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José Azevedo

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Season Div. Team FC-rank UCI-rank Race days * Wins * Km *
2008 PROF Benfica 497(192 p) - 50 0 7296.9
2007 PROF Benfica 261(354 p) - 49 1 7247.2
2006 PRT Discovery Channel 115(592 p) 44(56 p) 62 0 10289.4
2005 PRT Discovery Channel 602(155 p) - 70 0 10814.4
2004 TT1 US Postal p/b Berry Floor - -
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* from UCI races (1.2 & 2.2 and higher classifications)

2008 Results

# What Date Pos GC Km Race Winner
2008-08-242.HCStage race13.08-24.0825 Volta a Portugal D.Blanco
2008-07-132.2Stage race09.07-13.0741 GP Torres Vedras T.Machado
2008-06-29CN Rebordosa29.0610144.2 km CN Portugal RR J.Cabreira
2008-06-152.1Stage race12.06-15.066 GP Correios Portugal N.Ribeiro
2008-06-082.HCStage race04.06-08.0621 Tour de Luxembourg J.Posthuma
2008-05-182.1Stage race15.05-18.05DNF GP Paredes P.Cardoso
2008-05-072.1Stage race03.05-07.059 Vuelta a Asturias A.Vicioso
2008-05-011.1One-day race01.0511 153.0 km Subida al Naranco X.Tondó
2008-04-202.1Stage race14.04-20.0413 Tour of Turkey D.García Dapena
2008-03-282.1Stage race24.03-28.0319 Vuelta a Castilla y León A.Contador
2008-02-242.1Stage race20.02-24.0253 Volta ao Algarve S.Devolder
2008-08-242.HC10.stage24.0811 31.2 km Volta a Portugal H.Guerra Garcia
2008-08-232.HC09.stage23.0841 146.2 km Volta a Portugal J.Cobo
2008-08-222.HC08.stage22.0875 169.8 km Volta a Portugal C.Barbosa
2008-08-212.HC07.stage21.0837 177.8 km Volta a Portugal N.Ribeiro
2008-08-202.HC06.stage20.0848 170.6 km Volta a Portugal C.Barbosa
2008-08-192.HC05.stage19.0845 186 km Volta a Portugal F.Pacheco Torres
2008-08-172.HC04.stage17.0842 164.6 km Volta a Portugal F.Pacheco Torres
2008-08-162.HC03.stage16.0816 171.5 km Volta a Portugal R.Sousa
2008-08-152.HC02.stage15.0816 165.5 km Volta a Portugal D.Napolitano
2008-08-142.HC01.stage14.0833 198.6 km Volta a Portugal D.Napolitano
2008-08-132.HCPrologue13.0854 6.4 km Volta a Portugal R.Plaza
2008-07-132.205.stage13.0729 98.4 km GP Torres Vedras D.Müller
2008-07-122.204.stage12.0733 150 km GP Torres Vedras R.Faltus
2008-07-112.203.stage11.0749 158 km GP Torres Vedras K.Gil
2008-07-102.202.stage10.0776 177.2 km GP Torres Vedras J.Ljungblad
2008-07-092.201.stage09.0761 155 km GP Torres Vedras D.Petrov
2008-06-152.104.stage15.0638 187.6 km GP Correios Portugal R.Hunter
2008-06-142.103.stage14.0612 167.7 km GP Correios Portugal D.Petrov
2008-06-132.102.stage13.068 157.6 km GP Correios Portugal E.Jiménez
2008-06-122.101.stage12.0624 188.7 km GP Correios Portugal F.Pacheco Torres
2008-06-082.HC04.stage08.0655 154 km Tour de Luxembourg S.Commesso
2008-06-072.HC03.stage07.0620 172 km Tour de Luxembourg M.Albasini
2008-06-062.HC02.stage06.0647 197 km Tour de Luxembourg I.Konovalovas
2008-06-052.HC01.stage05.0644 177 km Tour de Luxembourg J.Haedo
2008-06-042.HCPrologue04.0626 2.6 km Tour de Luxembourg F.Cancellara
2008-05-162.102.stage16.05DNF 182 km GP Paredes D.Milan
2008-05-152.101.stage15.0590 156.9 km GP Paredes N.Roche
2008-05-072.106.stage07.0530 184 km Vuelta a Asturias P.Urtasun Perez
2008-05-062.105.stage06.0510 180 km Vuelta a Asturias T.Marczynski
2008-05-052.104.stage05.0541 168 km Vuelta a Asturias S.Garzelli
2008-05-042.103.stage04.0530 17 km Vuelta a Asturias S.Sánchez
2008-05-042.102.stage04.0547 96 km Vuelta a Asturias S.Garzelli
2008-05-032.101.stage03.0513 158 km Vuelta a Asturias A.Vicioso
2008-04-202.107.stage20.0453 169.3 km Tour of Turkey M.Richeze
2008-04-192.106.stage19.0445 114.5 km Tour of Turkey A.Petacchi
2008-04-182.105.stage18.0440 103.5 km Tour of Turkey M.Priamo
2008-04-172.104.stage17.0423 178.2 km Tour of Turkey F.Savini
2008-04-162.103.stage16.0462 166.9 km Tour of Turkey M.Priamo
2008-04-152.102.stage15.0417 166.1 km Tour of Turkey M.Lorenzetto
2008-04-142.101.stage14.0440 132.5 km Tour of Turkey A.Petacchi
2008-03-282.105.stage28.0330 158 km Vuelta a Castilla y León K.Fernandez
2008-03-272.104.stage27.0319 161 km Vuelta a Castilla y León A.Contador
2008-03-262.103.stage26.0357 160 km Vuelta a Castilla y León F.Ventoso
2008-03-252.102.stage25.0343 142 km Vuelta a Castilla y León K.Kroon
2008-03-242.101.stage24.0381 10 km Vuelta a Castilla y León A.Contador
2008-02-242.105.stage24.0290 194 km Volta ao Algarve B.Eisel
2008-02-232.104.stage23.0277 34 km Volta ao Algarve S.Devolder
2008-02-222.103.stage22.0279 208 km Volta ao Algarve R.Förster
2008-02-212.102.stage21.0290 190 km Volta ao Algarve T.Vaitkus
2008-02-202.101.stage20.0270 165 km Volta ao Algarve R.Förster


Nation Portugal

Born44 year, Sep 19th 1973


GP Torres Vedras (1998)
Volta ao de Santarem (2000)

Mountain jerseys

Volta ao Algarve (2001)