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Wouter Wippert

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Year Date # What Km Race
2016-07-07201607.07KPOne-day race156.4 km Omloop Van de Gemeente Melle
2017-03-12201712.03KPOne-day race 164.3 km Omloop van het Waasland


Year Date # What Km Race
2014-06-01201429.05-01.062.2Points Tour de Kumano
2016-08-14201611.08-14.082.1Points Czech Cycling Tour
2017-09-04201701.09-04.092.1Points Tour of Alberta

Stage victories

Year Date # What Km Race
2012-04-01201201.042.204.stage 160 km Tript. Monts Châteaux
2011-09-06201106.092.NC02.stage 151 km Tour de l'Avenir
2014-01-30201430.012.201.stage 143 km NZ Cycle Classic
2014-03-11201411.032.103.stage 143 km Tour de Taiwan
2014-05-20201420.052.101.stage 160.7 km Tour of Japan
2014-05-30201430.052.201.stage 114.1 km Tour de Kumano
2014-06-01201401.062.203.stage 100 km Tour de Kumano
2010-09-07201007.092.207.stage 148.7 km Okolo Slovenska
2014-02-01201401.022.203.stage 136.1 km NZ Cycle Classic
2011-06-02201102.062.2U02.stage 165.1 km Tour de Berlin (U23)
2014-09-12201412.092.104.stage 138.8 km Tour of China II
2014-10-28201428.102.HC09.stage 165.7 km Tour of Hainan
2015-01-25201525.012.WT06.stage 90 km Tour Down Under
2015-03-22201522.032.101.stage 52 km Tour de Taiwan
2015-03-24201524.032.103.stage 143 km Tour de Taiwan
2015-06-07201507.062.101.stage 189.1 km Tour de Korea
2015-06-12201512.062.106.stage 198.9 km Tour de Korea
2016-08-11201611.082.101.stage (TTT) 17.3 km Czech Cycling Tour
2017-09-02201702.092.102.stage 139 km Tour of Alberta
2017-09-04201704.092.104.stage 124.1 km Tour of Alberta
2012-05-31201231.05NE02.stage 141.7 km Vuelta a Navarra