Max Stedman

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Season Div. Team FC-rank UCI-rank Race days * Wins * Km *
2018 CONT Canyon Eisberg 959(67 p) - 30 0 4589.1
2017 CONT Bike Channel Canyon 927(79 p) - 14 2 2059.4
2016 CONT Pedal Heaven 1514(33 p) - 9 0 1463.5
2015 Pedal Heaven RT - - 1 0 179.0
* from UCI races (1.2 & 2.2 and higher classifications)

2018 Results

# What Date Pos GC Km Race Winner
2018-09-092.HCStage race02.09-09.0920 Tour of Britain J.Alaphilippe
2018-09-092.HCPoints02.09-09.0936 Tour of Britain P.Bevin
2018-09-092.HCMountains02.09-09.0940 Tour of Britain N.Dlamini
2018-08-26NEOne-day race26.082 The Ryedale Grand Prix G.Briggs
2018-08-211.1One-day race21.0829 202.7 km GP Stad Zottegem J.Baugnies
2018-08-12NEOne-day race12.08980.0 km Leicester Castle Classic G.Cullaigh
2018-08-052.2Stage race01.08-05.0812 Tour Alsace G.Bouchard
2018-08-052.2Youth01.08-05.088 Tour Alsace M.Hirschi
2018-08-052.2Points01.08-05.088 Tour Alsace G.Mäder
2018-07-22NEOne-day race22.071 Kibosh Road Race - Hatherleigh-
2018-07-071.1One-day race07.0778 192.9 km GP Monsere - Roeselare A.Looij
2018-07-01CN Stamfordham01.0732185.6 km CN Great Britain RR C.Swift
2018-06-17NEOne-day race17.064 Peter Sandy memorial M.Mottram
2018-06-101.2One-day race10.0663 197.2 km Midden Brabant J.Van Den Berg
2018-06-091.2One-day race09.06DNF 200.0 km Dwaars Vlaamse Ardennen R.Cobbaert
2018-06-031.2One-day race03.0671 179.9 km Memorial van Coningsloo G.Höög
2018-05-272.2Stage race20.05-27.0523 Rás Tailteann L.Bugter
2018-05-272.2Youth20.05-27.059 Rás Tailteann R.Ghys
2018-05-272.2Points20.05-27.0519 Rás Tailteann L.Bugter
2018-05-272.2Mountains20.05-27.053 Rás Tailteann L.Rügg
2018-05-13NEOne-day race13.057 Lincoln International GP A.Richardson
2018-05-062.1Stage race03.05-06.0568 Tour de Yorkshire G.Van Avermaet
2018-05-062.1Points03.05-06.0525 Tour de Yorkshire G.Van Avermaet
2018-05-062.1Mountains03.05-06.052 Tour de Yorkshire S.Rossetto
2018-04-29NEOne-day race29.0411159.0 km Klondike GP T.Pidcock
2018-04-15NEOne-day race15.046186.7 km Chorley GP K.Domagalski
2018-03-311.1One-day race31.03DNF 195.0 km Volta Limburg Classic J.Tratnik
2018-03-111.HCOne-day race11.0379 199.4 km Ronde van Drenthe F.Sisr
2018-02-25NEOne-day race25.029 Primavera Road Races-Devon M.Bialoblocki
2018-09-092.HC08.stage09.092820 77 km Tour of Britain C.Ewan
2018-09-082.HC07.stage08.093421 223 km Tour of Britain I.Stannard
2018-09-072.HC06.stage07.09921 169 km Tour of Britain W.Poels
2018-09-062.HC05.stage (TTT)06.091623 14 km Tour of Britain J.Van Emden
2018-09-052.HC04.stage05.092518 183 km Tour of Britain A.Greipel
2018-09-042.HC03.stage04.091622 125 km Tour of Britain J.Alaphilippe
2018-09-032.HC02.stage03.092223 174 km Tour of Britain C.Meyer
2018-09-022.HC01.stage02.094646 175 km Tour of Britain A.Greipel
2018-08-052.205.stage05.084212 146.9 km Tour Alsace G.Mäder
2018-08-042.204.stage04.081912 165.3 km Tour Alsace M.Hirschi
2018-08-032.203.stage03.08194 143.1 km Tour Alsace G.Bouchard
2018-08-022.202.stage02.0832 147.5 km Tour Alsace D.Van der Poel
2018-08-012.201.stage (TTT)01.08822 4.7 km Tour Alsace I.Garrison
2018-05-272.208.stage27.05923 144.6 km Rás Tailteann R.Ghys
2018-05-262.207.stage26.052523 141.1 km Rás Tailteann J.Varley
2018-05-252.206.stage25.051714 154.6 km Rás Tailteann S.McKenna
2018-05-242.205.stage24.053817 150 km Rás Tailteann L.Carstensen
2018-05-232.204.stage23.05919 152.6 km Rás Tailteann J.Van Dalen
2018-05-222.203.stage22.057051 140.4 km Rás Tailteann L.Bugter
2018-05-212.202.stage21.053242 148.7 km Rás Tailteann R.McCarthy
2018-05-202.201.stage20.057272 136 km Rás Tailteann C.Thiery
2018-05-062.104.stage06.057968 189.5 km Tour de Yorkshire S.Rossetto
2018-05-052.103.stage05.0512370 181 km Tour de Yorkshire M.Walscheid
2018-05-042.102.stage04.051816 149 km Tour de Yorkshire M.Cort
2018-05-032.101.stage03.056767 182 km Tour de Yorkshire H.Tanfield

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World Champ. U23 (28.09) Extra


Nation Great Britain

Born22 year, Mar 22nd 1996

Stage victories

1x Tour of Quanzhou Bay