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Salim Kipkemboi

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Season Div. Team FC-rank UCI-rank Race days * Wins * Km *
2017 CONT Bike Aid 781(20 pts) - 12 0 1602.9

2017 Results

# What Date Pos GC Km Race Winner
2017-04-212.HCStage race17.04-21.04DNF Tour of the Alps G.Thomas
2017-03-052.1Stage race27.02-05.0323 Tropicale Amissa Bongo Y.Gène
2017-03-052.1Youth27.02-05.036 Tropicale Amissa Bongo S.Sahbaoui
2017-03-052.1Points27.02-05.0325 Tropicale Amissa Bongo S.Bazhkou
2017-03-052.1Mountains27.02-05.0311 Tropicale Amissa Bongo A.Habtom
2017-02-19CCRR Luxor19.0237169.0 km CC Africa RR W.Smit
2017-02-14CCTT Luxor14.029 26.5 km CC Africa TTT M.Teshome
2017-04-212.HC05.stage21.04DNF 192.5 km Tour of the Alps T.Pinot
2017-04-202.HC04.stage20.049696 165.3 km Tour of the Alps M.Montaguti
2017-04-192.HC03.stage19.0411197 137.5 km Tour of the Alps G.Thomas
2017-04-182.HC02.stage18.048390 140.3 km Tour of the Alps R.Dennis
2017-04-172.HC01.stage17.04111111 142.3 km Tour of the Alps M.Scarponi
2017-03-052.107.stage05.033123 140 km Tropicale Amissa Bongo M.Abraham Brhane
2017-03-042.106.stage04.034221 133 km Tropicale Amissa Bongo O.Golovash
2017-03-032.105.stage03.032621 144 km Tropicale Amissa Bongo Y.Gène
2017-03-012.103.stage01.0379 157 km Tropicale Amissa Bongo S.Bazhkou
2017-02-282.102.stage28.021914 98 km Tropicale Amissa Bongo T.Hurel
2017-02-272.101.stage27.021921 150 km Tropicale Amissa Bongo M.Aristi Gardoki


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