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Sergio Higuita

Info Calendar Team mates 2017 2016


Season Div. Team FC-rank UCI-rank Race days * Wins * Km *
2017 PROF Manzana - Postobon Team 518(24 pts) - 8 0 1225.0
2016 CONT Manzana - Postobon Team 1152(49 pts) - 22 0 3124.0

2017 Results

# What Date Pos GC Km Race Winner
2017-03-012.HCStage race22.02-01.0343 Tour de Langkawi R.Gibbons
2017-03-012.HCMountains22.02-01.035 Tour de Langkawi J.Ebsen
2017-03-012.HC08.stage01.032043 121 km Tour de Langkawi T.McCabe
2017-02-282.HC07.stage28.021656 148.8 km Tour de Langkawi J.Mareczko
2017-02-272.HC06.stage27.021956 176.3 km Tour de Langkawi E.Barbin
2017-02-262.HC05.stage26.022058 148.8 km Tour de Langkawi R.Gibbons
2017-02-252.HC04.stage25.021158 174 km Tour de Langkawi M.Debesay
2017-02-242.HC03.stage24.023969 118 km Tour de Langkawi J.Mareczko
2017-02-232.HC02.stage23.027466 208.1 km Tour de Langkawi T.McCabe
2017-02-222.HC01.stage22.021212 130 km Tour de Langkawi S.Sunderland


Nation Colombia

Born19 year, Aug 1st 1997


Ritlefant (season fantasy)