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Richie Porte

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Year Date # What Km Race
2012-02-19201215.02-19.022.1GC Volta ao Algarve
2013-03-10201303.03-10.032.WTGC Paris - Nice
2009-08-11200911.081.2One-day race159.0 km GP Citta di Felino
2008-10-05200830.09-05.10NEGC Tour of Tasmania
2015-01-08201508.01CNOne-day race 40.9 km CN Australia ITT
2015-03-15201508.03-15.032.WTGC Paris - Nice
2015-03-29201523.03-29.032.WTGC Volta Ciclista a Catalunya
2015-04-24201521.04-24.042.HCGC Tour of the Alps
2008-09-03200803.09AmOne-day race133.0 km Gp Comune di Cerreto Guidi
2017-01-22201717.01-22.012.WTGC Tour Down Under


Year Date # What Km Race
2010-05-30201008.05-30.05GT2Youth Giro d'Italia
2015-02-22201518.02-22.022.1Mountains Volta ao Algarve

Stage victories

Year Date # What Km Race
2010-04-30201030.042.PT03.stage 23 km Tour de Romandie
2011-08-06201106.082.HC05.stage 14 km Danmark Rundt
2012-02-17201217.022.103.stage 195 km Volta ao Algarve
2013-03-08201308.032.WT05.stage 176 km Paris - Nice
2013-03-10201310.032.WT07.stage 10 km Paris - Nice
2013-03-23201323.032.HC02.stage 7 km Critérium International
2013-04-05201305.042.WT05.stage 166 km Vuelta Pais Vasco
2014-01-25201425.012.WT05.stage 151.5 km Tour Down Under
0000-00-00200900.002.204.stage 16.5 km Giro Ciclistico D'Italia
0000-00-00200800.002.202.stage 133.5 km NZ Cycle Classic
2009-05-07200907.052.202.stage 138.9 km Giro della Regione Friuli
0000-00-00200800.00NE07.stage 78.5 km Tour of Tasmania
0000-00-00200800.00NE09.stage 46.2 km Tour of Tasmania
2015-01-24201524.012.WT05.stage 151.5 km Tour Down Under
2015-02-21201521.022.104.stage 215.7 km Volta ao Algarve
2015-03-12201512.032.WT04.stage 204 km Paris - Nice
2015-03-15201515.032.WT07.stage 9.6 km Paris - Nice
2015-04-22201522.042.HC02.stage 168.2 km Tour of the Alps
2016-01-23201623.012.WT05.stage 152 km Tour Down Under
0000-00-00200900.00Am01.stage 116.5 km Giro delle Valle Cuneesi
2017-01-18201718.012.WT02.stage 148.5 km Tour Down Under
2017-01-21201721.012.WT05.stage 151.5 km Tour Down Under
2017-03-11201711.032.WT07.stage 177 km Paris - Nice

Riding now..

Tour de France (01.07-23.07) Extra


Nation Australia

Born32 year, Jan 30th 1985

-Tasmania, Australia

Height1.72 m

Youth jerseys

X Giro d'Italia (2010)

Mountain jerseys

Volta ao Algarve (2015)

National championships

ITT (2015)


Cycloprins, goon1221, letanders , Penguin, Pipo2187, Vidar
Luxembourg Finest (season fantasy)