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Yannis Voisard

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Season Div. Team FC-rank UCI-rank Race days * Wins * Km *
2018 CONT Akros - Renfer SA 2078(9 p) - 18 0 2262.2
2017 Team Roth-Akros Devo - - 3 0 536.3
* from UCI races (1.2 & 2.2 and higher classifications)

2018 Results

# What Date Pos GC Km Race Winner
2018-07-082.1Stage race05.07-08.0715 Sibiu Cycling Tour I.Sosa
2018-07-082.1Youth05.07-08.073 Sibiu Cycling Tour I.Sosa
2018-07-01CN Schneisingen01.07DNF200.4 km CN Switzerland RR S.Morabito
2018-06-27CN Schneisingen27.0619 37.3 km CN Switzerland ITT-U23 S.Bissegger
2018-06-071.HCOne-day race07.0677 185.9 km GP Kanton Aargau A.Kristoff
2018-06-032.1Stage race31.05-03.0690 Boucles de la Mayenne M.Van Der Poel
2018-06-032.1Youth31.05-03.0618 Boucles de la Mayenne E.Iserbyt
2018-05-131.2UOne-day race13.0566 174.7 km GP Marmo (U23) G.Ferri
2018-05-10NEOne-day race10.055 Silenen-Bristen R.Indergand
2018-05-05NEOne-day race05.051330.2 km Nationales Einzelzeitfahren Thun-West M.Hirschi
2018-05-01NEOne-day race01.0520162.0 km GP Vorarlberg G.Friesecke
2018-04-222.2Stage race21.04-22.0456 Tour du Jura C.Hagen
2018-04-222.2Youth21.04-22.0425 Tour du Jura K.Goossens
2018-04-141.2UOne-day race14.0499 173.4 km LBL Espoirs (U23) J.Almeida
2018-04-071.2UOne-day race07.0461 149.1 km Trofeo Edil C (U23) A.Fedeli
2018-04-02NEOne-day race02.0430104.0 km GP Mobiliar F.Archibold
2018-02-252.2Stage race22.02-25.0268 Tour of Antalya A.Ovechkin
2018-02-252.2Youth22.02-25.0225 Tour of Antalya A.Habtom
2018-07-082.104.stage08.074715 158 km Sibiu Cycling Tour J.Van Dalen
2018-07-082.103.stage (TTT)08.07515 10 km Sibiu Cycling Tour K.Gradek
2018-07-062.101.stage06.071717 92 km Sibiu Cycling Tour I.Sosa
2018-07-052.1Prologue05.076767 2 km Sibiu Cycling Tour D.Ballerini
2018-06-032.103.stage03.069590 182 km Boucles de la Mayenne N.Bouhanni
2018-06-022.102.stage02.069387 172 km Boucles de la Mayenne N.Bouhanni
2018-06-012.101.stage01.067475 176 km Boucles de la Mayenne M.Van Der Poel
2018-05-312.1Prologue31.057777 4.5 km Boucles de la Mayenne D.Godon
2018-04-222.202.stage22.044156 161 km Tour du Jura T.Wirtgen
2018-04-212.201.stage21.047676 163 km Tour du Jura S.Rekita
2018-02-252.204.stage25.027068 146.2 km Tour of Antalya M.Moschetti
2018-02-242.203.stage24.023271 32.5 km Tour of Antalya A.Ovechkin
2018-02-232.202.stage23.02127125 121.3 km Tour of Antalya W.Kleiman
2018-02-222.201.stage22.02112113 158.6 km Tour of Antalya M.Moschetti

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