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Pedro José López Gil

Info Calendar Team mates Victories 2017 2016 2015

2017 Results

# What Date Pos GC Km Race Winner
2017-03-18NEOne-day race18.03186.0 km Trofeo Interclubs Vinalopo-Agost-
2017-03-05NEOne-day race05.03168.4 km Social Interclubs Campo Cartagena-Roldan-
2017-03-04NEOne-day race04.03277.8 km Trofeo Interclubs Vinalopo-Elda A.Domene Soriano
2017-02-19NEOne-day race19.024 Volta a la Marina Alta-la Vilajoyosa J.Benitez Pomares
2017-02-12NEOne-day race12.0243 Volta a la Marina Alta-Denia B.Hetherington
2017-02-11NEOne-day race11.02280.0 km Trofeo Interclubs Vinalopo-Villena J.Huidobro Grau
2017-02-04NEOne-day race04.02771.0 km Trofeo Interclubs Vinalopo-San Vicente J.Huidobro Grau
2017-01-29NEOne-day race29.011486.0 km Social Interclubs Campo Cartagena-La Aljorra O.Fabregat
2017-01-14NEOne-day race14.01180.0 km Interclub Vinalopó-Monovar-


Nation Spain

Born34 year, Oct 26th 1982