Jose Fernandes

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Season Div. Team FC-rank UCI-rank Race days * Wins * Km *
2018 CONT W52 - FC Porto 1021(68 p) - 38 1 5402.8
2018 PRT Team EF Education First - Drapac (Trainee) 1021(68 p) - 38 1 5402.8
2017 Liberty Seguros - Carglass 1043(66 p) - 21 2 2797.7
2016 Goldwin-José Maria Nicolau - - 6 0 1049.1
2015 Anicolor 3830(1 p) - 17 0 2372.2
* from UCI races (1.2 & 2.2 and higher classifications)

2018 Results

# What Date Pos GC Km Race Winner
2018-10-131.1One-day race13.10DNF204.6 km Ronde van Zeeland P.Schulting
2018-10-111.HCOne-day race11.10DNF 191.0 km Gran Piemonte S.Colbrelli
2018-10-101.HCOne-day race10.1051 200.0 km Milano - Torino T.Pinot
2018-10-091.HCOne-day race09.10DNF 197.1 km Tre Valli Varesine T.Skujins
2018-10-071.HCOne-day race07.1072 196.3 km GP Bruno Beghelli B.Mollema
2018-09-092.HCStage race02.09-09.09DNF Tour of Britain J.Alaphilippe
2018-08-26NEOne-day race26.089 Circuito de Malveira D.Goncalves
2018-08-26NEOne-day race26.088 Circuito de Nafarrós D.Mestre
2018-08-25NEOne-day race25.087 Povoa da Galega L.Fernandes
2018-08-192.HCStage race16.08-19.0848 Colorado Classic G.Mannion
2018-08-192.HCYouth16.08-19.0817 Colorado Classic D.Martinez
2018-07-222.2Stage race18.07-22.0712 GP Portugal N2 R.Alarcon
2018-07-222.2Youth18.07-22.073 GP Portugal N2 C.Barthe
2018-07-222.2Points18.07-22.0724 GP Portugal N2 J.Matias
2018-07-222.2Sprint18.07-22.0718 GP Portugal N2 T.Juaristi Arrieta
2018-07-152.2Stage race12.07-15.071 GP Torres Vedras-
2018-07-152.2Youth12.07-15.071 GP Torres Vedras-
2018-07-152.2Points12.07-15.077 GP Torres Vedras H.Casimiro
2018-07-152.2Mountains12.07-15.076 GP Torres Vedras la Fuente
2018-07-01NEOne-day race01.079155.7 km Volta a Albergaria M.Jurado Rodriguez
2018-06-24CN Belmonte24.06DNF CN Portugal RR D.Goncalves
2018-06-22CN Belmonte22.06433.7 km CN Portugal ITT D.Goncalves
2018-06-03NEStage race28.05-03.06DNF GP Jornal de Notícias A.Carvalho
2018-05-12NEOne-day race12.0526158.9 km Volta as Terras de Santa Maria A.Sanchez Rebollido
2018-04-292.1Stage race27.04-29.0445 Vuelta a Asturias R.Carapaz
2018-04-152.1Stage race13.04-15.04DNF GP Beiras D.Strakhov
2018-03-311.1One-day race31.0349 186.0 km GP Miguel Indurain A.Valverde
2018-03-251.2One-day race25.0315 145.0 km Classica Aldeias do Xisto D.Mestre
2018-03-182.2Stage race14.03-18.0357 Volta ao Alentejo L.Mendonça
2018-03-182.2Youth14.03-18.0316 Volta ao Alentejo M.Downey
2018-03-182.2Mountains14.03-18.0312 Volta ao Alentejo A.Evtushenko
2018-02-182.HCStage race14.02-18.02DNF Volta ao Algarve M.Kwiatkowski
2018-09-082.HC07.stage08.09DNF 223 km Tour of Britain I.Stannard
2018-09-072.HC06.stage07.093288 169 km Tour of Britain W.Poels
2018-09-062.HC05.stage (TTT)06.0917100 14 km Tour of Britain J.Van Emden
2018-09-052.HC04.stage05.09109106 183 km Tour of Britain A.Greipel
2018-09-042.HC03.stage04.0952102 125 km Tour of Britain J.Alaphilippe
