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Georg Totschnig

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Season Div. Team FC-rank UCI-rank Race days * Wins * Km *
2006 PRT Gerolsteiner 395(245 p) - 67 0 10532.4
2005 PRT Gerolsteiner 109(608 p) 58(38 p) 69 1 10669.8
2004 TT1 Gerolsteiner - -
2003 TT1 Gerolsteiner - -
2002 TT1 Gerolsteiner - -
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* from UCI races (1.2 & 2.2 and higher classifications)

2006 Results

# What Date Pos GC Km Race Winner
2006-10-141.PT1Monument14.1057 245.0 km Il Lombardia P.Bettini
2006-10-081.1One-day race08.1044 206.9 km GP Bruno Beghelli S.Marinangeli
2006-10-011.PT2One-day race01.10DNF 233.7 km Championship of Zurich S.Sánchez
2006-09-24WCRR Salzburg24.0965265.9 km World Championship P.Bettini
2006-09-172.1Stage race13.09-17.0918 Hessen Rundfahrt S.Lang
2006-08-092.PTStage race01.08-09.0815 Deutschland Tour J.Voigt
2006-07-23GT1Grand Tour01.07-23.0746 Tour de France Ó.Pereiro
2006-06-182.PTStage race10.06-18.0616 Tour de Suisse J.Ullrich
2006-06-041.HCOne-day race04.0673 196.0 km GP Kanton Aargau B.Zberg
2006-06-031.1One-day race03.0616 162.4 km GP Triberg-Schwarzwald J.Golcer
2006-04-302.PTStage race26.04-30.0437 Tour de Romandie C.Evans
2006-04-072.1Stage race04.04-07.04DNF Circuit Sarthe S.Schumacher
2006-03-252.1Stage race21.03-25.0341 Coppi e Bartali D.Cunego
2006-03-052.1One-day race01.03-05.03DNF Vuelta a Murcia S.Gonzalez
2006-02-261.1One-day race26.0249 173.1 km Clasica de Almeria F.Pérez
2006-09-172.105.stage17.0947 158.7 km Hessen Rundfahrt K.Kroon
2006-09-162.104.stage16.0951 158.8 km Hessen Rundfahrt L.Roberts
2006-09-152.103.stage15.0920 18.5 km Hessen Rundfahrt S.Lang
2006-09-142.102.stage14.093 180.9 km Hessen Rundfahrt K.Kroon
2006-09-132.101.stage13.0955 203.1 km Hessen Rundfahrt P.Sinkewitz
2006-08-092.PT08.stage09.0894 172 km Deutschland Tour G.Brown
2006-08-082.PT07.stage08.0848 38 km Deutschland Tour J.Voigt
2006-08-072.PT06.stage07.0816 197 km Deutschland Tour J.Voigt
2006-08-062.PT05.stage06.0827 161 km Deutschland Tour L.Leipheimer
2006-08-052.PT04.stage05.0828 203 km Deutschland Tour G.Brown
2006-08-042.PT03.stage04.0885 203 km Deutschland Tour G.Ciolek
2006-08-032.PT02.stage03.0827 181 km Deutschland Tour J.Voigt
2006-08-022.PT01.stage02.0844 198 km Deutschland Tour A.Bazayev
2006-08-012.PTPrologue01.0865 5 km Deutschland Tour V.Gusev
2006-07-23GT120.stage23.0740 154.5 km Tour de France T.Hushovd
2006-07-22GT119.stage22.0742 57 km Tour de France S.Honchar
2006-07-21GT118.stage21.0779 197 km Tour de France M.Tosatto
2006-07-20GT117.stage20.0779 200.5 km Tour de France C.Sastre
2006-07-19GT116.stage19.07119 182 km Tour de France M.Rasmussen
2006-07-18GT115.stage18.0734 187 km Tour de France F.Schleck
