Jason McCartney

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Season Div. Team FC-rank UCI-rank Race days * Wins * Km *
2013 CONT Bissell Cycling 3217(3 p) - 37 0 4984.0
2012 PROF Unitedhealthcare PCT 2301(12 p) - 53 1 7259.5
2011 PRT Team RadioShack 2995(6 p) - 47 0 6681.9
2010 PRT Team RadioShack 2399(12 p) - 52 0 7730.4
2009 PRT Team Saxo Bank 701(114 p) - 72 0 10938.2
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* from UCI races (1.2 & 2.2 and higher classifications)

2013 Results

# What Date Pos GC Km Race Winner
2013-09-082.1Stage race03.09-08.09107 Tour of Alberta R.Dennis
2013-08-252.HCStage race19.08-25.08101 USA Challenge T.Van Garderen
2013-08-112.1Stage race06.08-11.0885 Tour of Utah T.Danielson
2013-08-112.1Points06.08-11.0834 Tour of Utah M.Matthews
2013-08-112.1Mountains06.08-11.0810 Tour of Utah M.Torckler
2013-06-162.2Stage race11.06-16.0640 Tour de Beauce N.Brown
2013-06-162.2Mountains11.06-16.063 Tour de Beauce J.McCarty
2013-06-021.2One-day race02.06DNF 193.0 km Philly Cycling Classic K.Reijnen
2013-05-25CN Chattanooga25.0517 31.0 km CN USA ITT T.Zirbel
2013-05-192.HCStage race12.05-19.05102 Tour of California T.Van Garderen
2013-05-052.2Stage race01.05-05.05DNF Tour of the Gila P.Deignan
2013-04-28NEStage race25.04-28.0474 Joe Martin Stage Race C.Haga
2013-04-07NEStage race04.04-07.0481 Redlands Classic F.Mancebo
2013-09-082.105.stage08.09111 129 km Tour of Alberta P.Sagan
2013-09-072.104.stage07.09103 169 km Tour of Alberta C.Evans
2013-09-062.103.stage06.09104 170 km Tour of Alberta R.Dennis
2013-09-052.102.stage05.09112 175 km Tour of Alberta S.Dillier
2013-09-042.101.stage04.0973 158 km Tour of Alberta P.Sagan
2013-09-032.1Prologue03.0948 7 km Tour of Alberta P.Sagan
2013-08-252.HC07.stage25.0854 117 km USA Challenge P.Sagan
2013-08-242.HC06.stage24.08100 185 km USA Challenge P.Sagan
2013-08-232.HC05.stage23.0843 16 km USA Challenge T.Van Garderen
2013-08-222.HC04.stage22.0869 167 km USA Challenge J.Acevedo
2013-08-212.HC03.stage21.0860 172 km USA Challenge P.Sagan
2013-08-202.HC02.stage20.08115 203 km USA Challenge M.Frank
2013-08-192.HC01.stage19.08120 98 km USA Challenge P.Sagan
2013-08-112.106.stage11.0889 125 km Tour of Utah F.Mancebo
2013-08-102.105.stage10.0868 182 km Tour of Utah C.Horner
2013-08-092.104.stage09.0891 55 km Tour of Utah M.Matthews
2013-08-082.103.stage08.0899 191 km Tour of Utah L.Morton
2013-08-072.102.stage07.0888 210 km Tour of Utah M.Matthews
2013-08-062.101.stage06.08113 180 km Tour of Utah G.Van Avermaet
2013-06-162.206.stage16.065 107 km Tour de Beauce D.Milan
2013-06-152.205.stage15.0639 126 km Tour de Beauce M.De Maar
2013-06-142.204.stage14.0665 20 km Tour de Beauce J.Rosskopf
2013-06-132.203.stage13.0661 164 km Tour de Beauce F.Mancebo
2013-06-122.202.stage12.0674 152 km Tour de Beauce G.Boivin
2013-06-112.201.stage11.06113 165 km Tour de Beauce J.Stuyven
2013-05-192.HC08.stage19.05109 131 km Tour of California P.Sagan
2013-05-182.HC07.stage18.0551 147 km Tour of California L.König
2013-05-172.HC06.stage17.0539 32 km Tour of California T.Van Garderen
2013-05-162.HC05.stage16.05107 186 km Tour of California J.Voigt
2013-05-152.HC04.stage15.0573 135 km Tour of California T.Farrar
2013-05-142.HC03.stage14.05108 177 km Tour of California P.Sagan
2013-05-132.HC02.stage13.0598 200 km Tour of California J.Acevedo
2013-05-122.HC01.stage12.05116 165 km Tour of California L.Westra
2013-05-052.205.stage05.05DNF 162 km Tour of the Gila F.Mancebo
2013-05-042.204.stage04.05120 70 km Tour of the Gila K.Reijnen
2013-05-032.203.stage03.0565 27 km Tour of the Gila T.Zirbel
2013-05-022.202.stage02.0598 123 km Tour of the Gila A.Grand
2013-05-012.201.stage01.05104 148 km Tour of the Gila J.Acevedo
2013-04-28NE04.stage28.0481 56 km Joe Martin Stage Race J.Haedo
2013-04-27NE03.stage27.0494 183 km Joe Martin Stage Race R.Carpenter
2013-04-26NE02.stage26.0490 177 km Joe Martin Stage Race J.Haedo
2013-04-25NE01.stage25.0452 4 km Joe Martin Stage Race N.English
2013-04-07NE04.stage07.0474 151 km Redlands Classic F.Mancebo
2013-04-06NE03.stage06.04138 90 km Redlands Classic J.Haedo
2013-04-05NE02.stage05.0497 193.9 km Redlands Classic L.Romero Amaran
2013-04-04NE01.stage04.0456 12.5 km Redlands Classic C.Haga


Nation USA

Born45 year, Sep 3rd 1973


Joe Martin Stage Race (2003)

Mountain jerseys

Tour de Georgia (2004, 2006, 2008)
Tour of California (2009)