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Jaroslaw Dabrowski

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Season Div. Team FC-rank UCI-rank Race days * Wins * Km *
2013 CONT Amore & Vita 1942(7 p) - 37 0 5170.8
2012 CONT Amore & Vita 1079(45 p) - 38 0 4941.7
2010 CONT Amore & Vita - Conad - -
2009 CONT Amore & Vita - McDonald's - -
2008 PRT Lampre (Trainee) - -

2013 Results

# What Date Pos GC Km Race Winner
2013-10-131.1One-day race13.10DNF 202.0 km GP Bruno Beghelli L.Duque
2013-09-211.1One-day race21.09DNF 192.0 km GP della Costa Etruschi M.Scarponi
2013-09-072.1Stage race05.09-07.09DNF Settimana Lombarda P.Sinkewitz
2013-08-311.1One-day race31.08DNF 200.0 km Memorial Pantani S.Modolo
2013-07-202.HCStage race07.07-20.0785 Tour of Qinghai Lake M.Pourseyedi
2013-06-162.2Stage race11.06-16.0614 Tour de Beauce N.Brown
2013-06-021.2One-day race02.06112 193.0 km Philly Cycling Classic K.Reijnen
2013-05-272.2Stage race22.05-27.0555 Tour of Iran G.Mizbani
2013-05-122.2Stage race08.05-12.0563 Flèche du Sud M.Valgren
2013-04-281.1One-day race28.0484199.8 km Giro della Toscana M.Gavazzi
2013-03-242.1Stage race20.03-24.03DNF Coppi e Bartali D.Ulissi
2013-03-141.1One-day race14.03DNF187.5 km GP Nobili Rubinetterie B.Jungels
2013-02-281.1One-day race28.02DNF183.0 km GP Camaiore P.Sagan
2013-09-062.102.stage06.09DNF 153 km Settimana Lombarda P.Sinkewitz
2013-09-052.101.stage05.0991 168 km Settimana Lombarda P.Sinkewitz
2013-07-202.HC13.stage20.0773 96 km Tour of Qinghai Lake J.Keough
2013-07-192.HC12.stage19.0787 120 km Tour of Qinghai Lake S.Modolo
2013-07-182.HC11.stage18.0761 123 km Tour of Qinghai Lake S.Modolo
2013-07-172.HC10.stage17.07122 191 km Tour of Qinghai Lake B.Giraud
2013-07-162.HC09.stage16.07102 117 km Tour of Qinghai Lake S.Modolo
2013-07-142.HC08.stage14.0773 201 km Tour of Qinghai Lake S.Modolo
2013-07-132.HC07.stage13.0778 82 km Tour of Qinghai Lake Y.Nepomnyachsniy
2013-07-122.HC06.stage12.07108 205 km Tour of Qinghai Lake R.Förster
2013-07-112.HC05.stage11.07107 203 km Tour of Qinghai Lake O.Polivoda
2013-07-102.HC04.stage10.07119 227 km Tour of Qinghai Lake S.Modolo
2013-07-092.HC03.stage09.0795 148 km Tour of Qinghai Lake M.Pourseyedi
2013-07-082.HC02.stage08.0777 151 km Tour of Qinghai Lake la Fuente
2013-07-072.HC01.stage07.0793 138 km Tour of Qinghai Lake S.Modolo
2013-06-162.206.stage16.0622 107 km Tour de Beauce D.Milan
2013-06-152.205.stage15.0618 126 km Tour de Beauce M.De Maar
2013-06-142.204.stage14.0633 20 km Tour de Beauce J.Rosskopf
2013-06-132.203.stage13.0613 164 km Tour de Beauce F.Mancebo
2013-06-122.202.stage12.0656 152 km Tour de Beauce G.Boivin
2013-06-112.201.stage11.0625 165 km Tour de Beauce J.Stuyven
2013-05-272.206.stage27.0538 100 km Tour of Iran M.Kadlec
2013-05-262.205.stage26.0564 191 km Tour of Iran G.Mizbani
2013-05-252.204.stage25.0552 152 km Tour of Iran A.Kankovsky
2013-05-242.203.stage24.0561 122 km Tour of Iran A.Kankovsky
2013-05-232.202.stage23.0556 194 km Tour of Iran A.Kankovsky
2013-05-122.205.stage12.0557 137 km Flèche du Sud O.Clark
2013-05-112.204.stage11.0577 158 km Flèche du Sud A.Cecchin
2013-05-102.203.stage10.0583 146 km Flèche du Sud M.Valgren
2013-05-092.202.stage09.0574 148 km Flèche du Sud M.Richeze
2013-05-082.201.stage08.05116 82 km Flèche du Sud K.Haugaard Jensen
2013-03-242.106.stage24.03DNS 141 km Coppi e Bartali D.Caruso
2013-03-232.105.stage23.03168 14 km Coppi e Bartali A.Malori
2013-03-222.104.stage22.03141 157 km Coppi e Bartali D.Cunego
2013-03-212.103.stage21.03116 162 km Coppi e Bartali D.Ulissi
2013-03-202.102.stage (TTT)20.0346 11 km Coppi e Bartali A.Porsev
2013-03-202.101.stage20.03109 100 km Coppi e Bartali F.Felline


Nation Poland

Born34 year, Jul 20th 1983

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