2018-09-032.HC02.stage03.0996114 174 km Tour of Britain C.Meyer
2018-09-022.HC01.stage02.09119119 175 km Tour of Britain A.Greipel
2018-08-192.HC04.stage19.085948 114.6 km Colorado Classic T.McCabe
2018-08-182.HC03.stage18.084251 161.9 km Colorado Classic P.Eenkhoorn
2018-08-172.HC02.stage17.083077 16.2 km Colorado Classic G.Mannion
2018-08-162.HC01.stage16.088080 108.9 km Colorado Classic G.Hecht
2018-07-222.205.stage22.075612 143.2 km GP Portugal N2 J.Matias
2018-07-212.204.stage21.073512 159.7 km GP Portugal N2 R.Stacchiotti
2018-07-202.203.stage20.072111 144.1 km GP Portugal N2 Ó.Pelegrí
2018-07-192.202.stage19.07288 177.2 km GP Portugal N2 J.Irizar Laskurain
2018-07-182.201.stage18.0788 140.7 km GP Portugal N2 R.Alarcon
2018-07-152.203.stage15.0731 172 km GP Torres Vedras H.Casimiro
2018-07-142.202.stage14.07204 144 km GP Torres Vedras O.Hernandez Martinez
2018-07-132.201.stage13.07181 162 km GP Torres Vedras C.Barthe
2018-07-122.2Prologue12.0722 8 km GP Torres Vedras R.Reis
2018-06-02NE07.stage02.06DNF 144.9 km GP Jornal de Notícias D.Mestre
2018-06-01NE06.stage (TTT)01.06267 18 km GP Jornal de Notícias J.Brandao
2018-05-31NE05.stage31.057868 154.4 km GP Jornal de Notícias D.Mestre
2018-05-30NE04.stage30.051554 10 km GP Jornal de Notícias A.Grigorev
2018-05-30NE03.stage30.059857 78 km GP Jornal de Notícias R.Silva
2018-05-29NE02.stage29.054835 127.5 km GP Jornal de Notícias R.Lourenço
2018-05-28NE01.stage28.052225 129.3 km GP Jornal de Notícias R.Silva
2018-04-292.103.stage29.042245 118 km Vuelta a Asturias R.Mestre
2018-04-282.102.stage28.045451 166 km Vuelta a Asturias R.Carapaz
2018-04-272.101.stage27.045151 176 km Vuelta a Asturias D.Strakhov
2018-04-152.103.stage15.04DNF 168.3 km GP Beiras M.Gonzalez Salas
2018-04-142.102.stage14.045540 193.9 km GP Beiras C.Fonte
2018-04-132.101.stage13.043838 177.2 km GP Beiras D.Strakhov
2018-03-182.206.stage18.037557 151.3 km Volta ao Alentejo G.Cullaigh
2018-03-172.205.stage17.03254 8.4 km Volta ao Alentejo G.César Veloso
2018-03-172.204.stage17.033359 64.2 km Volta ao Alentejo E.Pinto
2018-03-162.203.stage16.037177 149.3 km Volta ao Alentejo D.Strakhov
2018-03-152.202.stage15.037680 205.2 km Volta ao Alentejo D.Strakhov
2018-03-142.201.stage14.036868 173.5 km Volta ao Alentejo G.Cullaigh
2018-02-182.HC05.stage18.02DNS 173.5 km Volta ao Algarve M.Kwiatkowski
2018-02-172.HC04.stage17.0210853 199.2 km Volta ao Algarve D.Groenewegen
2018-02-162.HC03.stage16.026455 20.3 km Volta ao Algarve G.Thomas
2018-02-152.HC02.stage15.025455 187.9 km Volta ao Algarve M.Kwiatkowski
2018-02-142.HC01.stage14.02110110 192.6 km Volta ao Algarve D.Groenewegen

Riding now..

Japan Cup (21.10) Extra


Nation Portugal

Born22 year, Oct 30th 1995

Stage victories

1x Volta a Portugal U23

Youth jerseys

GP Torres Vedras (2017, 2018)


Assassin, Francisco, sinal
K92-Team Neverland (season fantasy)