2006-07-16GT114.stage16.075 180.5 km Tour de France P.Fedrigo
2006-07-15GT113.stage15.0736 230 km Tour de France J.Voigt
2006-07-14GT112.stage14.0724 211.5 km Tour de France Y.Popovych
2006-07-13GT111.stage13.0711 206.5 km Tour de France D.Menchov
2006-07-12GT110.stage12.0753 190.5 km Tour de France J.Mercado
2006-07-11GT109.stage11.0748 169.5 km Tour de France Ó.Freire
2006-07-09GT108.stage09.0740 181 km Tour de France S.Calzati
2006-07-08GT107.stage08.0744 52 km Tour de France S.Honchar
2006-07-07GT106.stage07.0741 189 km Tour de France R.McEwen
2006-07-06GT105.stage06.0738 225 km Tour de France Ó.Freire
2006-07-05GT104.stage05.0766 207 km Tour de France R.McEwen
2006-07-04GT103.stage04.079 216.5 km Tour de France M.Kessler
2006-07-03GT102.stage03.0727 228.5 km Tour de France R.McEwen
2006-07-02GT101.stage02.0752 184.5 km Tour de France J.Casper
2006-07-01GT1Prologue01.07141 7.1 km Tour de France T.Hushovd
2006-06-182.PT09.stage18.0622 30 km Tour de Suisse J.Ullrich
2006-06-172.PT08.stage17.0618 155 km Tour de Suisse A.Contador
2006-06-162.PT07.stage16.0631 233 km Tour de Suisse Ó.Freire
2006-06-152.PT06.stage15.0626 210 km Tour de Suisse K.Gil
2006-06-142.PT05.stage14.0619 210 km Tour de Suisse S.Morabito
2006-06-132.PT04.stage13.0642 151 km Tour de Suisse A.Vicioso
2006-06-122.PT03.stage12.0632 160 km Tour de Suisse N.Nuyens
2006-06-112.PT02.stage11.0648 165 km Tour de Suisse D.Contrini
2006-06-102.PT01.stage10.0652 154 km Tour de Suisse T.Boonen
2006-04-302.PT05.stage30.04105 20 km Tour de Romandie C.Evans
2006-04-292.PT04.stage29.0440 127 km Tour de Romandie A.Valverde
2006-04-282.PT03.stage28.0450 164 km Tour de Romandie A.Contador
2006-04-272.PT02.stage27.0458 171 km Tour de Romandie C.Horner
2006-04-262.PT01.stage26.04116 169 km Tour de Romandie R.McEwen
2006-04-252.PTPrologue25.0487 3 km Tour de Romandie P.Savoldelli
2006-04-052.102.stage05.04DNF 93.8 km Circuit Sarthe P.Grillo
2006-04-042.101.stage04.0468 193 km Circuit Sarthe R.Förster
2006-03-252.106.stage25.0340 164 km Coppi e Bartali R.Riccò
2006-03-242.105.stage24.03107 184 km Coppi e Bartali D.Napolitano
2006-03-232.104.stage23.0356 166 km Coppi e Bartali D.Cunego
2006-03-222.103.stage22.0373 199 km Coppi e Bartali V.Nibali
2006-03-212.102.stage (TTT)21.033 12 km Coppi e Bartali D.Zabriskie
2006-03-212.101.stage21.03141 5 km Coppi e Bartali D.Napolitano
2006-03-052.105.stage05.03DNF 117 km Vuelta a Murcia H.Haussler
2006-03-042.104.stage04.0348 147 km Vuelta a Murcia C.Garcia Quesada
2006-03-032.103.stage03.0341 22 km Vuelta a Murcia I.Gutiérrez
2006-03-022.102.stage02.0341 172 km Vuelta a Murcia A.Valverde
2006-03-012.101.stage01.0386 162 km Vuelta a Murcia H.Haussler


Nation Austria

Born47 year, May 25th 1971


Uniqa Classic (1993)
Österreich-Rundfahrt (1993, 2000)