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Conor Halvey

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2017 Results

# What Date Pos GC Km Race Winner
2017-06-18NEOne-day race18.0621130.0 km Noel Teggart Memorial M.Heaney
2017-06-10NEOne-day race10.065112.6 km Bobby Crilly Memorial E.Downey
2017-05-27NEOne-day race27.0510110.0 km Red Hand Trophy I.Inglis
2017-05-21J-2.NCStage race20.05-21.0537 Trophée Morbihan Juniors F.Lecamus Lambert
2017-05-21J-2.NCYouth20.05-21.0512 Trophée Morbihan Juniors D.Grondin
2017-05-07NEOne-day race07.059120.0 km Tour of the Mournes M.Potts
2017-04-30J-2.1Stage race29.04-30.0472 Tour des Portes Juniors P.Haslund
2017-04-30J-2.1Youth29.04-30.0421 Tour des Portes Juniors M.Sander Hansen
2017-03-17NEOne-day race17.03375.0 km St Patrick’s Day Potato Race D.McCarter
2017-08-05NE01.stage05.0819 130 km Suir Valley Three Day T.Bustard
2017-05-21J-2.NC03.stage21.052337 95.5 km Trophée Morbihan Juniors L.Sagadin
2017-05-21J-2.NC02.stage21.056045 7 km Trophée Morbihan Juniors A.Leknessund
2017-05-20J-2.NC01.stage20.054343 101.7 km Trophée Morbihan Juniors F.Lecamus Lambert
2017-04-30J-2.103.stage30.048672 113 km Tour des Portes Juniors F.Molini
2017-04-30J-2.102.stage (TTT)30.041662 16.1 km Tour des Portes Juniors J.Frehen
2017-04-29J-2.101.stage29.048282 116.8 km Tour des Portes Juniors J.Montauban
2017-04-17NE04.stage17.0419 112.2 km Tour of the North J.Hales
2017-04-15NE01.stage15.0424 119.2 km Tour of the North J.Archibald


Nation Ireland

Born17 year, Jun 23rd 2000