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Adam Roberge

Info Calendar Team mates Victories 2016 2015


Season Div. Team FC-rank UCI-rank Race days * Wins * Km *
2017 Équipe Cycliste Lowestrates.com - - 0 0 0.0
2017 CONT Silber Pro Cycling Team - - 0 0 0.0
2016 Team RaceClean 3786(1 pts) - 6 0 643.0

2016 Results

# What Date Pos GC Km Race Winner
2016-11-05CX: CN Sherbrooke05.119 CX - CN Canada u23 P.Disera
2016-10-16CX: NECX16.103 CX - Maglia Rosa- Mont Rigaud F.Cote-Bouvette
2016-10-09CX: NECX09.102 CX - Maglia Rosa-4 Sommets M.Daigle
2016-09-17NEOne-day race17.099 La classique des Appalaches M.Woods
2016-09-05NEStage race02.09-05.0918 Green Mountain Stage race J.Piccoli
2016-08-231.2One-day race23.08DNF 160.0 km GP des Marbriers E.Planckaert
2016-08-212.ICStage race17.08-21.0824 Ronde Oost-Vlaanderen W.Elliott
2016-08-212.ICYouth17.08-21.084 Ronde Oost-Vlaanderen G.De Winter
2016-08-151.12BOne-day race15.082117.0 km Tielt-Winge B.Welten
2016-08-072.ICStage race03.08-07.0860 Tour de la Namur L.Sweeck
2016-07-271.12BOne-day race27.0715114.0 km Deinze S.Verschuere
2016-07-231.12BOne-day race23.0723112.0 km Sinaai J.Stallaert
2016-06-28CN Gatineau28.0611 36.0 km CN Canada ITT R.Roth
2016-06-192.2Stage race15.06-19.0658 Tour de Beauce G.Daniel
2016-06-192.2Youth15.06-19.0620 Tour de Beauce G.Daniel
2016-06-05NEStage race03.06-05.065 GP Charlevoix A.Cartier
2016-05-29NEStage race28.05-29.0510 Killington Stage Race C.Jones
2016-05-21NEOne-day race21.0518120.0 km GP Le Nordet B.Langlois
2016-04-17NEOne-day race17.0414107.2 km GPC de la Mairie de Contrecoeur O.Brisebois
2016-09-04NE03.stage04.0916 151.5 km Green Mountain Stage race C.Butler
2016-09-02NE01.stage02.098 9.1 km Green Mountain Stage race J.Mauch
2016-08-212.IC05.stage21.081924 152.5 km Ronde Oost-Vlaanderen W.Elliott
2016-08-202.IC04.stage20.084743 163.3 km Ronde Oost-Vlaanderen L.Taminiaux
2016-08-192.IC03.stage19.085975 152.4 km Ronde Oost-Vlaanderen C.Noppe
2016-08-182.IC02.stage18.085980 145.3 km Ronde Oost-Vlaanderen L.De Vylder
2016-08-172.IC01.stage17.08106106 142.1 km Ronde Oost-Vlaanderen E.Wouters
2016-08-072.IC05.stage07.084760 145 km Tour de la Namur R.Ruygh
2016-08-062.IC04.stage06.087266 13 km Tour de la Namur L.Sweeck
2016-08-052.IC03.stage05.0810365 155 km Tour de la Namur L.Taminiaux
2016-08-042.IC02.stage04.084310 143.6 km Tour de la Namur S.Verschuere
2016-08-032.IC01.stage03.0877 152.8 km Tour de la Namur M.Menten
2016-06-192.206.stage19.066058 122 km Tour de Beauce G.Daniel
2016-06-182.205.stage18.066476 70 km Tour de Beauce M.Raim
2016-06-172.204.stage17.063979 78 km Tour de Beauce M.Rice
2016-06-172.203.stage17.061780 19 km Tour de Beauce N.Powless
2016-06-162.202.stage16.068184 169 km Tour de Beauce S.Kuss
2016-06-152.201.stage15.068383 185 km Tour de Beauce M.Raim
2016-06-05NE04.stage05.0611 126 km GP Charlevoix A.Cartier
2016-06-03NE02.stage03.061 15.7 km GP Charlevoix-
2016-05-29NE03.stage29.053 - Killington Stage Race C.Jones


Nation Canada

Born20 year, Mar 27th 1997


CN Canada RR-JR (2015)

Stage victories

1x GP Charlevoix