Vincenzo Albanese

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Season Div. Team FC-rank UCI-rank Race days * Wins * Km *
2018 PROF Bardiani - CSF 802(86 p) - 44 0 6456.5
2017 PROF Bardiani - CSF 777(104 p) - 73 0 11823.7
2016 Hopplà- Petroli Firenze -Tinkoff 409(226 p) - 29 6 4200.3
2015 G.S. Mastromarco - Sensi - Dover 1802(22 p) - 3 0 483.4
* from UCI races (1.2 & 2.2 and higher classifications)

2018 Results

# What Date Pos GC Km Race Winner
2018-09-221.1One-day race22.09DNF 199.8 km Memorial Pantani D.Ballerini
2018-09-201.1One-day race20.09DNF 195.9 km Coppa Sabatini J.Lobato Del Valle
2018-09-161.1One-day race16.099 194.7 km Coppa Bernocchi S.Colbrelli
2018-09-151.1One-day race15.09DNF 199.9 km Coppa Agostoni G.Moscon
2018-09-092.HCStage race02.09-09.09103 Tour of Britain J.Alaphilippe
2018-09-092.HCPoints02.09-09.0926 Tour of Britain P.Bevin
2018-08-122.1Stage race09.08-12.0872 Czech Cycling Tour R.Zoidl
2018-08-122.1Youth09.08-12.0815 Czech Cycling Tour T.Sleen
2018-08-122.1Points09.08-12.0818 Czech Cycling Tour R.Zoidl
2018-06-172.2Stage race14.06-17.06DNF Oberösterreichrundfahrt S.Rabitsch
2018-06-031.1One-day race03.06DNF 185.2 km Gran Premio di Lugano H.Pernsteiner
2018-05-272.HCStage race23.05-27.05115 Belgium Tour J.Keukeleire
2018-05-202.HCStage race16.05-20.0552 Tour of Norway E.Prades
2018-05-202.HCYouth16.05-20.055 Tour of Norway J.Schultz
2018-05-202.HCPoints16.05-20.0523 Tour of Norway S.Enger
2018-04-222.HCStage race17.04-22.0449 Tour of Croatia K.Sivtsov
2018-04-222.HCYouth17.04-22.046 Tour of Croatia Y.Gidich
2018-04-222.HCPoints17.04-22.0441 Tour of Croatia E.Grosu
2018-03-112.2Stage race09.03-11.0333 Tour of Rhodes M.Maestri
2018-03-112.2Youth09.03-11.0310 Tour of Rhodes S.Wærsted
2018-03-041.2One-day race04.0315 190.0 km Rhodes Grand Prix M.Moschetti
2018-02-252.WT3Stage race21.02-25.02120 Abu Dhabi Tour A.Valverde
2018-02-252.WT3Youth21.02-25.0229 Abu Dhabi Tour M.Lopez
2018-02-252.WT3Points21.02-25.0219 Abu Dhabi Tour E.Viviani
2018-02-252.WT3Sprint21.02-25.023 Abu Dhabi Tour N.Trusov
2018-02-111.HCOne-day race11.02DNF 203.0 km Trofeo Laigueglia M.Moser
2018-02-042.1Stage race31.01-04.0295 Étoile de Bessèges T.Gallopin
2018-02-042.1Youth31.01-04.0215 Étoile de Bessèges B.Thomas
2018-09-092.HC08.stage09.0953103 77 km Tour of Britain C.Ewan
2018-09-082.HC07.stage08.0991108 223 km Tour of Britain I.Stannard
2018-09-072.HC06.stage07.0964110 169 km Tour of Britain W.Poels
2018-09-062.HC05.stage (TTT)06.0919113 14 km Tour of Britain J.Van Emden
2018-09-052.HC04.stage05.0911115 183 km Tour of Britain A.Greipel
2018-09-042.HC03.stage04.0984115 125 km Tour of Britain J.Alaphilippe
2018-09-032.HC02.stage03.09116115 174 km Tour of Britain C.Meyer
2018-09-022.HC01.stage02.0999 175 km Tour of Britain A.Greipel
2018-08-122.104.stage12.08772 147.9 km Czech Cycling Tour F.Fortin
2018-08-112.103.stage11.088583 178 km Czech Cycling Tour M.Kukrle
2018-08-102.102.stage10.082583 197.7 km Czech Cycling Tour R.Zoidl
2018-08-092.101.stage (TTT)09.08698 18.2 km Czech Cycling Tour C.Pfingsten
2018-06-152.202.stage15.06DNF 154.1 km Oberösterreichrundfahrt F.Fortin
2018-06-142.201.stage14.065656 12.3 km Oberösterreichrundfahrt S.Rabitsch
2018-05-272.HC05.stage27.0561115 168.4 km Belgium Tour B.Coquard
2018-05-262.HC04.stage26.0572118 147.3 km Belgium Tour J.Vanendert
2018-05-252.HC03.stage25.0591121 10.6 km Belgium Tour C.Laporte
2018-05-242.HC02.stage24.0537121 150.4 km Belgium Tour A.Greipel
2018-05-232.HC01.stage23.05131135 178.8 km Belgium Tour A.Greipel
2018-05-202.HC05.stage20.055252 154 km Tour of Norway A.Kamp Egested
2018-05-192.HC04.stage19.051171 218 km Tour of Norway D.Groenewegen
2018-05-182.HC03.stage18.051675 176 km Tour of Norway D.Groenewegen
2018-05-172.HC02.stage17.059490 146.6 km Tour of Norway E.Boasson Hagen
2018-05-162.HC01.stage16.051620 186 km Tour of Norway D.Groenewegen
2018-04-222.HC06.stage22.04949 151.5 km Tour of Croatia P.Simion
2018-04-212.HC05.stage21.044552 156.5 km Tour of Croatia M.Boaro
2018-04-202.HC04.stage20.047274 171 km Tour of Croatia A.Tonelli
2018-04-192.HC03.stage19.0410496 134 km Tour of Croatia K.Sivtsov
2018-04-182.HC02.stage18.049188 234.5 km Tour of Croatia E.Grosu
2018-04-172.HC01.stage17.042223 227 km Tour of Croatia N.Bonifazio
2018-03-112.203.stage11.033433 157.3 km Tour of Rhodes S.Wærsted
2018-03-102.202.stage10.036963 158.5 km Tour of Rhodes M.Moschetti
2018-03-092.201.stage09.031717 148.2 km Tour of Rhodes M.Maestri
2018-02-252.WT305.stage25.0295120 199 km Abu Dhabi Tour A.Valverde
2018-02-242.WT304.stage24.02127128 12.6 km Abu Dhabi Tour R.Dennis
2018-02-232.WT303.stage23.0275104 133 km Abu Dhabi Tour P.Bauhaus
2018-02-222.WT302.stage22.02121106 148 km Abu Dhabi Tour E.Viviani
2018-02-212.WT301.stage21.021075 189 km Abu Dhabi Tour A.Kristoff
2018-02-042.105.stage04.0211095 10.7 km Étoile de Bessèges T.Gallopin
2018-02-032.104.stage03.023394 152.9 km Étoile de Bessèges S.De Bie
2018-02-022.103.stage02.02106103 152.6 km Étoile de Bessèges M.Sarreau
2018-02-012.102.stage01.023560 148.3 km Étoile de Bessèges C.Laporte
2018-01-312.101.stage31.018284 157 km Étoile de Bessèges M.Sarreau


Nation Italy

Born21 year, Nov 12th 1996

Points jerseys

Tour de l'Avenir (2016)


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