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Nathan Brown

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Season Div. Team FC-rank UCI-rank Race days * Wins * Km *
2019 PRT Team EF Education First - Drapac - - 0 0 0.0
2018 PRT Team EF Education First - Drapac 1102(45 p) 252(30 p) 65 0 9520.8
2017 PRT Cannondale - Drapac Pro Cycling 861(88 p) 250(56 p) 76 0 11279.5
2016 PRT Cannondale - Drapac Pro Cycling 835(93 p) 200(2 p) 46 0 7289.5
2015 PRT Team Cannondale - Garmin 808(100 p) - 62 0 9480.3
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* from UCI races (1.2 & 2.2 and higher classifications)

2018 Results

# What Date Pos GC Km Race Winner
2018-08-122.HCStage race06.08-12.0824 Tour of Utah S.Kuss
2018-08-122.HCPoints06.08-12.0825 Tour of Utah T.McCabe
2018-08-122.HCMountains06.08-12.0826 Tour of Utah S.Kuss
2018-06-24CN Knoxville24.06DNF 193.1 km CN USA RR J.Brown
2018-06-172.WT1Stage race09.06-17.06102 Tour de Suisse R.Porte
2018-06-172.WT1Points09.06-17.0621 Tour de Suisse P.Sagan
2018-06-172.WT1Mountains09.06-17.0625 Tour de Suisse M.Christian
2018-05-27GT2Grand Tour04.05-27.0552 Giro d'Italia C.Froome
2018-04-292.WT1Stage race24.04-29.0439 Tour de Romandie P.Roglic
2018-04-292.WT1Points24.04-29.0428 Tour de Romandie T.De Gendt
2018-04-292.WT1Mountains24.04-29.0414 Tour de Romandie T.De Gendt
2018-04-072.WT2Stage race02.04-07.0436 Vuelta Pais Vasco P.Roglic
2018-03-252.WT2Stage race19.03-25.0381 Volta Catalunya A.Valverde
2018-02-112.1Stage race06.02-11.0266 Colombia Oro y Paz E.Bernal
2018-08-182.HC03.stage18.082116 161.9 km Colorado Classic P.Eenkhoorn
2018-08-172.HC02.stage17.081616 16.2 km Colorado Classic G.Mannion
2018-08-162.HC01.stage16.083839 103.2 km Colorado Classic G.Hecht
2018-08-122.HC06.stage12.08924 123.4 km Tour of Utah S.Kuss
2018-08-112.HC05.stage11.084031 152.6 km Tour of Utah S.Kuss
2018-08-102.HC04.stage10.082716 110.1 km Tour of Utah J.Philipsen
2018-08-092.HC03.stage09.084216 167.4 km Tour of Utah T.McCabe
2018-08-082.HC02.stage08.081816 142.5 km Tour of Utah S.Kuss
2018-08-072.HC01.stage07.08168 162.5 km Tour of Utah T.McCabe
2018-08-062.HCPrologue06.0877 5.3 km Tour of Utah T.Van Garderen
2018-06-172.WT109.stage17.06129102 34.1 km Tour de Suisse S.Küng
2018-06-162.WT108.stage16.06136100 123.8 km Tour de Suisse A.Démare
2018-06-152.WT107.stage15.0614093 170.5 km Tour de Suisse N.Quintana
2018-06-142.WT106.stage14.066484 186 km Tour de Suisse S.Andersen
2018-06-132.WT105.stage13.06127106 155.7 km Tour de Suisse D.Ulissi
2018-06-122.WT104.stage12.0668100 189.2 km Tour de Suisse C.Juul Jensen
2018-06-112.WT103.stage11.06134116 182.8 km Tour de Suisse S.Colbrelli
2018-06-102.WT102.stage10.06121116 155 km Tour de Suisse P.Sagan
2018-06-092.WT101.stage (TTT)09.0615137 18.3 km Tour de Suisse S.Küng
2018-05-27GT221.stage27.056552 115 km Giro d'Italia S.Bennett
2018-05-26GT220.stage26.056453 214 km Giro d'Italia M.Nieve
2018-05-25GT219.stage25.058949 185 km Giro d'Italia C.Froome
