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Miras Bederbekob

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Season Div. Team FC-rank UCI-rank Race days * Wins * Km *
2012 CONT Continental Team Astana 1879(21 p) - 48 0 6473.4
* from UCI races (1.2 & 2.2 and higher classifications)

2012 Results

# What Date Pos GC Km Race Winner
2012-08-251.1One-day race25.0862 198.0 km Giro del Veneto O.Gatto
2012-08-231.1One-day race23.0872 199.7 km GP Artigianato Carn D.Ulissi
2012-08-111.1One-day race11.08DNF 199.0 km GP Camaiore E.Chaves
2012-07-292.2Stage race25.07-29.0782 Tour Alsace J.Tiernan Locke
2012-07-122.HCStage race29.06-12.0767 Tour of Qinghai Lake H.Alizadeh
2012-06-24CN Taldykorgan24.0612200.0 km CN Kazakhstan RR A.Bazayev
2012-06-172.2Stage race08.06-17.0625 Giro Ciclistico D'Italia J.Dombrowski
2012-06-021.2One-day race02.0642 156.0 km Trofeo Alcide Degasperi E.Barbin
2012-05-271.2One-day race27.0515 150.0 km Horizon Park Race for Peace V.Popkov
2012-04-292.1Stage race24.04-29.0438 Tropicale Amissa Bongo A.Charteau
2012-04-151.2One-day race15.04107 173.9 km Zellik - Galmaarden K.Thome
2012-04-082.2Stage race06.04-08.04DNF Circuit des Ardennes M.Rutkiewicz
2012-04-011.2One-day race01.0448 178.8 km GP Nogent-sur-Oise I.Boev
2012-02-272.2Stage race19.02-27.02DNF Vuelta Independencia N.Sanchez
2012-07-292.206.stage29.0782 156 km Tour Alsace J.Fumeaux
2012-07-282.205.stage28.07104 18 km Tour Alsace I.Zakarin
2012-07-282.204.stage28.0760 85 km Tour Alsace J.Tiernan Locke
2012-07-272.203.stage27.0739 162 km Tour Alsace E.Lauber
2012-07-262.202.stage26.07104 154 km Tour Alsace J.Tiernan Locke
2012-07-252.201.stage25.0741 148 km Tour Alsace R.Tleybayev
2012-07-122.HC13.stage12.0720 78 km Tour of Qinghai Lake L.Mezgec
2012-07-112.HC12.stage11.0717 220 km Tour of Qinghai Lake A.Guardini
2012-07-102.HC11.stage10.0741 107 km Tour of Qinghai Lake L.Mezgec
2012-07-092.HC10.stage09.0718 191 km Tour of Qinghai Lake A.Guardini
2012-07-082.HC09.stage08.0727 117 km Tour of Qinghai Lake A.Guardini
2012-07-072.HC08.stage07.0715 200 km Tour of Qinghai Lake A.Ershov
2012-07-052.HC07.stage05.0713 104 km Tour of Qinghai Lake A.Ino Ilesic
2012-07-042.HC06.stage04.0790 123 km Tour of Qinghai Lake L.Mezgec
2012-07-032.HC05.stage03.0797 205 km Tour of Qinghai Lake J.Lobato Del Valle
2012-07-022.HC04.stage02.07134 148 km Tour of Qinghai Lake L.Mezgec
2012-07-012.HC03.stage01.0769 147 km Tour of Qinghai Lake H.Alizadeh
2012-06-302.HC02.stage30.0673 122 km Tour of Qinghai Lake L.Mezgec
2012-06-292.HC01.stage29.0630 97 km Tour of Qinghai Lake F.Schnaidt
2012-06-172.210.stage17.0650 123 km Giro Ciclistico D'Italia M.Pozzo
2012-06-162.209.stage16.0626 168 km Giro Ciclistico D'Italia J.Dombrowski
2012-06-152.208.stage15.0690 147 km Giro Ciclistico D'Italia M.Trosino
2012-06-142.207.stage14.0652 164 km Giro Ciclistico D'Italia E.Barbin
2012-06-122.206.stage12.0638 156 km Giro Ciclistico D'Italia I.Zakarin
2012-06-112.205.stage11.0628 168 km Giro Ciclistico D'Italia J.Dombrowski
2012-06-102.204.stage10.0628 193 km Giro Ciclistico D'Italia R.Tleybayev
2012-06-092.203.stage09.06134 12 km Giro Ciclistico D'Italia A.Dal Col
2012-06-092.202.stage09.0627 76 km Giro Ciclistico D'Italia M.Benfatto
2012-06-082.201.stage08.0619 144 km Giro Ciclistico D'Italia M.Krizek
2012-04-292.106.stage29.0441 50 km Tropicale Amissa Bongo F.Schnaidt
2012-04-282.105.stage28.0452 98 km Tropicale Amissa Bongo Y.Gène
2012-04-272.104.stage27.0442 122 km Tropicale Amissa Bongo T.Chaoufi
2012-04-262.103.stage26.0468 89 km Tropicale Amissa Bongo T.Voeckler
2012-04-252.102.stage25.0435 129 km Tropicale Amissa Bongo N.Umerbekov
2012-04-242.101.stage24.0469 92 km Tropicale Amissa Bongo Y.Gène
2012-04-082.203.stage (TTT)08.04DNF 26 km Circuit des Ardennes I.Boev
2012-04-072.202.stage07.0481 171 km Circuit des Ardennes A.Steensen
2012-04-062.201.stage06.0426 179 km Circuit des Ardennes R.Downing
2012-02-232.206.stage23.02DNF 135 km Vuelta Independencia D.Milan
2012-02-222.205.stage22.0250 141 km Vuelta Independencia D.Milan
2012-02-212.204.stage21.0250 172 km Vuelta Independencia A.Rodriguez Morel
2012-02-202.203.stage20.0281 53 km Vuelta Independencia J.Bone Leon
2012-02-202.202.stage20.0293 104 km Vuelta Independencia R.Tleybayev
2012-02-192.201.stage19.0268 84 km Vuelta Independencia D.Milan


Nation Kazakhstan

Born28 year, Sep 15th 1989

Stage victories

1x Vuelta Independencia