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Nathan Draper

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Season Div. Team FC-rank UCI-rank Race days * Wins * Km *
2018 CONT Team Wiggins - - 0 0 0.0
2017 CONT Team Wiggins - - 23 0 3358.2
2016 100% ME - - 4 0 709.3

2017 Results

# What Date Pos GC Km Race Winner
2017-08-06NEOne-day race06.086 The Ryedale Grand Prix O.Wood
2017-07-302.2Stage race26.07-30.0797 Tour Alsace L.Hamilton
2017-07-302.2Youth26.07-30.0757 Tour Alsace L.Hamilton
2017-07-011.2One-day race01.0769 175.9 km Nieuwsblad Espoirs T.Turgis
2017-06-25CN Isle of Man25.06DNF193.7 km CN Great Britain RR S.Cummings
2017-05-282.2Stage race21.05-28.05DNF An Post Ras J.Gullen
2017-05-14NEOne-day race14.0535166.0 km Lincoln International GP I.Bibby
2017-04-232.1Stage race18.04-23.0499 Tour of Croatia V.Nibali
2017-04-232.1Youth18.04-23.0415 Tour of Croatia M.Schlegel
2017-04-151.2UOne-day race15.04DNF 177.9 km LBL Espoirs (U23) B.Lambrecht
2017-04-09NEOne-day race09.0417 Tour of the Wolds B.Jones
2017-04-022.2Stage race31.03-02.0486 Tript. Monts Châteaux J.Philipsen
2017-03-122.2Stage race10.03-12.0370 Tour of Rhodes C.Stüssi
2017-03-122.2Youth10.03-12.0326 Tour of Rhodes T.Wirtgen
2017-03-051.2One-day race05.0371 191.0 km Rhodes Grand Prix A.Banaszek
2017-07-302.205.stage30.075997 146.2 km Tour Alsace F.Jakobsen
2017-07-292.204.stage29.0785100 165.3 km Tour Alsace C.Hagen
2017-07-282.203.stage28.0740108 144.7 km Tour Alsace J.Philipsen
2017-07-272.202.stage27.07110111 148.1 km Tour Alsace M.Hoelgaard
2017-07-262.201.stage (TTT)26.072360 4.7 km Tour Alsace B.McNulty
2017-05-242.204.stage24.05DNS 151.8 km An Post Ras M.Storer
2017-05-232.203.stage23.055063 149 km An Post Ras M.Teggart
2017-05-222.202.stage22.0511497 142.9 km An Post Ras J.Van Schip
2017-05-212.201.stage21.058283 146.1 km An Post Ras N.Brøchner
2017-04-232.106.stage23.048499 145.3 km Tour of Croatia S.Modolo
2017-04-222.105.stage22.048399 141 km Tour of Croatia J.Roson García
2017-04-212.104.stage21.045897 170.8 km Tour of Croatia N.Ruffoni
2017-04-202.103.stage20.0459105 236.8 km Tour of Croatia N.Ruffoni
2017-04-192.102.stage19.04110113 107 km Tour of Croatia K.Durasek
2017-04-182.101.stage18.048385 227 km Tour of Croatia S.Modolo
2017-04-022.204.stage02.044186 97.7 km Tript. Monts Châteaux A.Nommela
2017-04-022.203.stage02.0483111 10.3 km Tript. Monts Châteaux N.Powless
2017-04-012.202.stage01.04112109 148.9 km Tript. Monts Châteaux J.Philipsen
2017-03-312.201.stage31.03100100 166.5 km Tript. Monts Châteaux D.Auer
2017-03-122.203.stage12.036870 170 km Tour of Rhodes A.Kamp Egested
2017-03-112.202.stage11.036670 167 km Tour of Rhodes S.Rekita
2017-03-102.201.stage10.038989 156 km Tour of Rhodes C.Stüssi


Nation Great Britain

Born20 year, Jul 11th 1997


CN Great Britain RR-JR (2015)