2018-05-24GT218.stage24.056151 196 km Giro d'Italia M.Schachmann
2018-05-23GT217.stage23.058353 149.5 km Giro d'Italia E.Viviani
2018-05-22GT216.stage22.053054 34.2 km Giro d'Italia R.Dennis
2018-05-20GT215.stage20.0511055 176 km Giro d'Italia S.Yates
2018-05-19GT214.stage19.055746 186 km Giro d'Italia C.Froome
2018-05-18GT213.stage18.0510646 180 km Giro d'Italia E.Viviani
2018-05-17GT212.stage17.058849 214 km Giro d'Italia S.Bennett
2018-05-16GT211.stage16.055553 156 km Giro d'Italia S.Yates
2018-05-15GT210.stage15.056356 244 km Giro d'Italia M.Mohoric
2018-05-13GT209.stage13.059362 225 km Giro d'Italia S.Yates
2018-05-12GT208.stage12.055540 209 km Giro d'Italia R.Carapaz
2018-05-11GT207.stage11.0510842 159 km Giro d'Italia S.Bennett
2018-05-10GT206.stage10.055040 169 km Giro d'Italia E.Chaves
2018-05-09GT205.stage09.053741 153 km Giro d'Italia E.Battaglin
2018-05-08GT204.stage08.055152 202 km Giro d'Italia T.Wellens
2018-05-06GT203.stage06.0511092 229 km Giro d'Italia E.Viviani
2018-05-05GT202.stage05.0511077 167 km Giro d'Italia E.Viviani
2018-05-04GT201.stage04.059595 9.7 km Giro d'Italia T.Dumoulin
2018-04-292.WT105.stage29.042939 181.8 km Tour de Romandie P.Ackermann
2018-04-282.WT104.stage28.043939 149.2 km Tour de Romandie J.Fuglsang
2018-04-272.WT103.stage27.047865 9.9 km Tour de Romandie E.Bernal
2018-04-262.WT102.stage26.049358 173.9 km Tour de Romandie T.De Gendt
2018-04-252.WT101.stage25.043440 166.6 km Tour de Romandie O.Fraile
2018-04-242.WT1Prologue24.046767 4 km Tour de Romandie M.Matthews
2018-04-072.WT206.stage07.045836 122.2 km Vuelta Pais Vasco E.Mas
2018-04-062.WT205.stage06.044539 164.7 km Vuelta Pais Vasco O.Fraile
2018-04-052.WT204.stage05.045751 19.4 km Vuelta Pais Vasco P.Roglic
2018-04-042.WT203.stage04.042651 184.8 km Vuelta Pais Vasco J.McCarthy
2018-04-032.WT202.stage03.046353 166.7 km Vuelta Pais Vasco J.Alaphilippe
2018-04-022.WT201.stage02.045253 162.1 km Vuelta Pais Vasco J.Alaphilippe
2018-03-252.WT207.stage25.034881 154.8 km Volta Catalunya S.Yates
2018-03-242.WT206.stage24.03141102 117 km Volta Catalunya M.Schachmann
2018-03-232.WT205.stage23.038098 212.9 km Volta Catalunya J.Pantano
2018-03-222.WT204.stage22.03123111 170.8 km Volta Catalunya A.Valverde
2018-03-212.WT203.stage21.0310794 153.2 km Volta Catalunya T.De Gendt
2018-03-202.WT202.stage20.036357 175.6 km Volta Catalunya A.Valverde
2018-03-192.WT201.stage19.038686 152.3 km Volta Catalunya A.Hodeg
2018-02-112.106.stage11.028766 187 km Colombia Oro y Paz D.Quintana
2018-02-102.105.stage10.024846 163 km Colombia Oro y Paz R.Uran
2018-02-092.104.stage09.025453 149.5 km Colombia Oro y Paz J.Alaphilippe
2018-02-082.103.stage08.02101108 163.2 km Colombia Oro y Paz F.Gaviria
2018-02-072.102.stage07.02123108 183.4 km Colombia Oro y Paz F.Gaviria
2018-02-062.101.stage06.0210099 99.9 km Colombia Oro y Paz F.Gaviria

Riding now..

Colorado Classic (16.08-19.08) Extra


Nation USA

Born27 year, Jul 7th 1991

-Colorado Springs

Height1.72 m

Points jerseys

Tour de Beauce (2013)