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Matteo Trentin

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Season Div. Team FC-rank UCI-rank Race days * Wins * Km *
2018 PRT Mitchelton - Scott 202(241 p) 87(238 p) 26 0 4380.3
2017 PRT Quick-Step Floors 29(1490 p) 61(668 p) 81 7 13410.8
2016 PRT Etixx - Quick Step 70(831 p) 92(41 p) 66 3 11665.2
2015 PRT Etixx - Quick Step 80(768 p) 73(50 p) 76 4 12696.5
2014 PRT Omega Pharma - Quick Step 163(491 p) 94(36 p) 77 2 12635.9
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* from UCI races (1.2 & 2.2 and higher classifications)

2013 Results

# What Date Pos GC Km Race Winner
2013-12-08CX: C2Ciclocross08.1211- CX - Fae Di Oderzo F.Mourey
2013-10-201.HCOne-day race20.10DNF 151.3 km Japan Cup M.Rogers
2013-10-191.CRTOne-day race19.103 Japan Cup Criterium S.von Hoff
2013-09-151.WT2One-day race15.0917 205.7 km GP Montreal P.Sagan
2013-09-131.WT2One-day race13.0936 201.6 km GP Quebec R.Gesink
2013-09-071.HCOne-day race07.0949 201.1 km Brussels Classic A.Greipel
2013-08-312.1Stage race30.08-31.0857 World Ports Classic N.Maes
2013-07-21GT1Grand Tour29.06-21.07142 Tour de France C.Froome
2013-07-21GT1Youth29.06-21.0725 Tour de France N.Quintana
2013-07-21GT1Points29.06-21.0733 Tour de France P.Sagan
2013-06-162.1Stage race12.06-16.0651 Ster ZLM Toer L.Boom
2013-06-162.1Mountains12.06-16.064 Ster ZLM Toer M.Keizer
2013-05-26GT2Grand Tour04.05-26.05118 Giro d'Italia V.Nibali
2013-05-26GT2Youth04.05-26.0521 Giro d'Italia C.Betancur
2013-05-26GT2Points04.05-26.0547 Giro d'Italia M.Cavendish
2013-04-282.HCStage race21.04-28.0465 Tour of Turkey M.Sayar
2013-02-231.HCOne-day race23.02DNF 199.0 km Omloop Het Nieuwsblad L.Paolini
2013-02-162.HCStage race11.02-16.0246 Tour of Oman C.Froome
2013-02-082.HCStage race03.02-08.02100 Tour of Qatar M.Cavendish
2013-01-272.1Stage race21.01-27.01117 Tour de San Luis D.Diaz
2013-08-312.102.stage31.0880 191 km World Ports Classic M.Tjallingii
2013-08-302.101.stage30.0838 165 km World Ports Classic J.Wallays
2013-07-21GT121.stage21.0798142 118 km Tour de France M.Kittel
2013-07-20GT120.stage20.07166142 125 km Tour de France N.Quintana
2013-07-19GT119.stage19.07168134 204 km Tour de France R.Costa
2013-07-18GT118.stage18.07172129 168 km Tour de France C.Riblon
2013-07-17GT117.stage17.07114126 32 km Tour de France C.Froome
2013-07-16GT116.stage16.07171127 168 km Tour de France R.Costa
2013-07-14GT115.stage14.07179127 242 km Tour de France C.Froome
2013-07-13GT114.stage13.071121 191 km Tour de France-
2013-07-12GT113.stage12.0727129 173 km Tour de France M.Cavendish
2013-07-11GT112.stage11.0721141 218 km Tour de France M.Kittel
2013-07-10GT111.stage10.07130144 33 km Tour de France T.Martin
2013-07-09GT110.stage09.0760144 193 km Tour de France M.Kittel
2013-07-07GT109.stage07.07103146 165 km Tour de France D.Martin
2013-07-06GT108.stage06.07175155 194 km Tour de France C.Froome
2013-07-05GT107.stage05.07149153 205 km Tour de France P.Sagan
2013-07-04GT106.stage04.07146150 176 km Tour de France A.Greipel
2013-07-03GT105.stage03.0732144 219 km Tour de France M.Cavendish
2013-07-02GT104.stage (TTT)02.072153 25 km Tour de France S.Gerrans
2013-07-01GT103.stage01.07137151 145 km Tour de France S.Gerrans
2013-06-30GT102.stage30.06175144 154 km Tour de France J.Bakelants
2013-06-29GT101.stage29.0655 212 km Tour de France M.Kittel
2013-06-162.105.stage16.0612 176 km Ster ZLM Toer P.Ligthart
2013-06-152.104.stage15.0671 186 km Ster ZLM Toer L.Boom
