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Luka Pajek

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Season Div. Team FC-rank UCI-rank Race days * Wins * Km *
2018 KK Bled 1872(11 p) - 17 0 2481.8
2017 KK Grega Bole Bled 2795(6 p) - 14 0 2061.1
2016 KK Grega Bole Bled 3189(3 p) - 8 0 1140.3
2015 KK Grega Bole Bled - - 5 0 695.1
* from UCI races (1.2 & 2.2 and higher classifications)

2018 Results

# What Date Pos GC Km Race Winner
2018-06-102.2Stage race08.06-10.0647 Tour de Serbia G.Tivani Perez
2018-06-102.2Youth08.06-10.0622 Tour de Serbia V.Potocki
2018-05-232.2Stage race19.05-23.0522 Tour of Albania M.Gazzara
2018-05-232.2Youth19.05-23.057 Tour of Albania M.Veber
2018-05-232.2Points19.05-23.0520 Tour of Albania P.Toto
2018-05-06NEOne-day race06.0532171.6 km Burgenland-Rundfarth R.Zoidl
2018-04-292.1Stage race28.04-29.0462 Belgrade Banjaluka G.Katrasnik
2018-04-292.1Youth28.04-29.0416 Belgrade Banjaluka A.Marinozzi
2018-04-07NEOne-day race07.04DNS60.0 km Pokal Poli M.Kranjc
2018-04-011.2One-day race01.04DNF 183.8 km GP Adria Mobil F.Fortin
2018-03-25NEOne-day race25.0324153.2 km Eröffnungsrennen Leonding M.Eibegger
2018-03-112.2Stage race08.03-11.0360 Istrian Spring Trophy K.Hagen
2018-03-031.2One-day race03.0313 152.0 km Porec Trophy E.Liepins
2018-02-281.2One-day race28.0243 150.0 km Umag Trophy K.Hagen
2018-02-251.2One-day race25.0256 106.5 km GP Izola D.Rajovic
2018-02-181.2One-day race18.02DNF 161.0 km GP Laguna Porec P.Toto
2018-06-102.203.stage10.066447 113 km Tour de Serbia B.Samoilau
2018-06-092.202.stage09.062549 157 km Tour de Serbia M.Van Trijp
2018-06-082.201.stage08.065252 159 km Tour de Serbia G.Tivani Perez
2018-05-232.205.stage23.051322 162.5 km Tour of Albania M.Heaney
2018-05-222.204.stage22.052222 122.8 km Tour of Albania N.Gaffurini
2018-05-212.203.stage21.05934 159 km Tour of Albania X.Kamberaj
2018-05-202.202.stage20.053137 198.9 km Tour of Albania N.Marini
2018-05-192.201.stage19.053535 165.3 km Tour of Albania M.Gazzara
2018-04-292.102.stage29.043662 180 km Belgrade Banjaluka G.Katrasnik
2018-04-282.101.stage28.049195 175.8 km Belgrade Banjaluka G.Katrasnik
2018-03-112.203.stage11.032360 156 km Istrian Spring Trophy E.Liepins
2018-03-102.202.stage10.036466 161 km Istrian Spring Trophy M.Hirschi
2018-03-092.201.stage09.039293 161 km Istrian Spring Trophy K.Asgreen
2018-03-082.2Prologue08.034848 2 km Istrian Spring Trophy N.Eekhoff


Nation Slovenia

Born21 year, Jul 17th 1996


Pokal Poli (2017)