Ka Yu Leung

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Season Div. Team FC-rank UCI-rank Race days * Wins * Km *
2018 CONT HKSI Pro Cycling Team 3991(0 p) - 5 0 776.2
2017 CONT HKSI Pro Cycling Team 2479(9 p) - 13 0 1301.5
2016 CONT HKSI Pro Cycling Team - - 4 0 484.1
2015 CONT HKSI Pro Cycling Team 2789(6 p) - 22 0 2758.9
* from UCI races (1.2 & 2.2 and higher classifications)

2018 Results

# What Date Pos GC Km Race Winner
2018-09-152.1Stage race08.09-15.09DNF Tour of China I S.Molano
2018-07-01CN Tai Po01.075120.7 km CN Hong Kong RR S.Ko
2018-06-30CN Hong Kong30.061015.0 km CN Hong Kong ITT B.Ho
2018-06-032.1Stage race30.05-03.06DNF Tour de Korea S.Tvetcov
2018-09-112.104.stage11.09DNF 84.6 km Tour of China I J.Mosca
2018-09-102.103.stage10.09110108 158 km Tour of China I M.Benfatto
2018-09-092.102.stage09.098392 140.6 km Tour of China I S.Molano
2018-09-082.101.stage08.094954 90.4 km Tour of China I M.Malucelli
2018-08-28TrackAsian Games28.082Team Pursuit Jakarta International Velodrome C.Xue
2018-07-27TrackChina Track Cup27.079Omnium Shanxi Velodrome J.Harrison
2018-07-27TrackChina Track Cup27.072Madison Shanxi Velodrome C.Leung
2018-07-25TrackChina Track Cup25.079Omnium Shanxi Velodrome S.Welsford
2018-07-25TrackChina Track Cup25.075Madison Shanxi Velodrome S.Welsford
2018-07-14TrackJICF International Track Cup14.075Madison Misuzuko C.Leung
2018-07-15TrackJICF International Track Cup15.071Omnium Misuzuko-
2018-06-012.103.stage01.06DNF 192.4 km Tour de Korea S.Tvetcov
2018-05-312.102.stage31.059291 202.6 km Tour de Korea M.Raim
2018-05-302.101.stage30.052627 184.6 km Tour de Korea H.Choe
2018-02-17TrackCC Asia17.025Team Pursuit Nilai R.Chikatani
2018-02-17TrackCC Asia17.026Scratch Nilai L.Guo


Nation Hong Kong

Born22 year, May 28th 1996