2013-06-142.103.stage14.0619 188 km Ster ZLM Toer M.Kittel
2013-06-132.102.stage13.0625 176 km Ster ZLM Toer T.Bos
2013-06-122.101.stage12.0664 8 km Ster ZLM Toer R.Wagner
2013-05-26GT221.stage26.0520118 197 km Giro d'Italia M.Cavendish
2013-05-25GT220.stage25.05158118 203 km Giro d'Italia V.Nibali
2013-05-23GT218.stage23.05155113 21 km Giro d'Italia V.Nibali
2013-05-22GT217.stage22.05102110 214 km Giro d'Italia G.Visconti
2013-05-21GT216.stage21.0569111 238 km Giro d'Italia B.Intxausti
2013-05-19GT215.stage19.05170117 149 km Giro d'Italia G.Visconti
2013-05-18GT214.stage18.0573112 168 km Giro d'Italia M.Santambrogio
2013-05-17GT213.stage17.0579125 254 km Giro d'Italia M.Cavendish
2013-05-16GT212.stage16.0535138 134 km Giro d'Italia M.Cavendish
2013-05-15GT211.stage15.05182140 182 km Giro d'Italia R.Navardauskas
2013-05-14GT210.stage14.05175136 167 km Giro d'Italia R.Uran
2013-05-12GT209.stage12.05143123 170 km Giro d'Italia M.Belkov
2013-05-11GT208.stage11.05152121 55 km Giro d'Italia A.Dowsett
2013-05-10GT207.stage10.05181115 177 km Giro d'Italia A.Hansen
2013-05-09GT206.stage09.058799 169 km Giro d'Italia M.Cavendish
2013-05-08GT205.stage08.055102 203 km Giro d'Italia J.Degenkolb
2013-05-07GT204.stage07.05169126 246 km Giro d'Italia E.Battaglin
2013-05-06GT203.stage06.05133100 222 km Giro d'Italia L.Paolini
2013-05-05GT202.stage (TTT)05.051791 17 km Giro d'Italia D.Cataldo
2013-05-04GT201.stage04.05185180 130 km Giro d'Italia M.Cavendish
2013-04-282.HC08.stage28.04143 121 km Tour of Turkey M.Kittel
2013-04-272.HC07.stage27.0495 124 km Tour of Turkey M.Kittel
2013-04-262.HC06.stage26.04101 182 km Tour of Turkey M.Sayar
2013-04-252.HC05.stage25.042 183 km Tour of Turkey A.Greipel
2013-04-242.HC04.stage24.0467 147 km Tour of Turkey A.Greipel
2013-04-232.HC03.stage23.04145 154 km Tour of Turkey N.Berhane
2013-04-222.HC02.stage22.04170 150 km Tour of Turkey A.Kruopis
2013-04-212.HC01.stage21.04185 143 km Tour of Turkey M.Kittel
2013-02-162.HC06.stage16.0211 144 km Tour of Oman N.Bouhanni
2013-02-152.HC05.stage15.0224 144 km Tour of Oman C.Froome
2013-02-142.HC04.stage14.0279 153 km Tour of Oman J.Rodríguez
2013-02-132.HC03.stage13.0274 190 km Tour of Oman P.Sagan
2013-02-122.HC02.stage12.0270 146 km Tour of Oman P.Sagan
2013-02-112.HC01.stage11.0263 162 km Tour of Oman M.Kittel
2013-02-082.HC06.stage08.0273 116 km Tour of Qatar M.Cavendish
2013-02-072.HC05.stage07.0285 154 km Tour of Qatar M.Cavendish
2013-02-062.HC04.stage06.02119 160 km Tour of Qatar M.Cavendish
2013-02-052.HC03.stage05.02129 143 km Tour of Qatar M.Cavendish
2013-02-042.HC02.stage (TTT)04.023 14 km Tour of Qatar M.Schär
2013-02-032.HC01.stage03.02142 145 km Tour of Qatar B.Bookwalter
2013-01-272.107.stage27.01114 155 km Tour de San Luis M.Gavazzi
2013-01-262.106.stage26.01148 157 km Tour de San Luis A.Contador
2013-01-252.105.stage25.01133 170 km Tour de San Luis E.Guevara Arguello
2013-01-242.104.stage24.0117 19 km Tour de San Luis S.Tuft
2013-01-232.103.stage23.01135 173 km Tour de San Luis A.Diniz
2013-01-222.102.stage22.0118 171 km Tour de San Luis S.Modolo
2013-01-212.101.stage21.0173 164 km Tour de San Luis M.Cavendish

Riding now..

Adriatica Ionica Race (20.06-24.06) Extra


Nation Italy

Born28 year, Aug 2nd 1989

-Borgo Valsugana

Height1.79 m

Banned results

1.Nov 2006-31.Dec 2006

Points jerseys

Poitou-Charentes (2015)
Tour de l'Ain (2016)
Tour de Wallonie (2016)


Letissier, Maxvirrify
JuhaMieto (season fantasy)