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Jon Aberasturi Izaga

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Season Div. Team FC-rank UCI-rank Race days * Wins * Km *
2018 PROF Euskadi Basque Country - Murias 189(254 p) - 46 1 7255.0
2017 CONT Team Ukyo 336(268 p) - 70 8 9201.4
2016 CONT Team Ukyo 660(131 p) - 30 2 3892.1
2015 Dym Jess Tlaxcala 2694(7 p) - 6 0 1022.6
2014 CONT Euskadi 521(173 p) - 48 0 7739.7
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* from UCI races (1.2 & 2.2 and higher classifications)

2016 Results

# What Date Pos GC Km Race Winner
2016-10-30NEChallenge30.106 General Final Japan Pro Tour J.Toribio
2016-10-291.1One-day race29.103 97.2 km UAE Cup S.Papok
2016-10-282.1Stage race25.10-28.1010 Sharjah Cycling Tour A.Jelloul
2016-10-282.1Points25.10-28.104 Sharjah Cycling Tour S.Bazhkou
2016-10-282.1Mountains25.10-28.1010 Sharjah Cycling Tour T.Okubamariam
2016-10-221.CRTOne-day race22.10233.8 km Japan Cup Criterium F.Beppu
2016-10-16NEOne-day race16.109 Minami Uonuma-Japan Pro Tour B.Prades
2016-10-09NEOne-day race09.1026 88.6 km Wajima Road Race O.Pujol
2016-09-24NEJ Protour24.093 35.0 km Maebashi Criterium S.Iribe
2016-09-032.2Stage race01.09-03.0927 Tour de Hokkaido N.Masuda
2016-09-032.2Points01.09-03.099 Tour de Hokkaido P.De Negri
2016-08-07NEJ Protour07.081 32.0 km Miyada Criterium-
2016-07-31NEJ Protour31.071 4.0 km Wangan Criterium-
2016-06-192.2Stage race16.06-19.0627 Tour de Kumano O.Pujol
2016-06-192.2Points16.06-19.061 Tour de Kumano-
2016-06-122.1Stage race05.06-12.0612 Tour de Korea G.Bole
2016-06-122.1Points05.06-12.064 Tour de Korea B.Jones
2016-06-052.1Stage race29.05-05.06DNF Tour of Japan O.Pujol
2016-05-182.1Stage race13.05-18.0537 Tour of Iran M.Pourseyedi
2016-05-182.1Points13.05-18.0514 Tour of Iran M.Pourseyedi
2016-04-24NEJ Protour24.041 120.0 km Gunma CSC Road Race(2)-
2016-04-23NEJ Protour23.041 84.0 km Gunma CSC Road Race(1)-
2016-04-10NEJ Protour10.0454 14.9 km Ibukiyama Hill Climb B.Prades
2016-04-03NEOne-day race03.045 34.0 km Challenge Cycle Road Race A-E T.Hori
2016-03-20NEOne-day race20.035 60.0 km Utsunomiya Criterium Y.Suzuki
2016-10-282.104.stage28.10610 134 km Sharjah Cycling Tour S.Papok
2016-10-272.103.stage27.10910 156 km Sharjah Cycling Tour S.Bazhkou
2016-10-262.102.stage26.10419 172.6 km Sharjah Cycling Tour S.Papok
2016-10-252.101.stage (TTT)25.10728 16.6 km Sharjah Cycling Tour A.Jelloul
2016-09-032.203.stage03.09727 219 km Tour de Hokkaido L.Morton
2016-09-022.202.stage02.095042 180 km Tour de Hokkaido P.De Negri
2016-09-012.201.stage01.093316 111 km Tour de Hokkaido N.Masuda
2016-09-012.2Prologue01.0911 1 km Tour de Hokkaido-
2016-06-192.203.stage19.06427 100 km Tour de Kumano J.Okubo
2016-06-182.202.stage18.065035 109.3 km Tour de Kumano O.Pujol
2016-06-172.201.stage17.0622 114.1 km Tour de Kumano J.Kerrison
2016-06-162.2Prologue16.0633 0.7 km Tour de Kumano T.Abe
2016-06-122.108.stage12.06312 65 km Tour de Korea B.Jones
2016-06-112.107.stage11.061613 142.8 km Tour de Korea B.Evans
2016-06-102.106.stage10.061913 194.6 km Tour de Korea Z.Bizhigitov
2016-06-092.105.stage09.06153 170.7 km Tour de Korea K.Domagalski
2016-06-082.104.stage08.0622 85.8 km Tour de Korea B.Jones
2016-06-072.103.stage07.0691 145.8 km Tour de Korea K.Domagalski
2016-06-062.102.stage06.0621 235.2 km Tour de Korea C.Opie
2016-06-052.101.stage05.0611 189.1 km Tour de Korea-
2016-06-012.104.stage01.06DNF 130.7 km Tour of Japan M.Rajablou
2016-05-312.103.stage31.0523 139.4 km Tour of Japan A.Giacoppo
2016-05-302.102.stage30.0545 105 km Tour of Japan D.Cimolai
2016-05-292.101.stage29.0555 2.6 km Tour of Japan A.Giacoppo
2016-05-182.106.stage18.05237 114 km Tour of Iran Y.Gidich
2016-05-172.105.stage17.057140 180.7 km Tour of Iran G.Mizbani
2016-05-162.104.stage16.054634 198.2 km Tour of Iran M.Pourseyedi
2016-05-152.103.stage15.054720 139.9 km Tour of Iran D.Beckeringh
2016-05-142.102.stage14.05817 209.4 km Tour of Iran P.Koning
2016-05-132.101.stage13.052424 162.4 km Tour of Iran C.Mccutcheon