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Jesse Featonby

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Season Div. Team FC-rank UCI-rank Race days * Wins * Km *
2017 CONT Drapac Pat's Veg Holistic Developme 665(47 pts) - 12 0 1728.3
2016 Swiss Welness Cycling Team 1985(15 pts) - 9 0 1287.2

2017 Results

# What Date Pos GC Km Race Winner
2017-04-062.1Stage race01.04-06.0413 Tour of Thailand Y.Gidich
2017-04-062.1Points01.04-06.0436 Tour of Thailand J.Aberasturi Izaga
2017-04-062.1Mountains01.04-06.042 Tour of Thailand N.Earle
2017-03-11CCRR Canberra11.033153.0 km CC Oceania RR S.Lake
2017-02-052.1Stage race01.02-05.0215 Herald Sun Tour D.Howson
2017-04-062.106.stage06.044313 135.7 km Tour of Thailand T.Yates
2017-04-052.105.stage05.045613 194 km Tour of Thailand J.Seo
2017-04-042.104.stage04.046815 120.7 km Tour of Thailand T.Nguyen
2017-04-032.103.stage03.044315 111 km Tour of Thailand J.Aberasturi Izaga
2017-04-022.102.stage02.046916 190 km Tour of Thailand T.Sanikwathi
2017-04-012.101.stage01.041113 193.4 km Tour of Thailand Y.Gidich
2017-02-052.104.stage05.022415 121 km Herald Sun Tour I.Stannard
2017-02-042.103.stage04.024217 167.7 km Herald Sun Tour T.McCabe
2017-02-032.102.stage03.023117 165.5 km Herald Sun Tour L.Rowe
2017-02-022.101.stage02.021717 174.2 km Herald Sun Tour D.Howson
2017-02-012.1Prologue01.028181 2.1 km Herald Sun Tour D.Van Poppel


Nation Australia

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