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Omar Azael Marin

Info Calendar Team mates 2012

2012 Results

# What Date Pos GC Km Race Winner
2012-07-15NEStage race08.07-15.0755 Ruta del Centro V.Garcia Estevez
2012-07-15NE08.stage15.0762 50 km Ruta del Centro I.Sarabia Diaz
2012-07-14NE07.stage14.0772 - Ruta del Centro B.Colex Tepoz
2012-07-13NE06.stage13.0782 116 km Ruta del Centro I.Sarabia Diaz
2012-07-12NE05.stage12.0785 - Ruta del Centro I.Sarabia Diaz
2012-07-11NE04.stage11.0768 112 km Ruta del Centro I.Prado
2012-07-10NE03.stage10.0767 79.2 km Ruta del Centro J.Sanchez Ortega
2012-07-09NE02.stage09.0743 173 km Ruta del Centro J.Magallanes Aranda
2012-07-08NE01.stage08.0749 76 km Ruta del Centro C.Medina


Nation Mexico

Born24 year, Oct 13th 1992