Yacine Hamza

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Season Div. Team FC-rank UCI-rank Race days * Wins * Km *
2018 CONT Groupement Sportif Petrolier-Algeri 1047(59 p) - 27 3 3478.0
2017 Groupement Sportif Petrolier Algeri 2115(15 p) - 16 0 1840.5
2017 Peloton Tenerife 2115(15 p) - 16 0 1840.5
2016 Groupement Sportif Petrolier Algeri 1386(40 p) - 16 0 1731.2
* from UCI races (1.2 & 2.2 and higher classifications)

2018 Results

# What Date Pos GC Km Race Winner
2018-08-122.2Stage race05.08-12.0853 Tour of Rwanda S.Mugisha
2018-08-122.2Youth05.08-12.0829 Tour of Rwanda S.Mugisha
2018-08-122.2Sprint05.08-12.0815 Tour of Rwanda B.Araujo
2018-07-10CN El Tharef10.072156.0 km CN Algeria RR Y.Reguigui
2018-07-08CN El Tharef08.07940.0 km CN Algeria ITT A.Lagab
2018-06-27CCRR Tarragona27.06OOT143.0 km Mediterranean Games RR J.Duranti
2018-05-29NEOne-day race29.051 Challenge Ramadhan-III-
2018-05-072.2Stage race04.05-07.0515 Tour d'Oranie L.Evrard
2018-05-072.2Youth04.05-07.052 Tour d'Oranie O.Mansouri
2018-05-072.2Points04.05-07.057 Tour d'Oranie L.Evrard
2018-04-292.13.1Stage race27.04-29.045 Bizkaia 3E D.Zhyhunou
2018-04-022.2Stage race27.03-02.046 Tour d'Algerie A.Lagab
2018-04-022.2Youth27.03-02.041 Tour d'Algerie-
2018-04-022.2Points27.03-02.042 Tour d'Algerie Y.Reguigui
2018-02-232.2Stage race20.02-23.027 GP D´Alger C.Kastrantas
2018-02-232.2Youth20.02-23.021 GP D´Alger-
2018-02-232.2Points20.02-23.025 GP D´Alger C.Kastrantas
2018-02-18CCRR Kigali18.02DNF156.0 km CC Africa RR A.Gebreigzabhier
2018-01-292.2Stage race26.01-29.0122 Tour des Zibans A.Hida
2018-01-292.2Youth26.01-29.014 Tour des Zibans A.Teweldemehdn Kifle
2018-01-292.2Points26.01-29.015 Tour des Zibans Y.Reguigui
2018-01-20NEStage race18.01-20.011 Grand Prix du Chahid ‘’Didouche Mourad’’-
2018-08-122.208.stage12.082853 82.2 km Tour of Rwanda A.Lagab
2018-08-112.207.stage11.084654 107.5 km Tour of Rwanda D.Lozano Riba
2018-08-102.206.stage10.085359 108.5 km Tour of Rwanda B.Temalew
2018-08-092.205.stage09.084861 95 km Tour of Rwanda J.Hellmann
2018-08-082.204.stage08.085561 135.8 km Tour of Rwanda T.Rugg
2018-08-072.203.stage07.086964 199.7 km Tour of Rwanda J.Hellmann
2018-08-062.202.stage06.086160 120.5 km Tour of Rwanda S.Mugisha
2018-08-052.201.stage05.081111 97.5 km Tour of Rwanda A.Lagab
2018-05-072.204.stage07.05115 132.3 km Tour d'Oranie-
2018-05-062.203.stage06.052820 140.6 km Tour d'Oranie D.Rebellin
2018-05-052.202.stage05.05916 139 km Tour d'Oranie O.Golovash
2018-05-042.201.stage04.051515 148.6 km Tour d'Oranie L.Evrard
2018-04-292.13.103.stage29.0412 131.8 km Bizkaia 3E J.Aranburu Arruti
2018-04-282.13.102.stage28.0411 120.7 km Bizkaia 3E A.Miltiadis
2018-04-272.13.101.stage27.043 104 km Bizkaia 3E D.Zhyhunou
2018-04-022.207.stage02.04136 121 km Tour d'Algerie Y.Reguigui
2018-04-012.206.stage01.04215 138.7 km Tour d'Algerie A.Nouisri
2018-03-312.205.stage31.0326 126.5 km Tour d'Algerie Y.Reguigui
2018-03-302.204.stage30.03256 178 km Tour d'Algerie Y.Reguigui
2018-03-292.203.stage29.03245 157 km Tour d'Algerie A.Costa Soria
2018-03-282.202.stage28.0311 154 km Tour d'Algerie-
2018-03-272.201.stage27.0333 120 km Tour d'Algerie A.Hamza
2018-02-232.203.stage23.02147 106.2 km GP D´Alger C.Kastrantas
2018-02-222.202.stage22.0216 112.5 km GP D´Alger-
2018-02-212.201.stage21.02416 144.5 km GP D´Alger Y.Reguigui
2018-02-202.2Prologue20.0277 2.4 km GP D´Alger G.Bille
2018-01-292.204.stage29.01422 146 km Tour des Zibans Y.Reguigui
2018-01-282.203.stage28.012524 147 km Tour des Zibans A.Teweldemehdn Kifle
2018-01-272.202.stage27.01124 120 km Tour des Zibans Y.Reguigui
2018-01-262.201.stage26.0144 197 km Tour des Zibans A.Escobar Milan
2018-01-20NE03.stage20.011 107 km Grand Prix du Chahid ‘’Didouche Mourad’’-
2018-01-19NE02.stage19.014 141 km Grand Prix du Chahid ‘’Didouche Mourad’’ A.Lagab
2018-01-18NE01.stage18.011 82.3 km Grand Prix du Chahid ‘’Didouche Mourad’’-