km Driedaagse Axel Juniors M.Zijlaard
2017-05-19J-2.101.stage19.053536 101.7 km Driedaagse Axel Juniors J.Langballe