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Ichwanul Arifin

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2014 Results

# What Date Pos GC Km Race Winner
2014-10-192.2Stage race16.10-19.10DNF Banyuwangi Ijen P.Pouly
2014-09-072.2Stage race06.09-07.0944 Tour of East Java G.Mizbani
2014-10-162.201.stage16.10DNF 180.8 km Banyuwangi Ijen K.Takei
2014-09-072.202.stage07.094544 130.7 km Tour of East Java G.Mizbani
2014-09-062.201.stage06.094242 133.8 km Tour of East Java Y.Nakajima


Nation Indonesia

Born22 year, Sep 12th 1995