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Francesco Canepa

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Season Div. Team FC-rank UCI-rank Race days * Wins * Km *
2018 GM Europa Ovini - - 0 0 0.0
2017 CONT GM Europa Ovini 2327(11 p) - 28 0 4313.9
* from UCI races (1.2 & 2.2 and higher classifications)

2017 Results

# What Date Pos GC Km Race Winner
2017-08-251.1One-day race25.0837 217.4 km Pro Ötztaler 5.500 R.Kreuziger
2017-08-161.2UOne-day race16.08DNF 180.0 km GP Capodarco M.Padun
2017-07-161.1One-day race16.07DNF 188.5 km Trofeo Matteotti S.Shilov
2017-07-092.1Stage race05.07-09.0766 Sibiu Cycling Tour E.Bernal
2017-07-092.1Youth05.07-09.0710 Sibiu Cycling Tour E.Bernal
2017-07-092.1Mountains05.07-09.079 Sibiu Cycling Tour M.Füssnegger
2017-06-152.2UStage race09.06-15.0636 Giro Ciclistico D'Italia P.Sivakov
2017-06-152.2UYouth09.06-15.0615 Giro Ciclistico D'Italia P.Sivakov
2017-06-041.2One-day race04.0656 170.0 km Coppa della Pace N.Gaffurini
2017-05-242.2Stage race20.05-24.059 Tour of Albania F.Bongiorno
2017-05-242.2Youth20.05-24.051 Tour of Albania-
2017-05-242.2Points20.05-24.0524 Tour of Albania P.Ficara
2017-05-141.2UOne-day race14.0591 174.7 km GP Marmo (U23) M.Storer
2017-05-071.2One-day race07.0563 174.7 km Circuito del Porto I.Cima
2017-04-232.1Stage race18.04-23.0451 Tour of Croatia V.Nibali
2017-04-232.1Youth18.04-23.046 Tour of Croatia M.Schlegel
2017-04-091.1One-day race09.04DNF 199.0 km Giro dell'Appennino D.Celano
2017-04-021.2One-day race02.04DNF 183.0 km GP Adria Mobil A.Parrinello
2017-07-092.104.stage09.077966 148.4 km Sibiu Cycling Tour E.Grosu
2017-07-082.103.stage08.077868 211.5 km Sibiu Cycling Tour E.Bernal
2017-07-072.102.stage07.075957 160 km Sibiu Cycling Tour E.Bernal
2017-07-062.101.stage06.078382 211.8 km Sibiu Cycling Tour E.Avila
2017-07-052.1Prologue05.076868 2.3 km Sibiu Cycling Tour A.Palini
2017-06-152.2U08.stage15.063836 148.9 km Giro Ciclistico D'Italia J.Hindley
2017-06-142.2U07.stage14.063237 132.2 km Giro Ciclistico D'Italia F.Romano
2017-06-132.2U06.stage13.0612236 14 km Giro Ciclistico D'Italia L.Hamilton
2017-06-132.2U05.stage13.062528 87.2 km Giro Ciclistico D'Italia J.Areruya
2017-06-122.2U04.stage12.064533 155.5 km Giro Ciclistico D'Italia J.Philipsen
2017-06-112.2U03.stage11.063834 140.5 km Giro Ciclistico D'Italia M.Padun
2017-06-102.2U02.stage10.065049 145.8 km Giro Ciclistico D'Italia A.Riabushenko
2017-06-092.2U01.stage09.065657 131.7 km Giro Ciclistico D'Italia N.Powless
2017-05-242.205.stage24.05209 164 km Tour of Albania D.Pacchiardo
2017-05-232.204.stage23.05148 160.3 km Tour of Albania F.Bongiorno
2017-05-222.203.stage22.053211 169.5 km Tour of Albania X.Kamberaj
2017-05-212.202.stage21.051111 199 km Tour of Albania M.Rabottini
2017-05-202.201.stage20.051111 166.6 km Tour of Albania P.Ficara
2017-04-232.106.stage23.047051 145.3 km Tour of Croatia S.Modolo
2017-04-222.105.stage22.043553 141 km Tour of Croatia J.Roson García
2017-04-212.104.stage21.045988 170.8 km Tour of Croatia N.Ruffoni
2017-04-202.103.stage20.0412095 236.8 km Tour of Croatia N.Ruffoni
2017-04-192.102.stage19.0493100 107 km Tour of Croatia K.Durasek
2017-04-182.101.stage18.04129130 227 km Tour of Croatia S.Modolo


Nation Italy

Born21 year, Jun 30th 1997

Youth jerseys

Tour of Albania (2017)