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Owen Harrison

Info Calendar Team mates 2011 2010

2011 Results

# What Date Pos GC Km Race Winner
2011-06-192.2Stage race14.06-19.06DNF Tour de Beauce F.Mancebo
2011-06-052.NCStage race02.06-05.0651 GP Saguenay C.Juul Jensen
2011-04-232.NCStage race19.04-23.0467 Toscane-Terre (U23) G.Preidler
2011-06-192.206.stage19.06OOT 125 km Tour de Beauce S.Tuft
2011-06-182.205.stage18.0664 125 km Tour de Beauce R.Bush
2011-06-172.204.stage17.0633 20 km Tour de Beauce S.Tuft
2011-06-162.203.stage16.0637 153 km Tour de Beauce F.Mancebo
2011-06-152.202.stage15.0639 162 km Tour de Beauce M.Verschoor
2011-06-142.201.stage14.0692 165 km Tour de Beauce S.Lyttle
2011-06-052.NC04.stage05.0624 128 km GP Saguenay A.Démare
2011-06-042.NC03.stage04.0652 141 km GP Saguenay A.Kamyshev
2011-06-032.NC02.stage03.0651 148 km GP Saguenay L.Norman Hansen
2011-06-022.NC01.stage02.0662 141 km GP Saguenay A.Démare
2011-04-232.NC05.stage23.0458 145 km Toscane-Terre (U23) A.Antunes
2011-04-222.NC04.stage22.0461 166 km Toscane-Terre (U23) K.Klimiankou
2011-04-212.NC03.stage21.0455 144 km Toscane-Terre (U23) S.Puccio
2011-04-202.NC02.stage20.04119 164 km Toscane-Terre (U23) R.Molard
2011-04-192.NC01.stage19.04107 148 km Toscane-Terre (U23) S.De Bie


Nation Canada

BornAug 2nd 1989