Darnell Moore

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Season Div. Team FC-rank UCI-rank Race days * Wins * Km *
2017 Caldwell Cycles 3728(1 p) - 8 0 1199.8
2016 Caldwell Cycles Omagh 4324(0 p) - 9 0 1422.1
2015 Caldwell Cycles Omagh - - 0 0 0.0

2017 Results

# What Date Pos GC Km Race Winner
2017-11-05CX: NECX05.114 CX-Dungannon G.Kinning
2017-10-22CX: NECX22.104 CX - Delamont Park D.Montgomery
2017-10-01NEOne-day race01.1011.7 km National Hill Climb Championships-
2017-09-17NEOne-day race17.0915.4 km Slieve Croob Hill Climb-
2017-08-26NEOne-day race26.081 Ulster 25 Mile TT Championships-
2017-08-20NEOne-day race20.08316.0 km Ulster 10 Mile TT Championships M.Christie
2017-08-12NEOne-day race12.0820 NRS-John Beggs Memorial A.Stenson
2017-07-01NEOne-day race01.07281.0 km JG Memorial C.McAuley
2017-06-25CN Wexford25.06DNF175.9 km CN Ireland RR R.Mullen
2017-06-11NEOne-day race11.06196.5 km John Mulligan Memorial-
2017-05-282.2Stage race21.05-28.0545 An Post Ras J.Gullen
2017-05-282.2Youth21.05-28.0515 An Post Ras M.O'Loughlin
2017-05-14NEOne-day race14.051150.0 km NRS-Shay Elliot Race-
2017-05-07NEOne-day race07.054120.0 km Tour of the Mournes M.Potts
2017-05-01NEStage race29.04-01.0513 Tour of Ulster E.Morton
2017-04-17NEStage race15.04-17.0411 Tour of the North J.Archibald
2017-04-09NEOne-day race09.046130.8 km NRS-Stamullen GP C.McGlinchey
2017-04-08NEOne-day race08.04296.5 km East Tyrone GP A.Fyffe
2017-03-19NEOne-day race19.033100.0 km Carn Classic R.Reilly
2017-03-18NEOne-day race18.032120.0 km NRS-Wallace Caldwell A.Fyffe
2017-03-12NEOne-day race12.03496.0 km Boyne GP C.McDunphy
2017-03-11NEOne-day race11.033 Spires GP C.McAuley
2017-03-05NEOne-day race05.035112.6 km McCann Cup A.Fyffe
2017-01-08CX: CN Dublin08.017 CX - CN Ireland R.Aiken
2017-05-282.208.stage28.052045 129.4 km An Post Ras P.Kasperkiewicz
2017-05-272.207.stage27.055752 167.3 km An Post Ras D.Meijers
2017-05-262.206.stage26.0513555 132.1 km An Post Ras Y.Yssaad
2017-05-252.205.stage25.053030 181.2 km An Post Ras R.Gough
2017-05-242.204.stage24.052230 151.8 km An Post Ras M.Storer
2017-05-232.203.stage23.056456 149 km An Post Ras M.Teggart
2017-05-222.202.stage22.056867 142.9 km An Post Ras J.Van Schip
2017-05-212.201.stage21.056466 146.1 km An Post Ras N.Brøchner
2017-04-30NE02.stage30.0414 104.6 km Tour of Ulster E.Morton
2017-04-17NE04.stage17.047 112.2 km Tour of the North J.Hales
2017-04-16NE02.stage16.045 6 km Tour of the North J.Archibald
2017-04-15NE01.stage15.0415 119.2 km Tour of the North J.Archibald