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Bjarne Eussen

Info Calendar Team mates 2016

2016 Results

# What Date Pos GC Km Race Winner
2016-09-04J-1.1One-day race04.09DNF 122.5 km Philippe Gilbert Juniors T.Pidcock
2016-08-07J-2.1Stage race05.08-07.08DNF Aubel - La Gleize Juniors M.Bjerg
2016-04-17J-1.1One-day race17.04DNF 127.6 km GP Bati-Metallo Juniors A.Covi
2016-02-28J-1.1One-day race28.02DNF 120.0 km Kuurne - Kuurne Juniors E.Hayter
2016-08-07J-2.104.stage07.08DNF 111.4 km Aubel - La Gleize Juniors G.Ballabio
2016-08-06J-2.103.stage06.08125114 97 km Aubel - La Gleize Juniors G.Borra
2016-08-06J-2.102.stage (TTT)06.0818101 9 km Aubel - La Gleize Juniors J.Egholm
2016-08-05J-2.101.stage05.088989 94.2 km Aubel - La Gleize Juniors J.Johansen


Nation Belgium

Born17 year, Sep 26th 1999