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Kristian Kulset

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Season Div. Team FC-rank UCI-rank Race days * Wins * Km *
2018 CONT Uno-X Norwegian Development Team 2598(4 p) - 27 0 4610.2
2017 CONT Uno-X Hydrogen Development Team - - 22 0 3429.9
2016 Ringerike SK - - 12 0 2132.7
2016 CONT Team RingeriksKraft - - 12 0 2132.7
2015 Ringerike SK - - 1 0 171.0
2014 Ringerike SK - - 1 0 173.3
* from UCI races (1.2 & 2.2 and higher classifications)

2018 Results

# What Date Pos GC Km Race Winner
2018-07-08N0Stage race05.07-08.0735 Tour de Hallingdal T.Træen
2018-06-24CN Sandefjord24.0662208.0 km CN Norway RR V.Laengen
2018-06-171.1One-day race17.06DNF 186.2 km GP Horsens H.Dahl
2018-06-161.1One-day race16.0661 201.7 km Fyen Rundt M.Pedersen
2018-06-10N1One-day race10.063 156.0 km Gylne Gutuer (NC) M.Hoelgaard
2018-05-242.HCStage race22.05-24.0588 Tour des Fjords M.Albasini
2018-05-242.HCYouth22.05-24.0546 Tour des Fjords B.Lambrecht
2018-05-202.HCStage race16.05-20.05DNF Tour of Norway E.Prades
2018-05-13N1One-day race13.0540 178.0 km Sandnes (NC) H.Dahl
2018-05-12N3One-day race12.0550 44.0 km Rankingritt Sandnes H.Dahl
2018-05-051.2One-day race05.0554 164.4 km Sundvolden GP A.Kamp Egested
2018-04-291.2One-day race29.0481 179.1 km Rent Liv Løbet Skive R.Wallin
2018-04-281.2One-day race28.0417 199.8 km Himmerland Rundt A.Looij
2018-04-22N1One-day race22.0420 157.5 km Grenland GP (NC) K.Aasvold
2018-04-152.2Stage race11.04-15.0497 Tour du Loir et Cher A.Andersen
2018-03-252.2Stage race19.03-25.0364 Tour de Normandie T.Stewart
2018-03-252.2Youth19.03-25.0339 Tour de Normandie J.Van Den Berg
2018-03-112.2Stage race09.03-11.0341 Tour of Rhodes M.Maestri
2018-03-041.2One-day race04.0354 190.0 km Rhodes Grand Prix M.Moschetti
2018-07-08N004.stage08.0743 97.6 km Tour de Hallingdal K.Aasvold
2018-07-07N003.stage07.0730 111.7 km Tour de Hallingdal K.Aasvold
2018-07-06N002.stage06.0751 128.8 km Tour de Hallingdal F.Wilmann
2018-07-05N001.stage05.0738 3 km Tour de Hallingdal M.Hoelgaard
2018-05-242.HC03.stage24.058788 183.8 km Tour des Fjords B.Lambrecht
2018-05-232.HC02.stage23.05110105 188.8 km Tour des Fjords M.Albasini
2018-05-222.HC01.stage22.059090 191.4 km Tour des Fjords F.Jakobsen
2018-05-202.HC05.stage20.05DNF 154 km Tour of Norway A.Kamp Egested
2018-05-192.HC04.stage19.0587113 218 km Tour of Norway D.Groenewegen
2018-05-182.HC03.stage18.05117117 176 km Tour of Norway D.Groenewegen
2018-05-172.HC02.stage17.05117117 146.6 km Tour of Norway E.Boasson Hagen
2018-05-162.HC01.stage16.05108114 186 km Tour of Norway D.Groenewegen
2018-04-152.205.stage15.0411297 97.5 km Tour du Loir et Cher M.Gibson
2018-04-142.204.stage14.046192 183 km Tour du Loir et Cher E.Vinjebo
2018-04-132.203.stage13.0410297 178 km Tour du Loir et Cher T.Hurel
2018-04-122.202.stage12.047776 200 km Tour du Loir et Cher A.Kankovsky
2018-04-112.201.stage11.046971 183.5 km Tour du Loir et Cher L.Bonifazio
2018-03-252.207.stage25.035064 151.4 km Tour de Normandie M.Moschetti
2018-03-242.206.stage24.039370 156.3 km Tour de Normandie M.Gibson
2018-03-232.205.stage23.037669 174.8 km Tour de Normandie J.Van Den Berg
2018-03-222.204.stage22.0312592 155.3 km Tour de Normandie M.Moschetti
2018-03-212.203.stage21.039988 134.8 km Tour de Normandie J.Ariesen
2018-03-202.202.stage20.0378100 156 km Tour de Normandie C.Orceau
2018-03-192.201.stage19.03121121 150 km Tour de Normandie F.Lienhard
2018-03-112.203.stage11.035941 157.3 km Tour of Rhodes S.Wærsted
2018-03-102.202.stage10.033130 158.5 km Tour of Rhodes M.Moschetti
2018-03-092.201.stage09.035151 148.2 km Tour of Rhodes M.Maestri

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GP de Perenchies (22.07) Extra


Nation Norway

Born22 year, Oct 1st 1995


Height1.88 m


Andy, Aragonite, ArjanZoer, Assassin, Francisco, Kristian, LosBrolin, Nathan, Pedro Coyne, Remi, Smågård, Tomas
Luxembourg Finest (season fantasy)