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Lucas Carstensen

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Season Div. Team FC-rank UCI-rank Race days * Wins * Km *
2018 CONT Bike Aid 570(88 p) - 32 2 4553.3
2017 Team Embrace The World Cycling 881(85 p) - 23 5 3223.9
2016 RG KED-Stevens Rad Team Berlin - - 14 0 1519.3
2015 Ked Stevens Team Berlin 2322(11 p) - 25 0 3185.5
2014 CONT Bike Aid - Ride for Help (Trainee) 2518(7 p) - 16 0 2078.0
* from UCI races (1.2 & 2.2 and higher classifications)

2018 Results

# What Date Pos GC Km Race Winner
2018-06-17NEOne-day race17.06275.0 km Kieler-Woche-Radrennen M.Lindenau
2018-06-172.1Stage race14.06-17.06DNF Route d'Occitanie A.Valverde
2018-06-101.1One-day race10.0620 207.7 km Rund um Köln S.Bennett
2018-06-032.HCStage race30.05-03.06DNF Tour de Luxembourg A.Pasqualon
2018-05-272.2Stage race20.05-27.05DNF Rás Tailteann L.Bugter
2018-04-292.1Stage race28.04-29.047 Belgrade Banjaluka G.Katrasnik
2018-04-22NEOne-day race22.042112.0 km Scan-Haus-Cup Marlow - 2. Tag R.Jägeler
2018-04-21NEOne-day race21.04165.0 km Scan-Haus-Cup Marlow - 1. Tag-
2018-04-152.2Stage race06.04-15.0433 Tour du Maroc D.Riviere
2018-04-152.2Points06.04-15.042 Tour du Maroc J.Mareczko
2018-04-152.2Sprint06.04-15.0415 Tour du Maroc P.Tybor
2018-04-02NEOne-day race02.0418 Ronde van Ureterp R.Ottema
2018-03-11NEOne-day race11.03278.0 km Frühjahrsrennen in Herford H.Homrighausen
2018-01-272.1Stage race24.01-27.0178 Sharjah Cycling Tour J.Moreno
2018-01-272.1Points24.01-27.0127 Sharjah Cycling Tour J.Mareczko
2018-01-212.1Stage race15.01-21.0138 Tropicale Amissa Bongo J.Areruya
2018-01-212.1Points15.01-21.016 Tropicale Amissa Bongo B.Jones
2018-06-142.101.stage14.06DNF 168 km Route d'Occitanie N.Bouhanni
2018-06-022.HC03.stage02.06DNF 163.8 km Tour de Luxembourg A.Pasqualon
2018-06-012.HC02.stage01.068480 89.1 km Tour de Luxembourg A.Pasqualon
2018-05-312.HC01.stage31.058677 186.7 km Tour de Luxembourg C.Laporte
2018-05-302.HCPrologue30.058282 2.3 km Tour de Luxembourg D.Gaudin
2018-05-252.206.stage25.05DNF 154.6 km Rás Tailteann S.McKenna
2018-05-242.205.stage24.05128 150 km Rás Tailteann-
2018-05-232.204.stage23.053128 152.6 km Rás Tailteann J.Van Dalen
2018-05-222.203.stage22.05212 140.4 km Rás Tailteann L.Bugter
2018-05-212.202.stage21.05714 148.7 km Rás Tailteann R.McCarthy
2018-05-202.201.stage20.051616 136 km Rás Tailteann C.Thiery
2018-04-292.102.stage29.04147 180 km Belgrade Banjaluka G.Katrasnik
2018-04-282.101.stage28.0444 175.8 km Belgrade Banjaluka G.Katrasnik
2018-04-152.210.stage15.04333 127.5 km Tour du Maroc J.Mareczko
2018-04-142.209.stage14.04333 151.5 km Tour du Maroc J.Mareczko
2018-04-132.208.stage13.041133 170 km Tour du Maroc M.Coledan
2018-04-122.207.stage12.04240 117 km Tour du Maroc J.Mareczko
2018-04-112.206.stage11.041940 203 km Tour du Maroc J.Tipper
2018-04-102.205.stage10.04240 152 km Tour du Maroc J.Mareczko
2018-04-092.204.stage09.045445 193 km Tour du Maroc A.Vermeulen
2018-04-082.203.stage08.04324 193.5 km Tour du Maroc J.Mareczko
2018-04-072.202.stage07.045028 158.1 km Tour du Maroc L.Pijourlet
2018-04-062.201.stage06.0477 135.2 km Tour du Maroc J.Mareczko
2018-01-272.104.stage27.01978 99.1 km Sharjah Cycling Tour J.Mareczko
2018-01-262.103.stage26.018684 116.7 km Sharjah Cycling Tour S.Kipkemboi
2018-01-252.102.stage25.011962 151.6 km Sharjah Cycling Tour J.Mareczko
2018-01-242.101.stage24.016565 10.2 km Sharjah Cycling Tour J.Morice
2018-01-212.107.stage21.01538 133.5 km Tropicale Amissa Bongo L.Pacioni
2018-01-202.106.stage20.015944 115 km Tropicale Amissa Bongo R.Nocentini
2018-01-192.105.stage19.01107 141 km Tropicale Amissa Bongo B.Jones
2018-01-182.104.stage18.01156 182.5 km Tropicale Amissa Bongo J.Areruya
2018-01-172.103.stage17.01302 114 km Tropicale Amissa Bongo R.Nocentini
2018-01-162.102.stage16.0131 173 km Tropicale Amissa Bongo B.Jones
2018-01-152.101.stage15.0111 146.6 km Tropicale Amissa Bongo-