Cameron Jeffers

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Season Div. Team FC-rank UCI-rank Race days * Wins * Km *
2018 Saint Piran 3512(1 p) - 9 0 1331.2
2017 Bill Nickson Cycles RT - - 0 0 0.0
2016 Team Corley Cycles - - 0 0 0.0
* from UCI races (1.2 & 2.2 and higher classifications)

2018 Results

# What Date Pos GC Km Race Winner
2018-09-22NEOne-day race22.091 University of Sheffield/B38 Road Races-
2018-09-191.12AOne-day race19.095116.0 km Eernegem S.Lampier
2018-09-151.12BOne-day race15.0913114.0 km Passendale L.Verhulst
2018-09-141.12One-day race14.09269.3 km Oekene Roeselare R.De Marez
2018-09-041.12BOne-day race04.0922112.0 km Hulste S.Moons
2018-09-031.12BOne-day race03.0910102.0 km Nevele S.Caethoven
2018-08-28NEOne-day race28.082 Hoppers Rollers Criterium #3 G.Jones
2018-08-19NEOne-day race19.082 RC North West RR J.Gullen
2018-08-12NEOne-day race12.082380.0 km Leicester Castle Classic G.Cullaigh
2018-08-02NEOne-day race02.081 Carlisle Cycling Association Evening Series #4-
2018-07-221.2One-day race22.0746 163.2 km GP de Perenchies K.Dehaes
2018-07-18NEOne-day race18.0726 Sheffield GP J.Walker
2018-07-04NEOne-day race04.0730 The Property Development Otley GP M.Walls
2018-06-12NEOne-day race12.063 KVRC Criteriums-2 S.Wilson
2018-06-05NEOne-day race05.065 KVRC Criteriums J.Barton
2018-05-272.2Stage race20.05-27.0532 Rás Tailteann L.Bugter
2018-05-272.2Youth20.05-27.0514 Rás Tailteann R.Ghys
2018-05-272.2Mountains20.05-27.0523 Rás Tailteann L.Rügg
2018-05-07NEStage race05.05-07.0527 Tour of Ulster J.Evans
2018-03-17NEOne-day race17.0312 EUCC Primal Europe Westpoint Races 2 F.Scheske
2018-03-10NEOne-day race10.037 Eddie Soens Memorial J.Mould
2018-03-04NEOne-day race04.0321 Severn Bridge RR R.Graham
2018-03-03NEOne-day race03.038 Lancaster Spring Crits 1 R.Haugthon
2018-02-25NEOne-day race25.0213 Clayton Velo Spring Classic R.Perry
2018-05-272.208.stage27.059932 144.6 km Rás Tailteann R.Ghys
2018-05-262.207.stage26.052930 141.1 km Rás Tailteann J.Varley
2018-05-252.206.stage25.052830 154.6 km Rás Tailteann S.McKenna
2018-05-242.205.stage24.0510435 150 km Rás Tailteann L.Carstensen
2018-05-232.204.stage23.054134 152.6 km Rás Tailteann J.Van Dalen
2018-05-222.203.stage22.052543 140.4 km Rás Tailteann L.Bugter
2018-05-212.202.stage21.053553 148.7 km Rás Tailteann R.McCarthy
2018-05-202.201.stage20.058888 136 km Rás Tailteann C.Thiery