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Johnatan Cañaveral Vargas

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Season Div. Team FC-rank UCI-rank Race days * Wins * Km *
2018 CONT Bicicletas Strongman 446(119 p) - 22 0 3507.4
2017 GSport-Valencia Sports-Wolfbike 2327(11 p) - 11 0 1443.1
2016 Telcom-Gimex - - 0 0 0.0
2016 PROF Wilier Triestina - Southeast (Trainee) - - 0 0 0.0
* from UCI races (1.2 & 2.2 and higher classifications)

2018 Results

# What Date Pos GC Km Race Winner
2018-05-19NEStage race13.05-19.0515 Vuelta Colombia, U23 L.Jimenez
2018-05-19NEPoints13.05-19.051 Vuelta Colombia, U23-
2018-04-292.1Stage race27.04-29.0427 Vuelta a Asturias R.Carapaz
2018-04-222.HCStage race17.04-22.0414 Tour of Croatia K.Sivtsov
2018-04-222.HCYouth17.04-22.044 Tour of Croatia Y.Gidich
2018-04-222.HCPoints17.04-22.0429 Tour of Croatia E.Grosu
2018-04-222.HCMountains17.04-22.047 Tour of Croatia P.Koning
2018-04-082.2Stage race06.04-08.044 Circuit des Ardennes A.Maldonado
2018-04-082.2Youth06.04-08.041 Circuit des Ardennes-
2018-04-082.2Points06.04-08.0410 Circuit des Ardennes A.Maldonado
2018-04-031.2UOne-day race03.0416 143.0 km GP Palio del Recioto (U23) S.De Bod
2018-04-021.2UOne-day race02.0410 166.6 km Giro del Belvedere (U23) R.Stannard
2018-04-011.2One-day race01.0410 183.8 km GP Adria Mobil F.Fortin
2018-02-112.1Stage race06.02-11.0245 Colombia Oro y Paz E.Bernal
2018-02-112.1Youth06.02-11.0219 Colombia Oro y Paz E.Bernal
2018-02-112.1Mountains06.02-11.028 Colombia Oro y Paz E.Bernal
2018-01-08NEOne-day race08.012 Circuito Feria de Manizales C.Quintero
2018-05-18NE05.stage18.057 151 km Vuelta Colombia, U23 J.Guerrero
2018-05-17NE04.stage17.052 143 km Vuelta Colombia, U23 J.Guerrero
2018-05-15NE02.stage15.055 151 km Vuelta Colombia, U23 R.Acosta
2018-05-14NE01.stage14.053 - Vuelta Colombia, U23 J.Molano
2018-05-13NEPrologue13.059 7.3 km Vuelta Colombia, U23 A.Osorio
2018-04-292.103.stage29.042527 118 km Vuelta a Asturias R.Mestre
2018-04-282.102.stage28.043531 166 km Vuelta a Asturias R.Carapaz
2018-04-272.101.stage27.042324 176 km Vuelta a Asturias D.Strakhov
2018-04-222.HC06.stage22.042414 151.5 km Tour of Croatia P.Simion
2018-04-212.HC05.stage21.04414 156.5 km Tour of Croatia M.Boaro
2018-04-202.HC04.stage20.041716 171 km Tour of Croatia A.Tonelli
2018-04-192.HC03.stage19.041616 134 km Tour of Croatia K.Sivtsov
2018-04-182.HC02.stage18.041515 234.5 km Tour of Croatia E.Grosu
2018-04-172.HC01.stage17.041920 227 km Tour of Croatia N.Bonifazio
2018-04-082.204.stage08.04184 106 km Circuit des Ardennes I.Oliveira
2018-04-082.203.stage08.0424 79.5 km Circuit des Ardennes J.Cornu
2018-04-072.202.stage07.04137 175.4 km Circuit des Ardennes R.Jans
2018-04-062.201.stage06.041313 172.6 km Circuit des Ardennes J.Murphy
2018-03-02NE04.stage02.0318 130 km Vuelta al Valle de Cauca J.Molano
2018-02-28NE02.stage28.023 144 km Vuelta al Valle de Cauca B.Gomez
2018-02-27NE01.stage27.0212 136 km Vuelta al Valle de Cauca J.Molano
2018-02-112.106.stage11.024045 187 km Colombia Oro y Paz D.Quintana
2018-02-102.105.stage10.023152 163 km Colombia Oro y Paz R.Uran
2018-02-092.104.stage09.026378 149.5 km Colombia Oro y Paz J.Alaphilippe
2018-02-082.103.stage08.0235140 163.2 km Colombia Oro y Paz F.Gaviria
2018-02-072.102.stage07.0230141 183.4 km Colombia Oro y Paz F.Gaviria
2018-02-062.101.stage06.02145145 99.9 km Colombia Oro y Paz F.Gaviria
2018-01-27NE04.stage27.0110 100 km Clásica J.M.C de Rionegro S.Higuita


Nation Colombia

Born21 year, Nov 2nd 1996

Youth jerseys

Circuit des Ardennes (2018)
Vuelta a Alicante (2017)
Vuelta a Navarra (2016)

Points jerseys

Vuelta Colombia, U23 (2018)


Assassin, Garikoitz, Koffieplanter, Nathan
Ritlefant (season fantasy)