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Maxim Sukhov

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Season Div. Team FC-rank UCI-rank Race days * Wins * Km *
2018 Marathon Tula CT 1253(35 p) - 37 0 5034.5
2017 Marathon Tula CT 2924(5 p) - 6 0 717.6
* from UCI races (1.2 & 2.2 and higher classifications)

2018 Results

# What Date Pos GC Km Race Winner
2018-07-072.2Stage race04.07-07.0782 Solidarnosc Champions S.Janiszewski
2018-07-072.2Youth04.07-07.0744 Solidarnosc Champions A.Van Poucke
2018-07-072.2Points04.07-07.0715 Solidarnosc Champions S.Janiszewski
2018-06-171.2One-day race17.066 160.0 km Korona Kocich Gor K.Malecki
2018-06-161.2Stage race16.066 162.0 km Memorial J. Grundmanna L.Owsian
2018-06-102.2Stage race08.06-10.0663 Tour of Malopolska A.Antunes
2018-06-102.2Youth08.06-10.0618 Tour of Malopolska J.Gregaard Wilsly
2018-06-032.1Stage race01.06-03.06126 Szlakiem Hubala M.Taciak
2018-06-032.1Youth01.06-03.0638 Szlakiem Hubala F.Maciejuk
2018-05-202.2Stage race16.05-20.05DNF Baltyk - Karkonosze P.Walsleben
2018-05-062.2Stage race02.05-06.05DNF Five rings of Moscow A.Prostokishin
2018-03-252.2Stage race19.03-25.0383 Tour de Normandie T.Stewart
2018-03-252.2Youth19.03-25.0355 Tour de Normandie J.Van Den Berg
2018-03-042.2Stage race02.03-04.0368 Tour of Mediterrennean O.Balkan
2018-03-042.2Points02.03-04.038 Tour of Mediterrennean B.Ozgur
2018-02-252.2Stage race22.02-25.0275 Tour of Antalya A.Ovechkin
2018-02-252.2Youth22.02-25.0229 Tour of Antalya A.Habtom
2018-02-181.2One-day race18.0242 175.0 km GP Alanya K.Pozdnyakov
2018-07-072.205.stage07.078582 185 km Solidarnosc Champions S.Janiszewski
2018-07-062.204.stage06.078180 197.9 km Solidarnosc Champions A.De Decker
2018-07-052.203.stage05.07388 145.6 km Solidarnosc Champions M.Stash
2018-07-042.202.stage04.079689 100.3 km Solidarnosc Champions A.De Decker
2018-07-042.201.stage04.078787 91.5 km Solidarnosc Champions S.Janiszewski
2018-06-102.203.stage10.066163 157 km Tour of Malopolska A.Antunes
2018-06-092.202.stage09.065068 101 km Tour of Malopolska V.Buts
2018-06-082.201.stage08.068585 130 km Tour of Malopolska M.Paterski
2018-06-032.104.stage03.0696126 176.2 km Szlakiem Hubala F.Fortin
2018-06-022.103.stage02.06139140 22.2 km Szlakiem Hubala F.Maciejuk
2018-06-022.102.stage02.0695140 126.7 km Szlakiem Hubala L.Schlemmer
2018-06-012.101.stage01.06146146 194.8 km Szlakiem Hubala K.Zielinski
2018-05-202.205.stage20.05DNF 114.7 km Baltyk - Karkonosze M.Taciak
2018-05-192.204.stage19.059280 11.6 km Baltyk - Karkonosze M.Taciak
2018-05-182.203.stage18.058836 164.5 km Baltyk - Karkonosze P.Walsleben
2018-05-172.202.stage17.05716 121.2 km Baltyk - Karkonosze J.Lendowski
2018-05-162.201.stage16.051919 173.8 km Baltyk - Karkonosze F.Schormair
2018-05-062.204.stage06.05DNF 122.4 km Five rings of Moscow K.Pozdnyakov
2018-05-052.203.stage05.059084 156.8 km Five rings of Moscow V.Strokau
2018-05-042.202.stage04.058683 149.6 km Five rings of Moscow S.Bazhkou
2018-05-032.201.stage03.059433 156.8 km Five rings of Moscow A.Sazanov
2018-05-022.2Prologue02.053030 3.8 km Five rings of Moscow A.Vorobyev
2018-03-252.207.stage25.032383 151.4 km Tour de Normandie M.Moschetti
2018-03-242.206.stage24.036789 156.3 km Tour de Normandie M.Gibson
2018-03-232.205.stage23.039093 174.8 km Tour de Normandie J.Van Den Berg
2018-03-222.204.stage22.0351103 155.3 km Tour de Normandie M.Moschetti
2018-03-212.203.stage21.03137118 134.8 km Tour de Normandie J.Ariesen
2018-03-202.202.stage20.034040 156 km Tour de Normandie C.Orceau
2018-03-192.201.stage19.035456 150 km Tour de Normandie F.Lienhard
2018-03-042.203.stage04.03368 116 km Tour of Mediterrennean O.Balkan
2018-03-032.202.stage03.031173 122 km Tour of Mediterrennean O.Balkan
2018-03-022.201.stage02.039595 196 km Tour of Mediterrennean T.Maleiev
2018-02-252.204.stage25.0211475 146.2 km Tour of Antalya M.Moschetti
2018-02-242.203.stage24.027276 32.5 km Tour of Antalya A.Ovechkin
2018-02-232.202.stage23.026563 121.3 km Tour of Antalya W.Kleiman
2018-02-222.201.stage22.021518 158.6 km Tour of Antalya M.Moschetti


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