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Michel Ries

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Season Div. Team FC-rank UCI-rank Race days * Wins * Km *
2018 CONT Polartec - Kometa 648(54 p) - 31 0 4809.3
2017 U.C.Dipach 2384(10 p) - 13 0 1914.9
* from UCI races (1.2 & 2.2 and higher classifications)

2018 Results

# What Date Pos GC Km Race Winner
2018-05-202.1Stage race18.05-20.0511 Tour de l'Ain A.Vichot
2018-05-202.1Youth18.05-20.052 Tour de l'Ain M.Hirschi
2018-05-202.1Points18.05-20.0520 Tour de l'Ain A.Vichot
2018-05-132.1Stage race11.05-13.0532 Vuelta a Aragón J.Roson García
2018-05-132.1Youth11.05-13.058 Vuelta a Aragón H.Aguirre
2018-05-012.2Stage race25.04-01.0539 Tour de Bretagne F.Schmidt
2018-05-012.2Youth25.04-01.0519 Tour de Bretagne S.Dewulf
2018-05-012.2Points25.04-01.0556 Tour de Bretagne C.Bol
2018-05-012.2Sprint25.04-01.0533 Tour de Bretagne R.Bacon
2018-04-071.NCOne-day race07.0452 165.9 km RVV Beloften (U23) J.Whelan
2018-03-311.1One-day race31.0335 186.0 km GP Miguel Indurain A.Valverde
2018-03-251.NCOne-day race25.0351 187.5 km Gent - Wevelgem (U23) Z.Jerman
2018-03-112.2Stage race09.03-11.0315 Tour of Rhodes M.Maestri
2018-03-112.2Youth09.03-11.036 Tour of Rhodes S.Wærsted
2018-03-112.2Mountains09.03-11.0312 Tour of Rhodes C.Haas
2018-03-041.2One-day race04.0376 190.0 km Rhodes Grand Prix M.Moschetti
2018-02-182.1Stage race17.02-18.0245 Tour du Haut Var J.Hivert
2018-02-182.1Youth17.02-18.0213 Tour du Haut Var V.Madouas
2018-02-112.1Stage race08.02-11.0218 Tour de Provence A.Geniez
2018-02-112.1Youth08.02-11.024 Tour de Provence M.Le Turnier
2018-02-042.1Stage race31.01-04.0265 Comunitat Valenciana A.Valverde
2018-02-042.1Youth31.01-04.0215 Comunitat Valenciana K.Frankiny
2018-05-202.103.stage20.051111 133.3 km Tour de l'Ain A.Vichot
2018-05-192.102.stage19.051416 150.9 km Tour de l'Ain J.Moreno
2018-05-182.101.stage18.055454 166.5 km Tour de l'Ain H.Hofstetter
2018-05-132.103.stage13.052732 126.6 km Vuelta a Aragón M.Bizkarra
2018-05-122.102.stage12.059876 194 km Vuelta a Aragón M.Malucelli
2018-05-112.101.stage11.058484 180 km Vuelta a Aragón J.Aberasturi Izaga
2018-05-012.207.stage01.052239 145 km Tour de Bretagne R.Stannard
2018-04-302.206.stage30.048056 151.6 km Tour de Bretagne J.Van Den Berg
2018-04-292.205.stage29.045145 155.2 km Tour de Bretagne C.Bol
2018-04-282.204.stage28.045934 162.7 km Tour de Bretagne J.Antomarchi
2018-04-272.203.stage27.045272 181.1 km Tour de Bretagne T.Hurel
2018-04-262.202.stage26.0497112 180 km Tour de Bretagne M.Malucelli
2018-04-252.201.stage25.04117117 159.8 km Tour de Bretagne H.Dahl
2018-03-112.203.stage11.031415 157.3 km Tour of Rhodes S.Wærsted
2018-03-102.202.stage10.032929 158.5 km Tour of Rhodes M.Moschetti
2018-03-092.201.stage09.033535 148.2 km Tour of Rhodes M.Maestri
2018-02-182.102.stage18.025945 188.5 km Tour du Haut Var J.Hivert
2018-02-172.101.stage17.023939 169.7 km Tour du Haut Var J.Hivert
2018-02-112.103.stage11.025718 166.7 km Tour de Provence C.Laporte
2018-02-102.102.stage10.022318 144.5 km Tour de Provence R.Di Gregorio
2018-02-092.101.stage09.027343 165.9 km Tour de Provence C.Laporte
2018-02-082.1Prologue08.024646 5.8 km Tour de Provence A.Geniez
2018-02-042.105.stage04.0211465 135.2 km Comunitat Valenciana J.Roelandts
2018-02-032.104.stage03.024645 184.2 km Comunitat Valenciana A.Valverde
2018-02-022.103.stage (TTT)02.021772 23.2 km Comunitat Valenciana G.Van Avermaet
2018-02-012.102.stage01.023171 154 km Comunitat Valenciana A.Valverde
2018-01-312.101.stage31.01135135 191.5 km Comunitat Valenciana D.Van Poppel


Nation Luxembourg

Born20 year, Mar 11th 1998

Mountain jerseys

Trofeo Gersheim Juniors (2016)


Andy, Assassin, fjellda
Troy The Trader (season fantasy)