Anton Vorobyev

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Season Div. Team FC-rank UCI-rank Race days * Wins * Km *
2018 Moscow Region 1366(35 p) - 37 1 5084.0
2017 PROF Gazprom - RusVelo 1862(21 p) - 53 0 8027.2
2016 PRT Team Katusha 404(227 p) 220(1 p) 78 2 11419.1
2015 PRT Team Katusha 354(264 p) - 45 1 6533.8
2014 PRT Team Katusha 804(96 p) - 37 0 5618.5
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* from UCI races (1.2 & 2.2 and higher classifications)

2018 Results

# What Date Pos GC Km Race Winner
2018-09-19NEStage race10.09-19.091 People North-Caucasus-
2018-08-18NEOne-day race18.08DNF Naberezhnyye Chelny Crit I.Frolov
2018-07-072.2Stage race04.07-07.07DNF Solidarnosc Champions S.Janiszewski
2018-07-01CN Kursk01.0723180.0 km CN Russia RR I.Rovny
2018-06-29CN Kursk29.063 CN Russia ITT A.Ovechkin
2018-06-102.2Stage race08.06-10.0625 Tour de Serbia N.Tivani
2018-06-102.2Mountains08.06-10.062 Tour de Serbia S.Stefanovic
2018-06-102.2Sprint08.06-10.068 Tour de Serbia A.Zahiri
2018-05-202.2Stage race16.05-20.0515 Baltyk - Karkonosze P.Walsleben
2018-05-202.2Mountains16.05-20.058 Baltyk - Karkonosze P.Cieslik
2018-05-132.2Stage race11.05-13.0518 CCC Tour L.Owsian
2018-05-062.2Stage race02.05-06.0512 Five rings of Moscow A.Prostokishin
2018-05-062.2Points02.05-06.0513 Five rings of Moscow K.Pozdnyakov
2018-04-152.2Stage race06.04-15.0429 Tour du Maroc D.Riviere
2018-04-152.2Points06.04-15.0434 Tour du Maroc J.Mareczko
2018-02-112.1Stage race06.02-11.02134 Colombia Oro y Paz E.Bernal
2018-09-18NE08.stage18.094 135 km People North-Caucasus D.Markov
2018-09-17NE07.stage17.093 105 km People North-Caucasus M.Mamykin
2018-09-16NE06.stage16.0912 172 km People North-Caucasus I.Savitsky
2018-09-14NE05.stage14.092 108 km People North-Caucasus A.Kulikovskiy
2018-09-13NE04.stage13.093 102 km People North-Caucasus S.Belykh
2018-09-12NE03.stage12.091 11.2 km People North-Caucasus-
2018-09-11NE02.stage11.0912 130 km People North-Caucasus N.Zhurkin
2018-09-10NE01.stage10.091 172 km People North-Caucasus-
2018-07-072.205.stage07.07DNF 185 km Solidarnosc Champions S.Janiszewski
2018-07-062.204.stage06.074817 197.9 km Solidarnosc Champions A.De Decker
2018-07-052.203.stage05.072532 145.6 km Solidarnosc Champions M.Stash
2018-07-042.202.stage04.071136 100.3 km Solidarnosc Champions A.De Decker
2018-07-042.201.stage04.077878 91.5 km Solidarnosc Champions S.Janiszewski
2018-06-102.203.stage10.061925 113 km Tour de Serbia B.Samoilau
2018-06-092.202.stage09.068742 157 km Tour de Serbia M.Van Trijp
2018-06-082.201.stage08.063333 159 km Tour de Serbia N.Tivani
2018-05-202.205.stage20.053715 114.7 km Baltyk - Karkonosze M.Taciak
2018-05-192.204.stage19.0572 11.6 km Baltyk - Karkonosze M.Taciak
2018-05-182.203.stage18.0554 164.5 km Baltyk - Karkonosze P.Walsleben
2018-05-172.202.stage17.053054 121.2 km Baltyk - Karkonosze J.Lendowski
2018-05-162.201.stage16.058787 173.8 km Baltyk - Karkonosze F.Schormair
2018-05-132.204.stage13.055618 144.3 km CCC Tour G.Katrasnik
2018-05-122.203.stage12.052717 140.2 km CCC Tour L.Owsian
2018-05-112.202.stage11.055815 97 km CCC Tour A.Kankovsky
2018-05-112.201.stage11.051515 16.2 km CCC Tour J.Tratnik
2018-05-062.204.stage06.051912 122.4 km Five rings of Moscow K.Pozdnyakov
2018-05-052.203.stage05.054914 156.8 km Five rings of Moscow V.Strokau
2018-05-042.202.stage04.05213 149.6 km Five rings of Moscow S.Bazhkou
2018-05-032.201.stage03.055022 156.8 km Five rings of Moscow A.Sazanov
2018-05-022.2Prologue02.0511 3.8 km Five rings of Moscow-
2018-04-152.210.stage15.042629 127.5 km Tour du Maroc J.Mareczko
2018-04-142.209.stage14.043929 151.5 km Tour du Maroc J.Mareczko
2018-04-132.208.stage13.044030 170 km Tour du Maroc M.Coledan
2018-04-122.207.stage12.043136 117 km Tour du Maroc J.Mareczko
2018-04-112.206.stage11.044236 203 km Tour du Maroc J.Tipper
2018-04-102.205.stage10.045436 152 km Tour du Maroc J.Mareczko
2018-04-092.204.stage09.044141 193 km Tour du Maroc A.Vermeulen
2018-04-082.203.stage08.044781 193.5 km Tour du Maroc J.Mareczko
2018-04-072.202.stage07.047238 158.1 km Tour du Maroc L.Pijourlet
2018-04-062.201.stage06.041010 135.2 km Tour du Maroc J.Mareczko
2018-02-112.106.stage11.02126134 187 km Colombia Oro y Paz D.Quintana
2018-02-102.105.stage10.02138134 163 km Colombia Oro y Paz R.Uran
2018-02-092.104.stage09.02133128 149.5 km Colombia Oro y Paz J.Alaphilippe
2018-02-082.103.stage08.028793 163.2 km Colombia Oro y Paz F.Gaviria
2018-02-072.102.stage07.027894 183.4 km Colombia Oro y Paz F.Gaviria
2018-02-062.101.stage06.02115114 99.9 km Colombia Oro y Paz F.Gaviria

Riding now..

World Champ. ITT (26.09) Extra


Nation Russia

Born27 year, Oct 12th 1990

-Dmitrov, Russland

Height1.80 m

Points jerseys

Circuit Sarthe (2016)

Mountain jerseys

Circuit Sarthe (2016)